Saturday, October 20, 2012

My Visit to Monticello

by Larry Simons
October 20, 2012

The past two days I was in Charlottesville, Virginia to visit Monticello, the home of my favorite President, Thomas Jefferson. Although it rained during a portion of the trip, the day I actually visited the house, it was rather nice out. Here are a few of the pictures I captured.

Me on the west front of Monticello
Reflection of Monticello on fish holding pool
West front
Jefferson's grave
View of west front through trees
A clock on the wall [in rear], which shows only
 an hour hand because Jefferson thought
 this was accurate enough for outside workers.
 On top is a wind plate connected to a weather
 vane, showing the direction of the wind.


rob said...

looks like a nice place. he really was a great president. remember obama and romney , just say no to the federal reserve.

Anonymous said...

who is that guy in top picture with the big package.

Anonymous said...

ugly piece of shit