Fraud of the Year

Each year here at Real Truth Online, we pick the one individual who has been the most consistant fraud and liar throughout the year [and we do not just say they are frauds, we prove it!].

2008:  Dave Willis
[Conservative minister,  fraud]

2009:  Andy Ostroy
[liberal blogger,  fraud]

2010:  Andy Ostroy             
[liberal blogger, still a fraud]
2011:  Andy Ostroy             
[liberal blogger, ever the fraud]

2012:  The Religious Nutball
[Clockwise from upper left: Creflo Dollar, Bill O' Reilly, Joel Osteen, John Hagee, David Willis, Mark Wolford, David Barton, Pat Robertson]
2013:  Barack Obama 
[President of the United States, fraud]

2014:  Jonathan Gruber
[MIT Professor, Obamacare Architect, fraud]