Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Andy Ostroy Says Obama is Not to Blame for High Gas Prices, but Blamed Bush for them Repeatedly

Once again, RTO proves that Andy Ostroy’s worst enemy is....Andy Ostroy

by Larry Simons
June 26, 2012

As if the hypocrisy of our favorite liberal wingnut blogger Andy Ostroy has not already reached monumental levels, it looks as if he has no plans anytime soon of putting an end to his hypocritical, record-breaking streak.

In his latest article titled, “The Perfect Stump Speech for Obama” [June 25, 2012], Ostroy’s defense of President Obama [or any president] having nothing to do with high gas prices takes an embarrassing turn when his writings about the previous administration are compared to his present position [a feat, comparing Ostroy's past words to his present ones, RTO has continually succeeded at].

Ostroy’s position on presidents controlling gas prices has either drastically changed, or his blind allegiance to his political party is awarded with perpetual amnesia. I say it’s the latter.

Ostroy said this yesterday:

“Back in early Spring, gas prices in many parts of the country hit $4.50 per gallon. The Republican attack machine warned of imminent $5.00 per gallon prices which would destroy America's fragile economic recovery and push the nation back into recession. And, it was all President Obama's fault. The fact that no president can control the price of fuel didn't matter. It made for a great soundbite. So with gas prices down to an average $3.48 per gallon, with prices dropping $.15 in just the last two weeks alone, why isn't Obama, and his Democratic surrogates, taking credit for this precipitous drop in price?”

“The prevailing wisdom should be that, if you cause the price of gas to rise, then you also are responsible when it drops.”

It is clear that Ostroy’s position [currently] is that no president can control gas prices. Obviously he is just making a point that if Republicans condemn Obama for the increase in gas prices, they should praise him for when prices fall. But, he is not saying Republicans [or anyone] should praise Obama for the fall in prices in reality, but only if the president did control gas prices.

My beef with Ostroy is his blatant hypocrisy on this issue. When George W. Bush was president, Ostroy blamed him repeatedly for the spike in gas prices.

In his article, “Why Obama Must Become President” [June 30, 2008], Ostroy said this:

“The U.S. presidency is the grand prize. Again, it is nothing short of remarkable that Obama has overcome so many obstacles and is within very short reach of the White House. But the simple truth is, this year's election is the Perfect Storm of politics. The country is mired in an unpopular war, the economy's teetering on recession, and the existing administration--racked by cronyism, scandal and corruption--has historically low approval ratings. Gas is inching towards $5.00/gallon, housing prices are down 15% year-over-year, and consumer confidence is at a 15-year low. It's the perfect opportunity for Americans to shatter racial divides and elect a black president, someone who, after eight miserable years of George W. Bush, speaks to their bread-and-butter issues. But that opportunity may not come around again for a long time. The table could not be better set than it is right now. Which is why Obama must win.”

In his article, “Can Obama Really Win this Thing?” [July 29, 2008], Ostroy said this:

“George W. Bush's legacy is clear. Come January, when the 44th president of the United States takes office, the nation will be racked by, among other things, a record half-trillion dollar budget deficit; an economy teetering on, if not in, recession; $4+/gallon gas prices; the lowest consumer confidence in 15 years; a failing, deadly war; and a resurgent terrorist stronghold in Afghanistan. Americans are broke, both in pocketbook and spirit.”

In his article, “Random Thoughts...” [July 12, 2008], Ostroy said this:

“7. To the oil companies: What the fuck? Oil at almost $150 a barrel? Have you gone mad? There's absolutely no justification on this planet for fuel prices to have more than doubled in a year. As long as you keep recording record profits and paying your CEO's $50-million per year while the price of gas is crippling the American economy, I will continue to say you Bush-sanctioned thieves are raping us.

In his article, “The Right Wing's Racist Attacks on Michelle Obama” [August 12, 2008], Ostroy said this:

“The right wing attack dogs have one goal, and that's to scare the crap of America. "Michelle and Barack Obama. The angry radical black man and his angry black wife. A couple of militants whom Whitey should be very, very afraid of." It's 2004 all over again. But instead of gay marriage it's angry black folk. Let's just hope this time Americans care more about the war, the recession, $4.50/gallon gas prices, unemployment, record debt, the housing slump, the mortgage crisis, universal health care and global warming.”

In his article, “The Fiorina Follies: With Surrogates Like This, Who Needs Enemies?” [September 17, 2008], Ostroy said this:

“Since George Bush took office in 2000, the "fundamentals of the economy" are horrendous:

-Unemployment 6.1% vs 4.2%
-Budget deficit of $357-billion vs $281-billion budget surplus
-National debt at $9.7-trillion vs $5.8-trillion
-Gas $4/gallon vs $1.27
-Inflation at 5.37% from 2.74% 
-Real Wages down 2%
-Consumer Confidence Index .57 vs historical high of 145”

It is clear that, since Ostroy blamed Bush for high gas prices on multiple occasions, it cannot be passed off as a gaffe. When Bush was president, Andy Ostroy stated Bush was responsible for high gas prices. Since he cannot be that stupid [as evidenced now by not currently blaming Obama for high gas prices], that means that Ostroy was knowingly and blatantly lying about Bush in the above excerpts of his past articles.

Not only do I hold a high level of contempt for Andy Ostroy [and his ilk], who has been proven to knowingly lie while he is writing his lying words, but much anger as well, for causing me to defend Bush.


rob said...

andy is such a fraud its crazy. the worst part is he writes for huffington post. hell soon destroy thier name too. what a fn joke.

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Hi there,
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Hey Larry, I know my question does not pertain to the subject, but I could not find where else to ask. My question is, what do you think of Ted Nugent (besides being a great guitarist)?

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Ted Nugent is a nut. I like his stance on gun rights but he's the typical FOX news zombie that picks party over country. He criticizes Obama but likes Mitt Romney. He's one of those Bush-like neocons that loves bombing everyone without taking the time to learn FACTS about things.