Thursday, February 24, 2011

It’s Practically Unanimous at Prison Planet: “Oil Insider” Lindsey Williams Is Full of Shit

Scores and scores of angry Alex Jones fans/listeners flood comment boards calling Williams a fraud and demanding that he never be a guest again 

by Larry Simons
February 24, 2011

It was just a matter of time that fans and listeners to Alex Jones’ radio show and members of Prison Planet TV became outraged at Lindsey Williams, the Baptist minister who claims he worked as a chaplain for the Alaskan Pipeline workers in the early 70’s and was invited to secret meetings of top oil execs.

The outrage seems to stem from the fact that Williams tends to pop up and make appearances on the Alex Jones Show every time there is a world crisis that affects the price of crude oil. The main gist of what is fueling the anger appears to be the fact that not only does Jones and his writers at Prison Planet and Infowars use words like “bombshell” to describe Williams’ revelations [when fans/listeners say “nothing Williams ever says is new”], but the fact that Jones continues to invite Willaims on his show when fans are calling him a massive fraud.

Jones and his staff posted the same story of Williams’ appearance on Jones’ radio show on Infowars and Prison Planet and the comment boards immediately exploded into a barrage of attacks against Williams [many aimed at Jones as well], calling him a fraud and “snake oil salesman”. The story entitled, “Lindsey Williams to Break Bombshell Info on Alex Jones Show” has outraged many into never listening to Williams again and even caused one to cancel their subscription to Jones’ site.

Many accused Williams of being nothing more than a pitchman for his books, CD’s and DVD’s. A common complaint from fans about Williams is that he takes way too long to reveal what the “big news” is that he "supposedly" learned from his “oil insider” friends. Many were outraged that Williams even waited until the next day to reveal the “shocking” news.

I have had my own doubts about Williams recently. Here is a man who claims he was invited into “secret” meetings with big elite oil people in the 70’s. Why, because he was a minister? Then, a few years ago, his website is mysteriously shut down, only for Williams to reveal later [to Jones] that he had to shut it down because of threats he was receiving for going public [of course, this is despite the fact that he had already gone public in 1980 with his book, “The Energy Non-Crisis” and has been vocal on Jones’ radio show many times since then] with “inside information” about what the “elites” are planning to do concerning oil.

Williams’ claim that he had received threats in the past begs the obvious question: Why does he keep risking his life every 3 or 4 months to bring us his startling revelations? Why wouldn’t he anonymously send Jones this information if it is so Earth-shattering [after all, that is what you would really do if you were whistleblowing secret information and wanted to remain alive]? I will tell you why. Because Williams cannot make a goddamned penny if he is giving up his information anonymously. It’s all about the almighty dollar.

Below is a just a short list of comments from the Prison Planet and Infowars postings of the story entitled “Lindsey Williams to Break Bombshell Info on Alex Jones Show” that was posted on Feb. 21 and 22 respectively.

Comments from the Prison Planet posting of the story
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Gordon Reply:
February 22nd, 2011 at 10:37 am
Lindsey Williams is nothing more than a bullshitter always trying to make himself some kind of gowd damn fortunte teller. Notice how this prick told the fuel story only AFTER this latest Lybia outbreak as if he had somehow called it. Bullshit…..Lindsey Williams is a complete joke and frankly discredits Alex and our movement.

Hegelian Says:
February 22nd, 2011 at 6:56 am
Unfortunately, EVERY time L. Williams is on the broadcast I hear:
“Alex, I’m about to give you some information that is SO crucial, SO important, that it will affect the lives of every man, woman and child on this planet.”


“Alex, I have never been so shaken to my core at about what I ‘m getting ready to tell you.”


“Alex, PLease, PLEASE, PLEASE– if your listeners will just hear my warnings– and prepare– I’m getting ready to tell them something so amazing, so powerful…”
Come on Lindsey, OUT WITH IT ALREADY! I have heard about 5-10 interviews with him over the years– and its the SAME pumping up/sales pitch EVERY TIME. [Not surprising since Pastors are great salesman usually]

NoSo Reply:
February 22nd, 2011 at 9:37 am
There’s a clear script and formula, it’s not at all improvised. I think many are coming to the conclusion he’s just trying to sell his DVD’s. Skepticism is good, to be encouraged. The man will have to face the music if his statements prove to be false, as the oil rig disaster was. If anything was proven there, it was the man way over hypes things and uses the same kind of acting every time. He acts, it’s an act and not genuine because it’s repetitive and scripted. I’d have to say thus far I don’t give hardly any credibility to Mr. Williams in terms of anything other than predicting the price of oil maybe once.

