Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Real Truth Online’s 2011 Fraud of the Year: Andy Ostroy

Snatches victory from Billo to capture a 3-peat

by Larry Simons
December 21, 2011

I did not want this. I really did not. I did not want liberal blogger Andy Ostroy to win his third straight Fraudie award in three years. I do write about others on my blog and I was trying to prevent anyone from thinking Ostroy only wins because he is all I write about. Not true. But, I could not ignore the fact that Ostroy’s fraudiness was just too overwhelming for the 3rd straight year.

To recap, here is why Ostroy is this year’s Fraudie recipient:

Andy’s journey to his third Fraudie began early, in January, when Ostroy exploited the Tucson, Arizona shootings, in which Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords was nearly assassinated. Ostroy immediately blamed shooter Jared Loughner’s “right-wing” stances and by being influenced by right-wingers like Sean Hannity and Sarah Palin when he had absolutely zero evidence of this. Ostroy said:

“…are we to be so naive as to think that 22-year-old mass murderer Jared Loughner, who took his glock to that supermarket parking lot with the clear intent to assassinate Giffords, was not at all influenced by this steady stream of hate-speak from Palin, Hannity, Limbaugh, Beck, O'Reilly and others? Or worse, have we become so dominated by political correctness that we fail so miserably to directly place blame where it so rightfully lies?”

Even almost a year later, evidence supporting Ostroy’s claims has still not surfaced. Naturally, this does not force Ostroy to remove his unproven words from his website.

Also, in January, Ostroy took only two days to produce a massive flip-flop in reference to Sarah Palin and her would-be influence in the Tucson shootings.

Ostroy blamed Palin for the shootings in his January 10 article. Two days later [in his January 12 article], he said this:

“To be sure, Jared Loughner did not go that parking lot Saturday with Palin's inflammatory rhetoric as his driver. He very likely never heard any of her speeches or seen her website. So to blame her directly is nothing more than partisan vitriol, no matter how much some may dislike her or condemn those words and actions.”

In the very same [Jan. 12] article, Ostroy ended the article with blaming her again, saying:

“Palin could've used the Tuscon tragedy as a mechanism to chart a new, more effective course for herself. Instead, her message to America is, 'My toxic rhetoric is here to stay. Deal with it.'”

Then, the very next day [Jan. 13], Ostroy removed blame from Palin again by saying:

“Palin was right about one thing: it's unfair and inaccurate to blame her toxic political rhetoric for the Tucson shooting.”

He could have won his third Fraudie just for that article alone…but, ahhh, there’s more.

In late January, Ostroy threw a hissy-fit that the Illinois Appellate Court actually upheld the law and omitted Mayoral hopeful Rahm Emanuel from the election ballot because Illinois law states Mayoral candidates must reside in the state of Illinois for a whole year prior to running.

Since then, Emanuel has become Mayor of Chicago because the elitists can have anything they want in this country, and that is just fine and dandy with Ostroy.

In May, after reports that Osama bin Laden had been killed [a complete bullshit story that liberals lapped up and asked for more], Ostroy wrote one of the most lie-infested articles about “what his death means to America”. The best way to truly understand why his article was complete bullshit is to just read my review of it.

One major flip-flop of his article were these two completely contradictory statements:

It's ok to cheer and celebrate his [bin Laden’s] death. We killed our enemy before he could kill us.”

Celebrating the death of anyone is not supposed to be something which causes elation and high-fives. We are supposed to be above that. Civility and the rule of law is what really makes America great.”

In August, Ostroy wrote an article in which he claimed he never “drank the Obama Kool-Aid” and never really put emphasis on the fact that Obama is black. My article showcases Ostroy’s repeated contradictory comments, as I compared Ostroy’s current comments with ones he made prior to Obama’s election.

My article also shows Ostroy’s colossal lies by proving that Ostroy did the very two aforementioned things he denied: “drinking the Obama Kool-Aid” and emphasizing his race.

The next articles I wrote on Ostroy showcase his disdain for Texas Congressman Ron Paul.

In November, I responded to a story Ostroy wrote on his blog on why he supports Jon Huntsman for the GOP nominee when he always finishes in the low three in nearly every poll, but ignores Ron Paul from any article he writes [when Ron Paul polls high].

Ostroy continually flat out omits mention of Ron Paul in his articles despite the Congressman’s high poll numbers, which, most of the time place him in the top 3. But other GOP candidates that Ostroy calls “crazy” like Rick Perry and Michele Bachmann, Ostroy writes article after article about.

So, one day on Ostroy’s blog I posed as someone named “Bob” and asked why he omits Ron Paul from his articles. Ostroy’s response?:

“Bob....I ignore Ron Paul because..well...he deserves to be. He's as serious a contender as you...”

Yet Ostroy never, ever says why in any article he writes. He completely ignores Ron Paul and calls him crazy, yet never writes one article explaining why.

In December, Ostroy gave credit to Ron Paul for skipping a debate that was scheduled for Dec. 27 and moderated by Donald Trump [this debate has since been canceled]. At the end of his article, Ostroy writes:

“One thing's for sure: you know you've become a pathetic joke when Ron Paul, Michele Bachmann and Rick Perry won't have anything to do with you.”

This implies Ron Paul is crazy and equates him with the real nut jobs Perry and Bachmann, in which Ostroy has written several articles on each, while he has still not written one about Ron Paul’s “craziness”.

I responded on his blog by saying this:

“This is exactly the only reason you use comment moderation. It is not because you get “mean and nasty” posts filled with vitriol, because the evidence shows that when your readers have said mean and nasty shit in the past about people you despise [Palin, Cheney, Bush...] you left the comments posted and were fine with it. It’s because of comments like this very one I’m typing…posts that expose how big of a fucking hypocritical fraud you are….posts that are impossible to refute and expose the fact that you can post lie after lie about Ron Paul and get away with it [because you're too chicken shit to confront facts like the one contained in this writing] that you enable moderation…and it’s the only reason.

Until you do an article exposing why you “think” Ron Paul is crazy, stop lumping him in with actual crazy people in which the evidence they are crazy could fill a fucking stadium. You despise people like Perry, Bachman, Gingrich and Santorum for all the right reasons, because they are babbling idiots that couldn’t even name the state they represent, let alone other states. But you despise Ron Paul for a completely different reason….because he is everything you wish Obama was! And that is the fucking truth.”

Naturally, my comment was not “approved” for posting because Ostroy is too afraid to confront his own hypocrisy. This is what frauds are made of, folks. Hence, a third Fraudie.

Now that Ostroy has won his third straight Fraudie award, I might consider renaming the award after Ostroy himself. The Ostroy Award? Doesn’t have the same ring to it, but I will not rule it out. Maybe after he wins number four? That could be next year. Let’s wait and see.


Anonymous said...

this proves hands down that andy is one big fraud.

rob said...

the only person thats more of a fraud here is last cock in mouth queenie fraud name left and he wont give his real name our anything witch proves my point. he is a total fraud and a liar. prick bastard.