Sunday, December 15, 2013

O' Reilly's "War on Christmas" 2013: Billo Now Includes Macy's in His List of Anti-Christmas "Band of Fascists"

The reason? Simple: Because Macy's has the audacity to include a picture of Santa on their website without mentioning what holiday Santa is celebrating

by Larry Simons
December 15, 2013

Just when you thought Billo's imaginary "War" on Christmas tirades could not get any worse, he strikes again and outdoes himself. How is this possible, you ask? Keep in mind, we are talking about Bill O' Reilly. He is not to be confused with a sane, rational or thought-provoking person. It is his job to create a story where there is no story and ignore legitimate and relevant ones.

Billo's "war" on Christmas claims are becoming an expected staple with every approaching Christmas season, on par with showings of It's A Wonderful Life and A Christmas Story. Since 2003, he has been cherry-picking isolated examples across the country of particular freedom of speech groups, stores and civil liberty organizations who have not wanted to use the word "Christmas" [but rather the word "holiday"] and pretending that these small, isolated examples are really a smaller picture of a grand conspiracy to completely eviscerate traditional Christmas jargon and ultimately the entire Christmas holiday as a whole.

To us rational and sane Americans, we know nothing could be further from the truth. The true reality is, the real war going on is the war on freedom of speech/expression, the very thing O' Reilly himself hates [while, ironically, claiming that he supports freedom of speech].

All Christians hate when they hear stories of non-Christians [whether it be atheists, agnostics, Muslims or any other non-Christian group] who love celebrating the ideals promoted in the Christmas season [love, family, peace, joy, etc.] but do not honor the central figure of the Christmas holiday, Jesus. This makes a Christian's blood boil more than the existence of the devil himself: Those who do not acknowledge or worship Jesus having the audacity to claim that they can possess morals and values too, that they can express the same human emotions to love one another and have joy in their hearts, but doing so without Jesus.

Billo's hatred of freedom of speech is so intense, he has now stooped so low as to attack a company who has been the one of the nation's top advocates of Christmas among secular companies: Macy's. Yes, that Macy's. The one that is the central theme of the 1947 film Miracle on 34th Street. What did Macy's do that has so angered Bill O' Reilly? What equates Macy's with atheists in whom Billo called "a merry band of fascists" last year?: They had the nerve to put a picture of Santa Claus on their website and did not mention what holiday Santa was celebrating.

Are you serious? I wish I was making this shit up, but as always with O' Reilly, truth is stranger than fiction. It might just be possible that the reason the word "Christmas" was not mentioned on the same webpage as the photo of Santa is because every human being on planet Earth from ages 6 months and up knows what holiday Santa Claus is associated with. Jackass Bill O' Reilly thinks it's because Macy's is at war with Christmas.

I decided to investigate this further and see just how much Macy's hates Christmas by counting how many times Macy's uses the word "Christmas" on their site, in addition to how many Christmas items Macy's sells on their site in comparison with how many times O' Reilly himself uses the word "Christmas" and how many Christmas items Billo sells on his site.

Turns out, it would have taken me literally all day to count how many times Macy's uses the word "Christmas", since there were so many. Additionally, Macy's sells hundreds and hundreds of Christmas items, also too many to count. Here are a few examples of how often Macy's uses the word "Christmas" mixed in with Christmas items:

"Christmas ornaments"
"Christmas decorations"
"Christmas Memories collection"
"Lenox Christmas Exclusive Ornament, Lighted Wonder Ball Angel"
"Swarovski Christmas Ornament, 2013 Annual Star"
"Wedgwood Christmas Ornament Collection"
"Wallace Christmas Ornament, 2013 Sleigh Bell 43rd Edition"
"Jim Shore Christmas Collectible Figurines Collection"
"Trans Pac Christmas Decorations, Mini Kissing Krystals Collection"

This is only to name a few! And this was taken from just two different webpages. Macy's also sells Nativity set figurines and angel figurines. When you type the word "Christmas" into their search bar, you see on the left side of the page categories such as:

"Christmas Ornaments"
"Christmas Trees"
"Christmas Tree Themes"
"Christmas Villages"
"Nativity Sets"
"Christmas Bath"
"Christmas Dining"

The number of Christmas items sold and "Christmas" references were endless. I literally did not have enough time to view even half of them. There were that many. This site couldn't have been more jammed-packed with Christmas and religious items than if it was a known Christian company, like Hobby Lobby.

Now let's look at Bill O' Reilly's site for references to "Christmas" and Christmas/religious items sold:

"Christmas" references: ONE. On his "O' Reilly Store" page, it says in big words "The O' Reilly Christmas Store"

Christmas items sold:  NONE

Not ONE item in his "Christmas" store mentions or even relates to Christmas. The entire site is O' Reilly's own merchandise, his books, mugs, pens, memberships, men's and women's jackets, hats, and house and car items. Not ONE item is associated with anything religious or pertaining to Christmas. Nothing.

Macy's wins hands down. And this prick has the nerve to criticize a store because on one of their webpages it shows a picture of Santa but doesn't say the word "Christmas" on that same page? But Billo mentions the word "Christmas" once but sells zero Christmas items on the very section that claims is a "Christmas store"? It is only a "Christmas" store in the sense that his idiotic followers can buy his merchandise as Christmas presents for their other lunatic family members.

Macy's sells actual Christmas items, like religious ornaments and nativity scene figurines [while not claiming to be "Christian"]. What does this say for O' Reilly himself if an outfit not claiming to be "Christian" out-mentions the word "Christmas" and out-sells Christmas items?

The bottom line is this: If you watch, listen to, follow or trust Bill O' Reilly when it comes to anything even resembling a news story, then your quest for anything truthful is a futile quest and therefore he must truly be preaching to the choir. People who are required to suspend belief in the concept of reality to accept Christianity in the first place are, in my view, the only people who would sacrifice common sense and abandon human reason in order to allow themselves to be fooled into believing O' Reilly is anything but a corporate-controlled fraud.


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