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And They Just Keep Comin'....Gruber Tapes 2, 3, 4 and 5

MIT Professor Jonathan Gruber [top Obamacare architect] claims his comments about "stupid American voters" were "off the cuff". Turns out, he said it on other occasions along with additional incrimination

by Larry Simons
November 20, 2014

MIT Professor and top Obamacare drafter Jonathan Gruber, now a household name due to his blatant admission that President Obama's signature piece of legislation, the Affordable Care Act, was only passed because of a "lack of transparency" because the "stupid American voter" was too dumb to realize what was really in it, has shown his face to explain away his comments.

Appearing on Ronan Farrow Daily, Gruber said:

"I spoke off the cuff and I basically spoke inappropriately and I regret having made those comments."

The big problem with this explanation is that the October 2013 conference is not the only instance in which he made such similar statements.

Another video soon emerged from a previous event [just 9 days prior] in which Gruber said the law passed because "the American people are too stupid to understand the difference."

watch the video [at the 2:23 mark]

In this clip, Gruber was referring to the Cadillac Tax portion of the ACA, which is basically a tax hike on high end insurance packages which was concealed by taxing the companies providing the plans rather than taxing Americans directly.

Video #3

from November 2012

Gruber states that because of the "lack of economic understanding of the American voter", the administration was able to exploit Americans to hide the fact that Obamacare was a direct tax on the customer.

Gruber stated:

"I have been making this speech for twelve years and people would come up to me and say, ‘but wait a second you’re going to tax my heath insurance?’ And I’d say no, no, no! We’re going to tax subsidies on your health insurance. And they’d go ‘you’re going to tax my heath insurance?’ And you just can’t get through its politically impossible. So despite the fact we thought we might get this as part of the law it was going to be dead.”

“Until a second Massachusetts hero arose, John Kerry. John Kerry said no-no we’re not going to tax your heath insurance, we’re going to tax those evil insurance companies. We’re going to impose a tax that if they sell health insurance that’s too expensive we’re going to tax them. And conveniently the tax rate will happen to be the marginal tax rate on the income tax code. So basically it’s the same thing – we just tax insurance companies, they pass on higher prices, that offsets the tax break we get into being the same thing. It’s a very clever basic exploitation of the lack of economic understanding of the American voter.”

watch the clip

Video #4

from June 2012

As Jim Hoft from Gateway Pundit writes:

"On June 13, 2012, Obamacare Jonathan Gruber was interviewed by Frontline.  He told them that the Cadillac tax issue was addressed in 2009.  Obama knew it was going to be a problem, and they all agreed to lie about it."

"From Jonathan Gruber’s Frontline interview in June 2012.
The next time I see him is summer 2009. The big issue there is that he really wants to make sure I’m moving forward on cost control. I think that at this point he sort of knew we had a good plan on coverage, but he was worried on cost control. So we had a meeting in the Oval Office with several experts, including myself, on what can we do to get credible savings on cost control that the Congressional Budget Office would recognize and score as savings in this law.
And that was a meeting — it was very exciting, once again, because the economists in the room all said the number one thing you need to do is you need to take on the tax subsidy to employer-sponsored insurance. We need one minute of background on this. The way employer-sponsored insurance works is, if you get paid in wages, you get taxed. If you get paid in health insurance, you do not. …
So this tax subsidy economists have been railing against for decades, it’s super-expensive. We forego about $250 billion per year in tax revenues. It’s regressive — the richer you are, the bigger tax break you get. And it’s inefficient because it causes people to buy excessive health insurance. So everyone in the room said, “You want something that is real cost control that we know it will work, go after this.”
 Now, the problem is, it’s a political nightmare, … and people say, “No, you can’t tax my benefits.” So what we did a lot in that room was talk about, well, how could we make this work? And Obama was like, “Well, you know” — I mean, he is really a realistic guy. He is like, “Look, I can’t just do this.” He said: “It is just not going to happen politically. The bill will not pass. How do we manage to get there through phases and other things?” And we talked about it. And he was just very interested in that topic.
Once again, that ultimately became the genesis of what is called the Cadillac tax in the health care bill, which I think is one of the most important and bravest parts of the health care law and doesn’t get nearly enough credit. I mean, this is the first time after years and years of urging — and the entire health policy, there was not one single health expert in America who is setting up a system from scratch, would have this employer subsidy in place. Not one.
 So after years and years of us wanting to get rid of this, to finally go after it was just such a huge victory for health policy. And I’m just incredibly proud that he and the others who supported this law were willing to do it. …"

Video #5

from February 2011

In this video from February 18, 2011 at a meeting of the Vermont House Representatives Committee, a letter is read by Democratic committee Chairman Mark Larson in which a concerned citizen expresses his concerns about Obamacare, as Gruber listens.

After the letter is read, Jonathan Gruber snidely replies, "Was this written by my adolescent children by any chance?" Laughter erupts in the room.

Turns out, the concerned citizen was actually two-term Vermont State Senator John McClaughry, who was an advisor to President Reagan in the 1980's. So, hardly an adolescent. But these things matter not to people like Gruber, who take great pleasure in continually insulting the American people and who openly and arrogantly admit that the biggest overhaul to the American health care system was a colossal lie and could not be passed unless the critical task of removing all transparency was implemented.

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