Friday, September 14, 2012

Jesse Ventura Says He Will Run for President in 2016

The former Minnesota Governor says if he can get on the ballot in every state and get into the debates, he will run

by Larry Simons
September 14, 2012

Former Minnesota Governor and wrestler Jesse Ventura told Alex Jones yesterday that he will give serious consideration to running for President in 2016 if he is able to get ballot access in all 50 states and can participate in the debates. Ventura also tells Alex Jones that he will be running as an Independent.

Let me give you my take on why none of this will happen. The establishment will either assassinate Ventura to prevent him from entering the race or they will put such a stranglehold on the media [even worse than they did with Ron Paul] that he will be virtually ignored.

If, by some miracle, Ventura is not blocked from entering from the result of either being assassinated, "suicided" or the victim of a complete media blackout, then the following is my position on what will happen in the actual campaigning/debates process:

1.  All attempts will be made to block Ventura's participation in the debates. Attempts were made to exclude Ron Paul from some debates, and some were successful.

2.  They will give Ventura virtually no screen time in the debates. They were very successful in doing this to Ron Paul, but my prediction is that if they try this with Ventura, Ventura will call them out on it right in the middle of an attempted media blackout. They did it to Ron Paul easily, because he is old and for the most part very passive. Ventura is very outspoken, so any attempt to ignore Ventura will be met with a confrontation.

3.  Unlike with Ron Paul, where it was actually the media's choice to intentionally mention 9/11 [media outlets tried to associate Ron Paul with many of his supporters who believe 9/11 is an inside job] in order to smear Ron Paul, this will not happen with Ventura. Ron Paul has always publicly denounced that 9/11 was an inside job, but Ventura has openly expressed he believes it was. So, obviously, the media, in knowing Ventura's stance on the subject, will ignore this subject, because it will not be for smear purposes. They will ignore it because Ventura has already been on countless programs openly talking about his views about 9/11. The media knows his views make sense and are very logical. They will not want the subject of 9/11 being an inside job to be presented in any way other than within the context of the nutty babblings of a raving lunatic, so they will ignore it.

4.  The media will have a very hard time ignoring the subject of 9/11 when they correspond with Ventura in a debate, because, as said above, Ventura has been very vocal about his take on 9/11 and conspiracies in general. The powers that be also know the other candidates on stage will confront him with this subject. This is the very reason Ventura will not even be allowed into the debates at all. Ventura will, as he has always done, bring up good points about it and make sense. The media cannot afford to have conspiracy theories about 9/11 presented in a nonpejorative manner. Besides Ventura's stances on 9/11, he will not be popular among other Neo-cons in both parties who support war, torture and big government.

I will support Ventura's run. I do not see it happening because of my above stated reasons. But if a miracle happens and he is allowed to debate, this is when we will truly see clearly that elections are not decided by the people.


Anonymous said...

he should just tell everyone that he's becoming dr ron pauls vice president.

the_last_name_left said...

The establishment will either assassinate Ventura to prevent him from entering the race or they will put such a stranglehold on the media [even worse than they did with Ron Paul] that he will be virtually ignored.


Or option 3: nobody is interested in the nutcase former wrestler and his bid goes nowhere.

My money is on option 3.

haha - Jesse for President! hilarious.

Real Truth Online said...

My god! The last cock left has come out of hibernation after 9 months! They must have completed the renovation of his local library! LOL.

rob said...

you got him again larry. lmgdfao.

Anonymous said...

your money is on three. do you have any money left after paying your library card. the last cock in mouth queenie fraud name left has been owned yet again.

the_last_name_left said...

I'll bet all you have that Ventura doesn't get close to winning.

Want to take the bet?

Real Truth Online said...

I have a better bet for you. I bet you all you have that you won't post a new story on your blog before your local library finishes remodeling. You have gone NINE MONTHS without posting a story. I'm assuming it's because you can only get to the library [where the computers are] once every 4 months? LOL

You didn't read my story, did you? This story isn't about Ventura winning. It's about him being PREVENTED from winning. When are you EVER going to read more than the titles of my stories?