Sunday, October 7, 2012

50 Shades of Bill O' Reilly: 'We Should Not Have Gone to Iraq'

Wingnut conservative Bill O' Reilly actually admits during his debate with The Daily Show host Jon Stewart "we should not have gone to Iraq" in which Stewart mockingly shouts "somebody better live tweet that! Bill O' Reilly..'we should not have gone to Iraq!'"

by Larry Simons
October 7, 2012

In yesterdays much anticipated internet debate between Fox News' Bill O' Reilly and The Daily Show host Jon Stewart, a number of topics were discussed, such as the role of government, immigration, foreign policy, terrorism and O' Reilly's ficticious 'war on Christmas'.

When it came to the topic of military service, Stewart stated he favored the idea of a draft and compulsory military or public service for at least one year for kids [which I do not]. After O' Reilly stated that he does not favor a draft, he said this:

"We got to do everything we can for military people. To make sure they're rewarded when they come home. Because they had a really rough go at it in Afghanistan and Iraq. It was in both places. Awful, terrible theatres. We should not have gone to Iraq. Afghanistan we had to.."

At this, Stewart shouted, "Somebody better live tweet that mother fuckers, come on! Live tweet that! Bill O' Reilly: We should not have gone to Iraq!"

The obvious reason for the shouting was because O' Reilly has continually supported the invasion of Iraq since day one.

Here are just a few instances where O' Reilly's stance on Iraq was crystal clear:

from 2005 with Phil Donahue

from 2004 with Michael Moore

O' Reilly defending being in Iraq to David Letterman even after he admits there were no WMD

In 2007 defending the Iraq war with an Iraq war vet against the Iraq war

I could post 100 more, but did I even have to post more than one?

Overall, it was clear that Stewart won the debate. My answer is based simply on the substance of what was discussed in the debate, not on any pre-existing bias for either participant.

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