Great Americans

Thomas Jefferson

*3rd President of the United States [1801-1809]

*Author of The Declaration of Independence

*First Secretary of State

*U.S. Minister to France

*Delegate to the Second Continental Congress from Virginia

Ron Paul

*Texas Congressman [14th District]


*Presidential Candidate

Andrew P. Napolitano

*Former New Jersey Judge

*Host of FOX Business Network's "Freedom Watch" [2009-2012]


Thomas J. DiLorenzo


*Economics Professor, Loyola University  [Baltimore,  MD]

David Ray Griffin

*Father of the 9/11 truth movement

*Author and professor

James Madison

*4th President of the United States  [1809-1817]


*Father of the Constitution

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

*Civil rights leader



Jim Marrs



Smedley Butler

*Major General/U.S. Marine Corps