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Prison Planet Runs Story that Just Might be Their Silliest Ever

80-year-old comedian Dick Gregory claims a “friend” told him to leave NYC on September 10, 2001. Who is this “friend”? Why doesn’t Gregory name the “friend”? Why did Alex Jones not ask him who it was?

by Larry Simons
March 21, 2012

On Monday, Alex Jones invited comedian and civil rights activist Dick Gregory [above, left] onto his radio program to discuss a story that is quite bizarre [to say the least]. Gregory told Alex Jones that on the night of September 10, 2001, while Gregory was in New York City, he called his wife to ask her what hotel she had him booked at [his wife apparently handled his lodging arrangements for him].

Gregory’s wife said to him, “You’re not. You’re friend called me and told me to tell you don’t spend the night in New York tonight”.

At hearing this, Gregory immediately took a train to Washington D.C. that very night. After arriving he called his friend and asked how he knew Gregory was in NYC. His friend said, “We picked you up on the satellite brother”. The next day, after watching the attacks unfold on TV, Gregory called his friend who told him, “You owe me one”.

This very brief account triggers a score of questions. Here is the list I compiled myself [within about 10 minutes]:

1. Who was this friend of Gregory’s that apparently had inside information as to the events of the next day?

2. Since Gregory obviously believed his friend and trusted him [to leave NYC], why did his friend not have enough inside information to tell Gregory not to go to Washington D.C. either, since that was the other major attack location on 9/11?

3. Gregory [during the Jones interview] says his home is in D.C. So, apparently that was the purpose of going to D.C. [to come home], but why would his friend have the inside information to know what was going down in NYC the next day, but have no clue about D.C. to inform Gregory to not come home and also offer to get his family out of D.C.?

4. Why can’t Gregory name who his friend is?

5. If his “friend” knew of the impending attack, wouldn’t his friend be complicit in at least the foreknowledge of the attacks?

6. Wouldn’t Gregory also be complicit in the attacks for not disclosing his friend’s name?

7. Why would Gregory immediately come home for simply being told “don’t spend the night in NYC”?

8. Why didn’t Gregory ask his friend WHY he was not to spend the night in NYC?

9. Paul Watson’s story on this mentions the fact that there had been reports of other high profile people warned to either leave NYC the night before or not to come. Watson lists people like top Pentagon officials and San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown. Question: Why is Dick Gregory considered high profile? Why warn HIM? Who, besides his wife and the "mystery friend", knew he was still alive?

10. What in the holy piss does Gregory mean by claiming his friend told him, after being asked by Gregory how his friend knew he was in NYC, “We picked you up on the satellite, brother?”

11. Why hasn’t Gregory, at any given time during coming home on 9/10/01 and now, asked his friend how he knew something bad was going to happen?

12. Why didn’t Alex Jones ask Gregory any of the questions in this list?

13. Since Gregory's friend knew he was in NYC because he could "pick him up on satellite", why couldn't this friend reach Gregory first rather than depend on his wife to relay the message?

14. Isn't it ironic that Gregory looks like a black Bin Laden? [this was satirical]

This whole story is just plain bullshit and it is yet another embarrassment to Jones & Co. at Prison Planet and Infowars.

I find it very interesting that since the day of 9/11 to present day, former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani has been vilified [and rightfully so] by 9/11 truth about making a comment to Peter Jennings on the air about Giuliani's claim that someone told him the first tower was going to come down before it actually collapsed. Since that day, it has been assumed that Giuliani’s silence on this issue is an indicator that he knows inside information about the collapse of the towers.

Isn’t it odd that Dick Gregory admits practically the same thing to Alex Jones [that someone informed him of inside information] and not one peep is heard from Jones about how the friend knew or who the friend even is?

The reason why is abundantly clear: Dick Gregory is a conspiracy theorist who criticizes the government on many levels. He is to be commended for his unwillingness to bow to the status quo and his questioning of the government. But this is why Alex Jones leaves Dick Gregory alone and refuses to grill him over the exact same issue he has hammered Giuliani for.

Gregory has inside information [so he claims] and Jones asks him nothing about it. But if anyone else that Jones deems is connected to 9/11 has similar inside information, they are a traitor. Why? Because they do not schmooze with Alex Jones, that’s why.

Do not misunderstand my stance; Is Giuliani a piece of shit? Of course he is. But until Jones puts his celebrity pals through the exact same trial by fire, he will be and remain an embarrassment to 9/11 truth and to the entire profession of journalism.

I posted my two cents about this on Prison Planet [screen shot below]. I went by the name “Bob43”, so as not to spark suspicion that my comment was associated with RTO. Let’s see if it remains or gets the axe. [click to enlarge]

Here is the interview. 9/11 comments are at 18-minute mark

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