Thursday, February 6, 2014

Obamacare Advocate Claims The Uninsured Rate In January Dropped 1.2%. But How Can This Be When There Are More Uninsured People Overall?

Writer claims 3 million people have signed up for Obamacare. But what about the 4-6 million who lost their health insurance plans at the end of December 2013? If 4-6 million lost their plans and only 3 million have signed up for Obamacare, that means 1-3 million people overall do not have insurance now because of the Affordable Care Act. So how did the uninsured rate drop?

by Larry Simons
February 6, 2014

Sean Williams, writer for the financial services company The Motley Fool, has written an article about Obamacare titled, "10 Obamacare Facts You Need to Know After 4 Months" that includes several flat-out distortions and lies. One of which, in his list of 10 facts, is fact number 3 titled, "The U.S. uninsured rate dropped 1.2% ... in a month!".

Williams states, "Based on a Gallup poll that has been conducted with some regularity since 2008, the percentage of U.S. uninsured dropped 1.2% in January to 16.1% from 17.3% in December."

How can this be when just about everyone is well aware that millions of Americans [4-6 million to be exact] received cancellations of their health care plans that ended December 31? Williams states in his number one fact about Obamacare that "Obamacare enrollments have reached 3 million". If 4-6 million lost their health care plans last December [2013], and only 3 million have signed up, that still leaves a 1-3 million deficit of uninsured Americans. How can the uninsured rate drop 1.2% within a month if the overall uninsured number has risen?

The answer lies in one of Williams' many distortions riddled throughout his article. Williams states, "[the 1.2% figure] includes both the 3 million paying enrollees, and the 6.3 million government-sponsored enrollees, meaning an uninsured rate drop was expected." Williams is including the 6.3 million who have been deemed eligible for Medicaid and the CHIP program into this 1.2% "drop", despite the fact that he even admits these people are only "eligible", regardless if they are signed up officially for the programs or not, and that people can enroll into Medicaid and the CHIP programs with or without the existence of Obamacare.

Another glaring omission from Williams' article is the fact that of the 3 million Americans that has "supposedly" signed up for Obamacare, only 11% of these 3 million were people previously uninsured.

So, to re-cap: 11% of 3 million is 330,000 and since you cannot count Medicaid and CHIP enrollees [since they can be entitled to receive these programs even without the existence of Obamacare], we are left with only 330,000 people who now have health insurance for the very first time. Far, far from 9.3 million Sean Williams, Health and Human Services or Obama himself want you to naively believe.

Another glaring fact Williams conveniently omitted: Just because there have been 3 million enrollees into Obamacare [of which, keep in mind, only 11% are newly insured people] and 6.3 are eligible for Medicaid and CHIP [eligible, not officially enrolled], this does not mean they have actually paid money yet. Some have, some have not. When most Americans find out how much higher their premiums will be, the 330,000 number will sink even lower because they will withdraw and opt out.

Williams is just another Obamacare water carrier who gets paid to distort, omit and flat out lie to defend the undefendable. The company name is appropriate. Williams sure is a Motley Fool.

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