Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Jon Stewart Exposes Absurdity of the Nonexistent "War on Christmas"

Comedian brings sanity and reality to a tiresome annual non-issue

by Larry Simons
December 4, 2012

On Monday's telecast of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, the Emmy winning host exposed the absurdity of the likes of Bill O' Reilly and FOX News for their annual reporting of a nonexistent event that has become the bedrock of the FOX News holiday season: the "War on Christmas".

Stewart was a breath of fresh air as he delivered the segment using the complete opposite approach of O' Reilly: dealing only in reality and sanity. To the zombies at FOX News, Stewart had this message for their continual exaggerated stories of Christmas persecution, "For whatever annoying, local, ticky-tack Christmas-abolishing story you and your merry band of persecution-seeking researchers can scour the wires to turn up, the rest of us can't swing a dead elf without knocking over an inflatable snow globe or a giant blinking candy cane. For God's sakes, FOX News themselves is located in midtown Manhattan, the epicenter for all that is godless, secular, gay, Jew-ey and hell-bound. And yet, even here, all around your studio, it looks like Santa's balls exploded".

Stewart then reminds thinking mankind that Christmas is just one day, like any other birthday, and then, Stewart adds, "it seeped into the night before Christmas, the eve if you will. It still wasn't enough. There's a war on Christmas? Has anyone told Thanksgiving? This year, Black Friday, aka Christmas's opening bell, got moved back a day to Black Thursday, or as we used to call it, Thanksgiving. Christmas is so big now, it's eating other holidays".

Stewart adds, "Do atheists land an occasional blow? I guess", then proceeds to tell his viewers just how immense Christmas really is. Stewart continues, "For God's sakes, there are radio stations that play nothing but Christmas carols, stores that sell nothing but Christmas decorations all year long. There's a TV channel devoted to a yule log. There's old-timey traditional Christmas programming ["A Christmas Story"], really old-timey Dickensian Christmas special programming ["A Christmas Carol"], new-timey Hey Hey Hey urban Christmas specials [Fat Albert], Mormon Christmas specials [Donny & Marie], country-western Christmas specials, Chipmunk Christmas specials, Otter Christmas specials, Bear Christmas specials, Cat Christmas specials, large-headed child Christmas [Peanuts], gay Christmas [Clay Aiken], Jewish Christmas [Neil Diamond], Christmas underwater [Sponge Bob], Christmas from the future [Jetsons], prehistoric Christmas [Flinstones]. That's right. There's a Christmas special celebrating Jesus' birth thousands of years before the birth of Jesus!".

This was one of the funniest segments that Jon has ever done. Watch

Stewart shows a clip from the telecast of The O' Reilly Factor where Billo told atheist David Silverman that Christianity is not a religion [but a "philosophy"]. Stewart says, "You just handed that atheist another thing he can't fucking believe!".

Not only did Billo embarrass himself by saying on a nationwide telecast that Christianity is not a religion, but was again embarrassed on Monday night when Father Jonathan Morris appeared on The Factor and told Billo that Christianity is indeed a religion.

In other words, David Silverman, the atheist, was right. It does not get any better than an atheist schooling Billo on religion and it being validated by a priest right on Billo's own show.

Fortunately for Billo, it was the end of his segment and he "had no time to debate it then", but did admit it was a religion to Father Morris. After referring to Christianity as a philosophy right in front of Father Morris, Morris says, "the religion of Christianity". To save face, Billo responds, "It's a religion, but it's a philosophy that is being administered by different religions".

WTF? Christianity is administered by different RELIGIONS? I believe Billo means "by different denominations/sects" of Christianity. No other religion has the same philosophy of Christianity. Billo has no clue whatsoever the difference between a religion and a denomination. What a fucktwat.

Below clip: Billo admitting to Father Morris that Christianity is a religion [only because he is trying to avoid looking like a colossal fucktard in front of a religious leader]

Watch at 6:36 into the clip


Anonymous said...

dont these people know that christmas is a roman pagan holiday,

Anonymous said...

I remember Larry (and his brother)from the days when the Public Opinion had a comments section. They were always good for a laugh. (Thanks Jack for telling me about this latest example of Larry's latest conspiracy by the "right wing". Larry has always had the tin foil hat on thinkng the world is out to get him. I see he has not changed abit since the PO days. Now with Obamcare - perhaps he can get the help he desperatly needs (and someone else will pay for it) Merry Christmas Jack - and you to Larry

Real Truth Online said...

Ahhh yes, nothing like a good ad hominem attack to combat my FACTS. I will tell you what I had a good laugh at....You said the "war on Christmas" is a conspiracy by the right wing? The right wing is conspiring against themselves? Let me get this straight: I think the world is out to get me, but I post pictures of myself and publish MY ACTUAL REAL NAME on my blog, yet you hide behind "anonymous" and I think people are out to get me? Seems to me, the person who thinks people are out to get him is the one who would hide behind anonymity and be scared to post his real name. Where am I wrong? If you're the one so unafraid, please tell everyone who you actually are.

I already know you're in Tonawanda, New York. Why would you possibly have an interest in the Public Opinion newspaper from Chambersburg, PA when you're in NY? Care to explain? And care to tell us your real name and not be a chickenshit?

rob said...

once again larry has called out and destroys another person.. you own him larry. this guy and his apparent buddy jack off need to get some of obomney care themselves. lol..lol. what a fn joke.