Monday, March 12, 2012

Alex Jones' Continual Support for Dave Mustaine Will Ruin Him, If It Hasn’t Already

Jones promoting upcoming interview with Rick Santorum supporter Dave Mustaine. Like in the Charlie Sheen fiasco, many Jones supporters are jumping ship

by Larry Simons
March 12, 2012

What in the hell is going on with Alex Jones? I find myself distancing myself from him more and more every day. Nearly a month ago, I reported on the fact that Megadeth guitarist Dave Mustaine announced his support for big government elitist and Christian loon Rick Santorum along with his past association with Alex Jones. It was announced two days ago on Prison Planet and Infowars [Jones’ top two sites] that Jones has scheduled Mustaine to appear on his radio show this coming Thursday.

The upcoming interview is being trumped up by Jones as if it is a major national event on the same level as securing an interview with the real assassin of JFK or an eyewitness to the people who were really involved in carrying out 9/11. My goodness, one could even get the impression by the video announcement that Mustaine is a strong follower of Alex Jones’ ideologies, but even that is not the case.

As I reported last month, Mustaine announced his support for Rick Santorum, a man who hates homosexuals with a passion and wants to bomb every country on the map [not to mention a religious nutjob who fails to even understand the separation of church and state issue].

As if that alone is not bad enough, Mustaine has not had kind words for presidential candidate Ron Paul [who Alex Jones strongly supports…or does he?]. Last month, in an interview with, Mustaine, when asked about his take on politics in 2012, said this:

"Ron Paul… you know, I heard somebody say he was like insecticide – 98 percent of it's inert gases, but it's the two percent that's left that will kill you. What that means is that he'll make total sense for a while, and then he'll say something so way out that it negates everything else. I like the guy because he knows how to excite the youth of America and fill them in on some things. But when he says that we're like the Taliban… I'm sorry, Congressman Paul, but I'm nothing like the Taliban.”

So, let me get this straight. Not only does Dave Mustaine insult Ron Paul [calling him insecticide and not getting his facts correct on Ron Paul’s statements about the Taliban] and supports neocon big government religious lunatics like Rick Santorum, but Alex Jones [who supposedly supports Paul] actually goes out of his way to advertise that he has an upcoming interview with this schmuck and announces it as if it’s a major event? How stupid does Alex Jones think his listeners are?

Not only are very few comments posted under this story hostile toward either Jones or Mustaine for the obvious reasons, it appears that Jones & Co. at Prison Planet and Infowars are up to their old tricks again of committing the very same act they have bitched about being done to them on numerous occasions: Censorship.

Eighty plus comments have been posted under the story since the day it was first posted [March 10;
March 9 on Infowars]. Although some comments are hostile toward Mustaine and Jones, the majority of them are babbling rants that do not say much of anything. Also, the commenting only spans a period of two days [March 10 and 11]. Not one comment was posted today. It appears Jones & Co. has ended the comment threads. This same advertisement was posted on Infowars on March 9, and the commenting span only runs from March 9 to March 10. The comment thread appears to have been silenced after just two days on both of Jones’ sites.

Here is a sample of the harsh comments directed at Jones and Mustaine.

BGko says:
March 10, 2012 at 9:25 am
Whatever Mustaine. This guy claims he’s against the NWO then went on record saying he supports Santorum, one of the biggest establishment clowns out there. How much can he really understand?

winston_smith says:
March 10, 2012 at 9:06 am
this scumbag piece of filth endorsed Rick Santorum…….never heard any of his songs, but I’d guess they suck. BTW, why does Alex always get so giddy when he chats with “celebs”??….OMG, OMG, OMG!!! “I get a lot of celeb phone calls”…..He sounds like a little pussy

Here is proof that comments have been deleted [maybe even of more than one person]

Blacklisted Patriot says:
March 11, 2012 at 9:25 am
Oh my, I see my former post was DELETED !!! I guess the PP gestapo can’t handle the harsh truth concerning the likes of phony “alternative media” presstitutes like Alex Jones.
The music/entertainment idustry is just as controlled by the NWO (if not moreso) than the MSM. So you have washed up aging rock stars like MusSTAINED and Mega DEUCHEBAG who, like the sleazy MSM presstitutes, are merely obeying the orders of their masters. The likes of Mustaine are told “if you wish to keep getting the free chicks & cocaine you’d BETTER keep your frickin mouth shut and OBEY your masters you old washed up POS !!!!”

It is crystal clear that Alex Jones is guilty of the very same thing he accuses the mainstream media of doing; selling out his journalistic integrity in exchange for fame and the love of celebrities. There’s no other conclusion to come to but this.

Alex Jones loves celebrities so much, that he even idolizes the ones who hold views contrary to his while attempting to package it under the guise that the celebrities hold Jones’ views and are fighting the very same New World Order Jones claims to be against. It is absolute insanity, and if Jones’ followers fall for this bullshit [which does not seem to be the case, thankfully], then Jones and his supporters surely deserve each other.

Jones does not seem to be concerned that these fiascoes [Sheen, Mustaine, etc.] will ruin him. I am happy to see the comment threads explode with disgust for this. Because of Jones’ hypocrisy of being a staunch advocate of free speech, yet censoring his own comment threads, we may never know how hostile the sentiment from Jones' supporters really is.

Here is the video/advertisement of the Mustaine interview on Jones’ sites


rob said...

alex is making himself look a fool.

Anonymous said...

You really have your facts misplaced. First how do you know someone deleted comments? Just because someone says it how do you know they are not making something up. You look at one instance and judge a man for the rest of his life. He never said he would support Santorum. At least Dave cares about his fans and always willing to do things for them.

Real Truth Online said...

How do I know they probably deleted comments? Because they have done it to ME on countless occasions. When I started writing anti-Alex Jones articles 3 years ago, Prison Planet deleted all 21 articles from their database they had published of mine. That's how I know! No fact displacement there bub.

Mustaine never said he would support Santorum? Really? He said these exact words:

"... You know, I think Santorum has some presidential qualities, and I'm hoping that if it does come down to it, we'll see a Republican in the White House... and that it's Rick Santorum."

Sounds like an endorsement to me!

rob said...

larry has once again won on