Saturday, February 25, 2012

He’s Baaaaaaaack. Dave “I’m All About the Truth” Willis Resurrects His Blog (The One He Shut Down Because of Me)

2008’s Fraudie winner comes back after more than a year with more brain farts

by Larry Simons
February 25, 2012

Dave “I’m all about the truth” Willis [the man who once liked Alex Jones until I began bashing religion and then began a crusade against 9/11 truth because of it, also this blog’s first Fraudie winner in 2008] is back after 15 months of silence on his blog.

Just when I thought I had to retire my feature “This Week in Dave the Fraud” for good, it appears I might be able to extend its life a bit longer. Willis resurrected his blog in December 2011 and has posted three entries since then.

His latest post talks about baptism. He says this:

“I've noticed what I call the "Goldilocks Method" being employed by preacher-pastor-minister types. This is actually a very effective way of making a point. You simply paint two extremes and then position your view as in the middle. For example: Some people think baptism saves you even before you have faith! Others think baptism is merely a symbol. The Bible teaches that baptism is when God saves me by grace through my faith in the gospel.”

So much for the teaching that Jesus’ death alone is all that is needed for salvation. And thus, this is one of a long list of contradictions in the Bible. The Bible says countless times that Jesus’ death was needed for our salvation [to erase/forgive sins]. In other passages it says we must be baptized. In other passages it says we need faith to be saved. In one passage [Mark 16:16] it says we have to believe and be baptized for salvation.

Good God almighty. How many things have to happen for a person to be saved? I’m shocked that paddling a canoe across the Atlantic isn’t included in this long list of requirements.

The college that me and Dave attended together heavily emphasized baptism for salvation. But, what if you can’t be baptized? What if you’re a paraplegic? What if you’re on your deathbed? Does this sick God actually expect a man to be immersed underwater in these conditions to be saved? And what if he physically cannot do it? He spends eternity in hell for the audacity of being a cripple or being minutes from death? Insanity I tell you…insanity!

In the long list of requirements for salvation, which is more important? Which outweighs the other? Is it Jesus’ death? Is it baptism? Faith? Confession? Belief? Dave “I’m all about the truth” Willis claims that the Bible says “baptism is when God saves me by grace through my faith in the gospel.”

What did Jesus die for then? If one can be saved “by grace through faith in the gospel”, then exactly where does Jesus’ death play a part? Here’s another mind-blower: If one is “saved by grace”, does that not mean that no act is required for this? Doesn’t grace mean we do not deserve a kind act but we get it anyway? If this is the case [that we receive a kind act without deserving it], then why would any work we do be required of God in order for us to obtain a reward from God?

And if we do carry out the good work/requirement [i.e. baptism, faith, belief, confession], does that not mean then that we do deserve it [for carrying out the good work]?

It just makes no sense and it is all just so silly. It's madness I tell you...madness. Nonetheless, I am glad to see Dave back. Maybe he will enter the race once again this year for the Fraudie. I'm not holding my breath.

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Anonymous said...

this is the reason why people hate christians..also proves why he won the fraudie.