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If We Are Going to Start Banning Flags That Represent Racism And Slavery, Let's Start with the American Flag

The Confederate flag actually has no racist roots

by Larry Simons
June 27, 2015

In the wake of the massacre that took place in a Charleston, South Carolina church on June 17, in which nine black people were gunned down as a result of a lone gunman's mentally deranged act, the Confederate flag has now come under fire once again because the shooter, Dylann Roof, posted several pictures on a website of him holding a Confederate flag.

Retail stores like Wal-Mart and online companies like Amazon have announced that they will no longer sell items with Confederate flags on them. Other companies like Target and Sears have followed suit. Even Apple has announced it will no longer sell video games depicting the civil war because the Confederate flag is pictured in the games. How absurd.

The governor of South Carolina has announced the Confederate flag will be removed from their state house. Other politicians like President Obama, Mitt Romney and Jeb Bush have stood in support of the flags' removal. Obviously, it appears that an overwhelming majority of Americans are clueless about the history of the south and the Confederate flag. Most people erroneously believe that the Confederate battle flag is rooted in racism and slavery. How can this be [since the Confederacy only lasted a mere 4 years and slavery and racism preceded the Confederacy long before the Civil War began]?

The fact is that the Confederate flag represents the "southern cause". That is, ideals based on upholding the original Constitution of the founding fathers. It represents the Jeffersonian promise of states rights, small government and personal freedom, all of which Lincoln abhorred.

There were three national Confederate flags: The first national, second national and third national. These three flags have never been in the center of any controversy because none of these flags were ever used by hate groups. Only the Confederate battle flag has been in the center of debates because it has been used by hate groups. But one must ask themselves: If a symbol is used by a hate group long after that symbol originated, does that make the symbol itself one of racism? Of course not.

Using that same logic [that symbols are racist and hateful because they are used by hate groups/racist people] then we must conclude that the American flag is a symbol of racism and hate as well, since the American flag was the symbol of the United States government that sanctioned slavery from 1789 [when the Constitution was adopted] to 1865 [when the 13th amendment abolished slavery], Supreme Court decisions denying runaway slaves their freedom, the US Government's enforcement of the Fugitive Slave Act [which US Marshals were ordered to return runaway slaves to their owners or face fines], imprisonment of Japanese-Americans immediately following the attack on Pearl Harbor, the slaughter of hundreds of thousands [maybe even millions] of Indians between 1789 and 1890, countless illegal wars throughout the last two centuries, the failed war on drugs, segregation in the 1960's...the list goes on and on.

Also, the US flag was the very flag that flew on the masts of all American slave ships and as the pictures below show, the same flag used at white supremacist/Neo-Nazi rallies and KKK rallies. Where are the cries to ban the sell of merchandise that depicts the US flag or to remove it from the grounds of government agencies? Where is the outrage and claims that the US flag is a symbol of racism and intolerance?

There is a far longer history of racism and intolerance under the US flag. After all, the Confederacy lasted only 4 years and was never created as a symbol of racism in the first place. As stated above, the Supreme Court of the United States, represented by the US flag, ruled that runaway slave Dred Scott was a non-person in 1857 and refused to grant Scott his independence, yet Americans still honored the American flag in the aftermath of that racist ruling. Why? Simple, because to rational, thinking people, the US flag is not a symbol of intolerance and it's use by bigoted groups does not make it a symbol of racism and hate. But, using the logic of deranged liberals, the banning of the American flag should be the next logical step.

The fact remains that the Confederate flag is a symbol of Southern heritage that includes all races. All races fought for the Confederacy and helped build the South. The Confederate army consisted of 1 million European-Americans, 300,000 to 1 million African-Americans, 70,000 Native-Americans, 60,000 Latin-Americans, 50,000 foreigners, 12,000 Jewish-Americans and 10,000 Asian-Americans.

For those who claim that the Confederate flag is a symbol of racism simply know nothing about Southern history. The flag represents a heritage of strict constitutionalism, states rights and the pride of once standing up to a centralized government of protectionist tariffs and the quest for the American system by a tyrant, as Jefferson himself said it was the duty of all Americans to "throw off the old [tyrannical] government  and start a new one" in the Declaration of Independence. Nothing is more American than that. On the other hand, nothing is more un-American than what Lincoln did, commit treason per the Constitution [Article 3, Section 3] by levying war against the states.

Those who claim the Confederate flag is a symbol of slavery love ignoring that the United States government put its stamp of approval on slavery long before the Confederacy came into the picture. The Confederacy had slaves, yes, but so did the North. Slavery was legal in 1861, so Southerners were not violating any laws. In fact, they were abiding by them. But Lincoln and his armies violated the Constitution by invading states.

Another interesting fact: When Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation in 1863 to "free slaves", it only applied in the areas where Lincoln knew slaves would not really be free [in the Confederacy], but did not apply in the four slave states not in rebellion [Maryland, Kentucky, Delaware and Missouri], Tennessee, parts of Louisiana under Union occupation and the counties of Virginia that would soon become the state of West Virginia, a state illegally created by Lincoln.

