Thursday, December 29, 2011

James Williams [Who Is Black] Says, “Ron Paul Came to My Rescue” in the 1970’s

Man says Ron Paul attended to his sick wife in the early 70’s when no one else would help. Ron Paul did not even send them a bill. Odd thing for a “racist” to do, huh?

by Larry Simons
December 29, 2011

A new video showing a black man by the name of James Williams telling a story of the compassion of Ron Paul has hit the internet. Williams, of Matagorda County, Texas tells a true story of when his wife [who is white] had a complication with her pregnancy in 1972. He says no doctors would care for her or deliver the bi-racial baby. Williams says that even the hospital nurse called the police on Williams, claiming Williams was “harassing” her.

After Dr. Ron Paul was notified, he delivered the Williams’ stillborn baby. The Williams’ never received a hospital bill. This falls completely in line with the reputation Ron Paul had as a physician of “routinely lowering fees and working for free and refusing to accept Medicaid or Medicare payments” as wikipedia explains.

This story also flies in the face of the smear tactics used on Ron Paul that he is a “racist” because of racist newsletters published under his name in the 80’s and 90’s, which Paul has consistently denied writing.

Would a racist help a black man and his white wife deliver a baby and then not even send them a hospital bill for their services?

The mainstream media will dismiss this video and testimony as “partisan” or may even attempt to say Williams was just some paid actor hired by the Ron Paul campaign to give a false story. This begs the question: Would a black man [even if hired as an actor] sign on to do a video that is praising the actions of a racist, essentially implying they are not racist if they really are?

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Anonymous said...

The point is :

racist newsletters published under his name in the 80’s and 90’s

80s and 90s is two decades....

You're a joker if you think one example of Paul helping some black dude negates 20 years of what you admit is racist rhetoric.

Larry said...

I "ADMIT" is racist rhetoric?? I never said it WASNT racist rhetoric. I am saying Ron Paul didnt WRITE it.

I also love how when it fits your purposes, you say RP is a "RACIST", but when examples of NON racism are presented, then you change the term to "racist RHETORIC".

The point is: If RP is a RACIST, he would NEVER EVER EVER do even a SINGLE act of kindness to a black person. PERIOD.

BUT, he has....therefore, NOT racist.

Can you give me ONE example of a KNOWN racist doing KIND acts to those they are racist against??? Hmmmmmm?????

truth facts and opinions said...

It is amazing how people will twist what is not even there just to hear themselves talk, or in this case, type.

the_last_name_left said...

L: If RP is a RACIST, he would NEVER EVER EVER do even a SINGLE act of kindness to a black person. PERIOD.


You admit it was racist rhetoric - you just pretend Ron Paul had nothing to do with it - no responsibility - nothing.

Ron Paul and his organisation made money out of selling this racially prejudiced guff.

It appeared in Paul's newsletters for which Paul was named as Editor. It appeared in articles penned under his name, written in the first-person and intended to convey the idea that RP wrote them. And published and SOLD by a special company Paul had setup for that exact purpose.

Moreover, Paul is close to Lew Rockwell - the supposed main ghostwriter - and Rockwell was involved in launching a paleo-conservative approach emulating the 'success' of David Duke - rightwing populism - which expressed things Rockwell and his acolytes in libertarianism believed would help garner support - the Redneck strategy.

They exploited racism, homophobia and paranoia to extract funds in support of their political, philosophical and social agenda.

They earned (a lot of) money and support across 2 decades - by publishing what you admit is "racist rhetoric".

But because Paul denies writing some of it, you give him a complete free pass.

You might think that's fine - but don't be surprised that others don't. Many will find it repugnant and defences such as yours will only make it worse.

Anonymous said...

look larry its last cock in mouth queenie fraud name left. didnt he say he would never come back here again. hes a liar as well as a fraud.. this guy just proved he does not read your site.. example the story you did about the fraud andy olstroy. about his news letter. you have won yet again larry and have proved last fraud left wrong again.

Larry said...

LOL, you say "ridiculous" while at the same time refusing to answer the question I already asked:

"Can you give me ONE example of a KNOWN racist doing KIND acts to those they are racist against??? Hmmmmmm?????"

Can't think of ONE, can you? Yet you say "ridiculous" when you can't list ONE precedent for it, not one.

I love it.

You can talk and talk and talk and talk and type paragraph after paragraph about how RP "may" have done this or that. But what you can never do is show us PROOF RP wrote them. Until you get actual PROOF, you're just talking and talking and talking.

The video that you posted on your site that you claim RP admitted to authoring the newsletters, he only spoke of the RP SURVIVAL newsletter, and the links you provided did not list the SURVIVAL newsletter as one of the ones with the racist speech!

I don't HAVE to refute you 90% of the refute YOURSELF! LOL

Larry said...

OMG, it's truth, facts and opinions! When are you gonna write your third story?

Larry said...

TLNL's new meaning of racism:

"Doing kind acts for people outside of your race"

LOL. I'm pissing my pants.

Let me also add that since you think that racism NOW means that you do kind acts for others outside of your own race, then why all the controversy over Ron Paul "maybe" being racist?

You JUST ADMITTED that it's ridiculous that that being racist doesn't NECESSARILY mean that you cannot do kind acts for others outside your race---did you not??? Then why all the hub-bub about RP being racist then if it means you do kind acts for people not of your race???

I can't fucking WAIT for your answer to that!

Oh let me guess, it will be yet ANOTHER question you IGNORE??

Anonymous said...

Jewish Professor and friend of RP