Someone needs to document Lindsey Williams predictions and statements and put up a website on what he said that was false and never came to be. Their timeline may be a bit off, and that’s normal, but if they show a pattern of false predictions, they’re just trying to hype things up to sell their DVD or whatever. 

winston_smith Says:
February 22nd, 2011 at 8:56 am
I know Jones ain’t the sharpest tool in the shed, but even my granny could recognize Williams for what his is…..a bullshitting opportunist. I’ll bet my last dollar that Jones gets a cut from the DVD sales.

Cybro Says:
February 22nd, 2011 at 11:11 am
It’s going to be total bullshit and I’m not even going to listen to this guy talk in circles reminding me over and over again that he once said the price of oil would go up. Wow, who would have ever guessed that would happen? This guy is just too embarrassing to listen to anymore. I will skip the two or three hours of blabber and let the comments on You Tube tell me he sold another load of snake oil to Alex. 

gary777 Says:
February 22nd, 2011 at 12:24 pm
is this the same Lindsey Williams that predicted $50 silver by February 1, 2011? hmm
yeah unfortunately i have a memory longer than 15 minutes..sorry Lindsey.. 

Ijustcancelled Says:
February 22nd, 2011 at 6:25 pm
I have been a huge fan of Alex Jones for the past 8 years, but sadly today i just can’t stand listening to this kind of bullshit.

Lindsay Williams is Alex Jones in 5-8 years years from now, sadly today I just realized that Alex is just in it for the money and I have nothing against him making a living but this is too much.
It just seems like a waste of my time when it’s just so transparent that he and Lindsay are most likely cut from the same cloth.

Alex I’ll still listen to your program but I have decided to not be a member anymore because you seem to be full of shit and full of yourself lately. I did by alot of silver and gold and I am grateful but I think your head is getting bigger than your ass.

C5Kev Says:
February 22nd, 2011 at 10:18 pm
I must agree with many of the comments posted today. If Lindsey had such incredible new news to share with all of us, just tell us (in 5 minutes or less please!) and knock off the sensationalism and the selling of his incredibly boring DVDs. I knew those would pop up in there at some point. 

Here are the comments from the Infowars posting:

The Bully says:
February 22, 2011 at 2:11 pm
So what was this massive revelation? I missed the show, someone fill me in. I’m sure whatever it was he managed to spread about 30 secs of information over 4 segments to keep the sponsors happy. 

c-leg says:
February 22, 2011 at 1:18 pm
Alex – if you and/or yours read these posts- get the message your customers are sending. Please do not waste your time with this guest again in the future. 

I understand that Infowars is a business and that you need to fill your air time and getting access to guests that actually have something to say isn’t easy, but dead air would be more informative than this guy.

I thought this comment was interesting. “Socrato” said:

February 22, 2011 at 3:51 pm
C-leg, I appreciate Lindsey as a guest. He is almost always right.
Well, if Williams is getting his information from oil insiders that are “in the know” who claim to be Williams’ friends, why isn’t Williams always right? Williams is not claiming to be making Nostradamus-style predictions; he is claiming he is getting the info from others, so why is he ever wrong?

Swordsman3000 says:
February 22, 2011 at 8:57 am
So….Did Williams actually ‘Say’ anything this time ?….I refuse to listen to him anymore, i gave him a chance (I should say..”I gave Alex a chance”) to stop all the BS’ing and get to some real facts that only some Super Elite would know….Sorry, but telling me what oil is going to do can be accurately predicted by a simple insider oil speculator, no ‘Secret Elitiest’ needed 

Winston Court says:
February 22, 2011 at 7:21 am
Goodbye Lindsey … 

Winston Court also said:
Lindsey is my least favorite guest. He takes far too long and far too many words to give us a tip or two. Alex would be best just getting what he has to say and giving it to us in Alexs’ words.

