Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Robert M. Bowman: 1934 - 2013

Prominent figure of the 9/11 truth movement passes away

by Larry Simons
August 27, 2013

Dr. Robert M. Bowman, former Director of Advanced Space Programs Development (also known as "Star Wars") for the U.S. Air Force and prominent scholar in the 9/11 Truth movement and American patriot, has passed away at the age of 79.

In addition to serving as an Air Force Lieutenant Colonel with 101 combat missions, he was also the founding archbishop of the United Catholic Church, created in 1996 and held to be connected through apostolic succession to the Old Catholic Churches. He received a Ph.D. in aeronautics and nuclear engineering from the California Institute of Technology.

Dr. Kevin Barrett's piece in Veteran's Today is especially moving. He writes:

"We just lost a political and military leader whose greatness far surpassed that of all of our post-World War II presidents and generals combined. And many of us in the 9/11 truth and peace movements have lost a friend – a kind and generous man we could completely trust."

Bowman passed away last Thursday in his Florida home.

Here are segments from more of Barrett's article on Bowman:

Dr. Bob Bowman somehow combined genius-level intelligence (his CalTech Ph.D. was in rocket science) with compassion, spirituality, charisma, and uncommon common sense.  If the USA were a meritocracy, he would have been elected President.

His career in public service spanned almost five decades, beginning in the 1960s. A Vietnam-era fighter pilot who flew over 100 combat missions, Dr. Bob came to realize that the war was wrong and the US policies that had produced it were deeply flawed.

Still, he tried to work within the system, and rose to become the director of the USAF’s Space Weapons program (later renamed “Star Wars”) under presidents Ford and Carter.

Dr. Bowman was shocked by the US military leadership’s insistence on pursuing a purely offensive space weapons capacity – whose only purpose was to launch a sneak attack on Russia and prevail in a nuclear war that would kill tens or even hundreds of millions of people. As the Director of what later became the SDI program, Bob Bowman quickly learned that space weapons serve no defensive purpose. They are extremely vulnerable – meaning that whoever strikes first will inevitably obliterate the enemy’s satellites.

In the wake of 9/11, Bob Bowman’s whistleblowing rose to heroic heights. Based on his experience as a fighter pilot, Bob knew that every time a commercial plane goes significantly off-course, a military fighter plane shows up next to it within about ten minutes. The fighter pilot rocks its wings as a signal to “follow me” and get back on course.

So how did four allegedly hijacked planes supposedly fly around the American skies for so long on 9/11 without any interference from our fighter jets? By about 8:10 a.m. on 9/11, NORAD, the NTSB and the Secret Service knew that there were in-flight emergencies (apparent hijackings) occurring. Yet we are told that hijacked commercial jetliners flew around the country completely unmolested by our air defenses, hitting the Towers at 8:46 and 9:03 a.m., the Pentagon at 9:37 a.m., and crashing in Pennsylvania at 10:03 a.m. – almost two hours after the alert was sounded!

You don’t have to be a fighter pilot and a rocket scientist to know that this story is completely ludicrous.

When top US military leaders committed blatant perjury before the 9/11 Commission, as Commission leaders later acknowledged, Bob saw that there was no longer any reasonable doubt: His country had been taken over in a coup d’├ętat. The deceptive controlled demolitions of the World Trade Center skyscrapers, President Bush’s reading about pet goats during a supposed enemy surprise attack, Dick Cheney issuing a stand-down order to the Air Force according to the sworn testimony of Norman Mineta…it painted a picture that was unfortunately all too clear.

A smaller, more self-interested man with Bob’s background would have decided to keep his mouth shut and enjoy his retirement. Not Bob. Instead, he started speaking out – forcefully and responsibly – against the criminals who had destroyed American democracy. His speeches covered all the bases, and his moderate but forceful presentation was perfect for reaching new audiences, especially left-leaning people and libertarians.

I personally met Bowman on September 10, 2006 at Cooper Union in New York City for a 9/11 Truth Conference. I snapped his picture (above) as he was entering an elevator. He was in a hurry but was glad to pose for me and gave a big smile.

Another big thrill of mine was speaking to Dr. Bowman on the telephone on the afternoon of November 7, 2006 right after the Democrats had won control of the House and Senate. Both of us were excited because we thought real change was coming. We were both wrong.

Dr. Bowman was a true American patriot and will be missed.