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Hypocrite Ann Coulter: Under Obama, the NSA is Harassing Americans; Under Bush, Newspaper Editors Should Have Been Executed for Treason If They Printed Info About the NSA Wiretapping Americans

Coulter flat out lies and tells Hannity that Bush conducted his wiretapping program legally, contrary to the fact the he did not have court-approved warrants to do so

by Larry Simons
June 7, 2013

On Thursday night's telecast of Hannity, conservative hypocrite and all-around loon Ann Coulter may have achieved an all new milestone during one of her liberal-bashing rants. She may have accomplished the impossible; spewing forth what might just be the most hypocritical thing she has ever uttered.

While on the subject of the Obama administration's recent announcement that they will now be spying on all American citizens' phone calls illegally, she went on to say this:

"...In light of the revelations today about these Verizon phone calls which, again, in the abstract, if they're [the Obama administration] just looking for patterns in phone numbers called, not looking at the content of the phone call, and submitting every phone call made in America to a computer to look for patterns, to look for terrorism, well then, under an honorable administration and even an honorable Democratic administration, if you can think of one, you'd say 'fine, that's fantastic, we want to be protected from a terrorist attack'. 

The problem with this administration and with Eric Holder is we can't trust them, and in point of fact what we have learned, particularly in the last few weeks is, they don't care about terrorism, they want to spy on their political enemies."

Basically Ann is comparing apples to oranges. According to her, it was perfectly fine for Bush to listen in on the phone calls of American citizens as long as they are not listening to the actual content of the call, but "patterns" or buzzwords that the NSA may red flag. But if another administration listens in on every word being spoken, that is a direct violation to the Constitution and that president should be impeached.

The truth of the matter is that in both cases it is a violation of the Constitution and to civil liberties, but Coulter is attempting [and very poorly] to split hairs, as she always does.

Coulter adds:

"You will recall during the Bush administration when they were getting FISA court warrants to follow and listen in on phone calls made to terrorist phone numbers, to numbers found on terrorist computers, every once in a while they would cite an actual case where this was used, where this was helpful in stopping a terrorist attack.."

This nearly made me spit my iced tea all over my computer screen. First of all, the NY Times reported in 2005 that Bush signed a Presidential order in 2002 that allowed his administration to monitor international phone calls and emails of people inside the United States without court-approved warrants. Coulter is obviously getting her information from her home planet of Wingnuttia, because here on planet Earth, it was never fact that Bush received court-approved warrants.

And Lord knows where Coulter is getting her information that there was even one example where any of the illegal wiretapping the NSA conducted during the Bush years resulted in one thwarted terror attack. That was simply made up out of thin air.

Coulter's hypocrisy lies in just one of the several death wishes she has made upon her political enemies. In early March of 2009, NY Times columnist Dave Itzkoff sent Coulter a list of questions by email about her [then] upcoming debate with Bill Maher at Radio City Music Hall.  One of Itzkoff's question's was, "Do you consider yourself as speaking for the conservative movement, or just someone who has attracted many conservative fans? Something else?"

Coulter's response [and yes, it was in all caps as I have included]:


So, let's be clear about this: If you're a reporter and you simply include in one of your articles information about American citizens being wiretapped and their emails being read illegally, Ann Coulter believes you have committed treason and you deserve death simply for whistleblowing a violation of the Constitution.  But if you are the residing President and you have instructed the NSA to spy on American citizens illegally, you're protecting Americans and are doing nothing wrong.

If you're a President who just happens to be a different color and a member of the opposing party to which Coulter belongs to and you conduct illegal wiretaps and email searches, well then, that's wrong, but not because of the act alone, but because of your motive for doing it.

The bottom line is, no matter who conducts illegal wiretaps, that act alone is wrong because it's illegal. Even if the courts approved listening in on the phone calls of Americans still would not make that act constitutional unless they found evidence of probable cause of a crime. The courts are not the supreme law in the land, the Constitution is. The court's job is to simply interpret the Constitution correctly and make their decision based on the accurate interpretation of our supreme law.

This is why there are three branches of government, so that one branch [the courts; judicial] cannot rule over the other two, and the same rule follows for the other two branches.

The fourth amendment reads:

"The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized"

If it is an illegal search or seizure, it is an unreasonable one. Period. Dirtbags like Ann Coulter do not understand this basic fact. Both Bush and Obama have violated this basic human freedom distinctly embedded into our Constitution. But assholes like Coulter want you to believe Bush did not violate the Constitution and did not assault our human rights, but only Obama has. That makes her the biggest hypocrite on planet Earth.

watch this clip from Judge Napolitano on the truth about the 4th amendment [you watching Ann?]

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