Lindsey is only here to sell his book, something I would NEVER buy after hearing lindsey. I would imagine the book is 99% about what he is GOING TO TELL ME and 1% about anything he actually has to say …

Perhaps this might be one of the best comments I read:

h5mind says:
February 21, 2011 at 10:41 pm
Lindsey Williams sounds like many of the earnest-sounding folks who frequent the Above Top Secret web site. Every day, there’s at least one dude who “has a friend” involved in some top secret government facility, somehow stupid enough to risk his life, loss of pension, and incarceration to blab about some never-before revealed crap. Of course, the info is never able to be independently verified (natch), so the entire account becomes a conspiracy gabfest and lively debate between the true believers and infidels. Thus effectively painting any legitimate investigation into any controversial topic with the same broad stroke of lunacy.

Examples like Williams provide further evidence that Alex’s business is– first and foremost– info-tainment, not information. 

While it is true that Williams has been correct on several occasions, he has also been wrong on several occasions. Being right some of the time means nothing. Even a broken clock is right twice a day. It is the equivalent of reading horoscopes and thinking that just because you read "you will face a new life challenge soon" and get a brand new job a week later that the person writing the horoscopes somehow, miraculously could foresee future events in your life. They don't, of course. It is a statistical, inevitable fact that the aforementioned prediction will apply to hundreds, maybe thousands of people. It is like throwing a tennis ball into a crowd of people and when it hits someone, the person throwing the ball claims they aimed at that person and therefore has talent.

This is what Williams is doing. He makes a "prediction" that oil will rise or fall. When the "prediction" goes his way, naturally he claims he saw it coming. When he is dead wrong [ex: BP oil spill] he claims the dollar rose in value [or some other unexpected, uncontrollable event took place] or gives some other bullshit reason why his prediction will now be delayed. The main question needs to be asked: If he is getting passed-along information from others, why would he ever be wrong, even once?

It does make one wonder if Alex Jones receives a cut from Williams’ profits from books, CD’s and DVD’s. Maybe Jones makes an agreement with Williams before an interview is arranged that Jones gets a certain percentage of Williams' profits or he will not be allowed airtime. Who is buying this shit anyway?

It is a simple solution. Stop supporting a man who is full of complete bullshit. More importantly, stop supporting the people that advocate and support the bullshitter.

Thanks to Red Dirt Report for posting this story


Red Dirt Reporter said...

And I've had it with this flim-flammer Williams. Lindsey Lohan has more to say than this slippery charlatan Lindsey Williams.

the_last_name_left said...

Good stuff! Nice to see the Prisonplanet audience respond well to something for once.

That Lindsey Williams is clearly hokey. He fits very nicely into Prisonplanet's roster doesn't he - tales about a Grand Conspiracy, 'the insider view', fairy tales explaining world events.

He nicely serves oil-interests imo and works to undermine bans on drilling in sensitive places etc. He says there is loads of oil, just that it is being prevented from reaching market - by the conspiracy. He's essentially saying "Drill Baby Drill!" Though he does it differently to Palin of course. Williams couches it in terms of conspiracy such that - as he tells it - it's the oil companies and the wealthy and powerful conspiring to PREVENT drilling.

That just so happens to fit nicely into the Drill Baby Drill /TeaParty /Big Oil agenda - only with Palin's environmentalists and regulating socialists replaced with the oil companies themselves. [Big Oil loves the TeaParty's hate of regulation, for example] And Lindsey says there is loads of oil, we just have to demand it - abolish regulations. It seems ludicrous to suggest it is Big Oil that is working against increased drilling. That stands the world on its head imo.

And as you say, why would these oil companies be so interested in this Christian minister anyway? It's ridiculous.

The price of oil will go up! Amazing prediction huh?

haha. You have to wonder with these people if they even believe their own BS? But you know, if it makes them a living.....

As to Alex's financial incentive - I had an article by someone that mentioned being a guest on Jones' show - it said they had paid to go on the show. Yes, the smaller guests PAID Alex Jones to go on. Like a big advert, you know? Well, that's what it is. And doesn't it make sense?

And it all works fine as long as AJ can get guests who say what he wants people to hear.

Very slick setup imo.

