Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Holy Jumping Shitballs! Bill O' Reilly Is More Libertarian than John Stossel on NSA Surveillance

Stossel tells O' Reilly, "I’ve been called a traitor to the libertarian cause." That's because you are one John

by Larry Simons
June 19, 2013

On Tuesday nights telecast of The O' Reilly Factor, so-called libertarian and FOX News host John Stossel was invited on for his take on NSA surveillance. Stossel, it seems, is just not that bothered over the NSA spying on Americans because [and this is just as stupid as the reason non-libertarian supporters give, that it's to catch "terrorists"] everyone else knows so much information about already, like, Google and Facebook.

Stossel says, "I figure everything is out there. I try not to have secrets." He even admitted the vast difference between website browsers like Google or companies like Amazon having information about people and the Federal government having information: the online sites cannot lock anyone up or kill anyone. This, of course, adds confusion as to why Stossel is not bothered by NSA spying. If the government can lock him up or kill him, shouldn't that reason alone be sufficient enough to bother Stossel?

Yes, I realize his response to that would be "I'm not bothered because I'm not a terrorist or doing anything wrong". But, there are only a handful of true libertarians in the media that share their views on TV. I truly thought Stossel was one of the strongest ones, who are not easily fooled by what is really going on in government. Good Lord was I wrong.

If Stossel truly does not know that the real reason the American people are being spied on by the NSA is because we are all being monitored so the government can gather how much anti-government sentiment is really out there, then Stossel is more corporate-controlled than I thought.

Add to that the other reason it should bother Stossel: because he is supposedly a libertarian, who believes in civil liberties, small government and the government out of people's lives. If there is a bigger way the government can intrude on the civil liberties of the American people than to spy on their every move, read their email and listen to their phone conversations, I would sure like to know what that is.

But, the biggest way that the government can intrude on the lives of the American people does not bother John Stossel. He even admits, "I'm so angry at so much of what my government does, this isn't one of the things." Really? Apparently, in Stossel's "so-called" love for liberty, he forgot how important the Fourth Amendment really is. Stossel mentions he has even been called a traitor for his stance. He's right. A libertarian who supports any issue that is in defiance of civil liberties is being a traitor.

In a June 12 op-ed, Stossel wrote this, "So it's invasive, probably illegal and maybe useless. I ought to be very angry. But I'm not. Why? I need to keep thinking about this issue, but for now, two reasons: 1. Terrorists do want to murder us. If the NSA is halfway competent, Big Data should help detect plots." What Stossel does not seem to realize [or care about] is the fact that success rates of government programs do not excuse their unconstitutionality.

What made me angry and shocked at the same time during this segment is that it was O' Reilly who took the libertarian stance, not Stossel. O' Reilly says, "As an American citizen, I don't want Washington to have the capability or the legality to come in and look at my private communications, be that on the phone, or an email or in texting, or anything." Stossel responds, "Even if you're a terrorist?"

O' Reilly responds, "It's a different situation. If I'm a suspected terrorist, with probable cause, a judge can get a specific warrant, I got no problem with that at all. But I don't want the federal government to have that kind of power because we saw what the IRS did with it."

Stossel jumps in and says, "And I don't know why I'm trusting them that they really are looking for terrorists."

What Billo said next made my heart stop. O' Reilly answered, "Because you're crazy, that's why". Good Lord, that would have been my response if Stossel said that to me four feet away! That made the second time I have agreed 100% with something coming from the lips of O' Reilly. The first one was on immigration, now it's the NSA. This segment was very scary and somewhat hard to watch.

I never thought I would live to see that day when Bill O' Reilly educated a libertarian on the Bill of Rights. Good Lord, what's next, Rush Limbaugh putting Ron Paul in his place? That will be the day of my first heart attack.

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