My point: Lincoln is revered as a great emancipator, yet he did not free any slaves in any states or areas under his control. This, of course, was another act of the federal government in which slavery was sanctioned and yet many still idolize Lincoln and the flag which represented the legislative body that kept slavery in tact. Southerners simply obeyed that sanctioning [of slavery] and yet they get labeled racists? It was not Southerners that made slavery law. It was not Southerners who had the power to end slavery and refused to. That was all the work of our own federal government, and yet the flag that represents that government has always been honored and respected.

Pictures of the shooter, Dylann Roof [above], surfaced on a website where apparently he posted a manifesto. Pictures show Roof holding Confederate flags, as if the flag itself caused Roof to commit 9 murders. In the photos, Roof is also wearing a Gold's Gym shirt. Where are the calls to ban Gold's Gym items, or to shut it down? Using the logic of brain dead liberals, Gold's Gym could have been Roof's meeting place to discuss his plan to assassinate people. Why isn't it being shut down? In another photo there is a Seagram's VO mirror above his bed. Where are the calls for the halting of sales of Seagram's VO products?

Yes, it's insane to blame Gold's Gym and it's insane to blame Seagram's whiskey, and it's equally insane to blame the Confederate flag. If Roof had any knowledge of Southern history, he would have known that African-Americans fought for the Confederacy. So, if he loved the Confederate flag, then he would have respected the lives of the ones he gunned down, for there is a real good chance that the victims' ancestors fought for the freedom that Roof enjoyed before his heinous act.

Roof's crime stemmed from two things: his profound mental health issues [that no liberal ever likes to discuss] and racism. Roof's racism does not emanate from the Confederate flag any more than his mental illness emanates from it, and if the Confederate flag did influence his racism, then he clearly is ignorant of Southern history.

As stated earlier, companies like Wal-Mart and Amazon has stopped the selling of Confederate merchandise because like every politically correct issue that erupts into controversy, companies acquiesce out of fear of vilification or that they may be labeled racists. It's pure insanity. Interestingly and hypocritically, Amazon stopped the sale of Confederate items, but they still sell items with swastikas [a symbol that actually is the representation of a political party that slaughtered millions of Jews].

Even if the Confederate flag was originated in racism and hate, why can't non-Southerners get past that and still respect the flag as they respect the American flag despite the mile-long list of US government atrocities? Adam Dick, writing for the Ron Paul Institute, puts it best when he said:

"Why is this so hard for so many people to understand? All sorts of Americans revere the American flag even though they don’t agree with everything the US government has done. An American Indian may cherish the American flag, not defining it as a representation of a government that slaughtered his ancestors and drove them from the land on which they lived. A liberal may cherish the American flag, not defining it as a representation of a government that does not guarantee single-payer health care, a $15 an hour minimum wage, and gay marriage. A conservative may cherish the American flag, not defining it as a representation of a government that imposes too much taxes, is soft on illegal immigration, and allows abortions. A libertarian may cherish the American flag, not defining it as a representation of a government that engages in endless offensive wars, mass surveillance, and the war on drugs."


He also writes, "The “racist” label can be affixed to the American flag just as it can to the Confederate battle flag. The histories of the governments associated with both flags provide plenty of ground for arguments supporting the label’s applicability. Yet, each flag is cherished both by people who abhor racism and by people who embrace racism. If the Confederate battle flag must be taken down because of the history of the government with which it is associated, then why not take down the American flag as well?"

If this madness continues, where will it end? Jimmy Carter's great-grandfather, Littleberry Walker Carter fought for the Confederacy. Do we now ban images of Jimmy Carter? Will talk shows and colleges now ban him from coming and speaking?

We are now finding out that President Obama's great-great-great-great grandfather, George Washington Overall, owned two slaves who were recorded in the 1850 census in Nelson County, Kentucky. Also, Obama’s great-great-great-great-great-grandmother, Mary Duvall, also owned slaves. Do we now demand that Obama resign because his family owned slaves?

You cannot just pick one thing [like the Confederate flag] and ban it because it may or may not have associations with racism and hatred. You have to go all out and ban everything that does as well. The fact that everyone is hopping on the hypocrisy bandwagon and zeroing in on the Confederate flag and completely ignoring issues that actually have merit [like Amazon still selling Nazi/swastika items and the fact that the US flag is associated with countless atrocities] is the ultimate red flag that there is a much more sinister motivation behind this by the left [and even some of the right].

I fear that sinister motivation is in the form of trying to indoctrinate the already dumbed-down American population that secession is treason, states rights does not exist and that slavery originated in the South. None of which could be further from the truth.


Anonymous said...

You and that shooter nut have (had?) a lot in common.

I can see why you get so.....uppity about it.

Real Truth Online said...

Do you salute the American flag?? Yes?? Well, then, you have a lot in common with Neo-nazis and the KKK! Dickweed.

Anonymous said...

Do *you* salute flags is surely the question?

I salute the flag of the Cwmtwrch uprisings, of Llanidloes and Crickhowell; and I sing the name of Llewellyn-ab-Gruffydd, of Elywysig, of Rhodri, of Maredeudd.