Listen to some of the shows that featured GCN owner, Anderson, the gold salesman? Alex would do a "news" slot - a series of obviously worrying (but overblown and exaggerated) events - Armaggeddon is coming!!! Then he'd move to crashing of the US economy, the currency, blah blah - and then introduce the owner Anderson to talk about Gold prices - as if he was part of the news team - a disinterested objective correspondent! Rather than a salesman selling gold, which is what he actually is. After some tattle between AJ and Anderson about "news" - how the price of gold was set skyrocket ("going by world events in the NEWS which we just made up to scare you") they then seamlessly set about selling gold straight to the audience - buy these Gold Coins at great prices.....because the economy is going to crash dontcha know! We just showed you!!

Anderson switches from "finance correspondent" to "gold salesperson" without any indication to the audience at all. That'd be illegal in UK for sure. It's obvious manipulation of audience - to sell gold and a whole (mad) political philosophy on the back of concerns genertaed by overblowing related news and events. Cynical as hell, but slick.

Williams is fairly typical of the whole thing, I think.

the_last_name_left said...

check this example - is it NEWS or an ADVERT?

News or advert?

And this Anderson guy owns the radio channel! The head of the radio station is abusing jornalistic ethics so as to flog his gold to an audience that Alex has already softened-up with "alarming news".

And remember Prisonplanet's advertiser page where they enticed advertisers with the claim that "adverts are DISGUISED as News"?

They scare people and flog em stuff. Cynical. They exaggerate - distort - as to sell stuff. Apparently very successful too, no?

One thing - AJ gives it his best sales pitch at the end of that advert.......saying gold prices will go up.....because dollar crash, inflation etc. But gold price can only be "going up" in (supposedly worthless) dollar-value......

So, suddenly those dollars are worth something? lol Nice bait and switch, eh?

And why is Anderson selling gold in exchange for dollars at all - let alone "cheaply"? Doesn't make sense - he wants to lose money? Why doesn't he just sit on what he has and try to accumulate more? Someone doesn't believe their own publicity. lol

If one looks around the gold forums there isn't a lot of love for Anderson's outfit to be found - he seems expensive, if not dodgy: there are a number of complaints about his business out there.

But this dude is head of the channel - and look how he behaves on it? A salesman masquerading as financial correspondent, amongst a load of scary/crap related news stories which are clearly meant to worry the (already paranoid) audience into Anderson's awaiting arms. Kerching! Sale agreed!


Anonymous said...

It is now 2015 and I have gone back to listen to LW's old information at least back to 2010. When he gives a date it does not seem to work out well for him... however all the predictions have or are not coming out as true. Personally I think the man is getting his info as he says, but some of the deeper meanings may be lost on him. For example he may be told that when the deadline becomes tight for the raising of interest rates...look out for trouble, and he then tells others "when the interest rates rise, its the end". BUT if you do as he said and listen for the 'buzz words' in his OWN information and in the media, you find that he is spot on. Use LW as a guide post just like you use the seas as a marker for environmental tragedy.

Anonymous said...

First time I heard of LW was in 2013 or beginning 2014. I was shocked that in the videos he urged people to stock pile on food, drinking water, weapons, ammo, buy gold, buy silver, buy "tangibles"; that your money in the bank was worth the paper written in it. On top of that, I heard him saying about some sort of economic collapse, involving the US dollar. All this was really scary; a scenario pulled straight from the Book of Revelation. Now, I have no doubt that what is written in the Book of revelation will eventually unravel before our eyes, one day; but I have doubts that all these could be triggered in our present time, I mean, not within the next few years. Why? You see, while LW talks about a bunch of people, "the elites", as the planners of a project to control the world, people and riches, the so-called new world order, as if they were some superior race, power or intelligence, I rather put my trust in the Bible, in which we are told and are clearly warned that: "For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against evil spirits in high places". Yes, we should think of these "elites" as servants of that evil spirit, who disguises as angel of light, usurps the Name of God, and has deceived the whole world. There are reasons to believe that the anti-Christ, of which the Book of Revelation speaks, has to show himself first. And we are seeing at present those elites, the servants of satan, also called lucifer, preparing the way for the anti-Christ. What LW has warned is valid in general, in my opinion; but if tomorrow, he fails in his predictions, you should not fall into the error of doubt and scorn LW. Because, you see, at the end of the day, it is the Will of God that shall be accomplished, and the prophecies we have learned will unravel before our eyes, in the least expected day. Save your soul, trust in Jesus Christ, God Himself, in Him we've got the message of Love, of Hope and of Redemption.