Friday, December 23, 2011

Andy Ostroy is Blasted on the Huffington Post about His Lie-Infested Article on Ron Paul

Majority of comments are pro-Ron Paul and nearly every comment that is jammed packed with substance is ignored by Ostroy, who chooses to only respond to the less substantive one-liners

by Larry Simons
December 23, 2011

On the popular liberal website The Huffington Post, the website that three-time Fraudie winner Andy Ostroy also writes for, Ostroy has taken a verbal beating from the majority of respondents to his article, “What Our Young Folks Need to Know About Ron Paul”, an article that is not only packed with false accusations that Ron Paul wrote racists comments in newsletters 20 years ago, but also is filled with lies like Ron Paul is a “Texan” [he was born and raised in Pittsburgh] and that he “doesn’t believe in the 1964 Civil Rights Act”.

I find it hilarious that just the average Joe Schmoe respondent puts Andy Ostroy, the so-called “political and pop culture analyst”, who has made appearances on TV and radio, in his place on basic facts like the role of government in civil rights.

I cannot put it any better than the actual posts themselves so I will just simply post just a few to showcase the barrage of pro-Ron Paul comments that have been posted under Ostroy’s story at HuffPo. I find it interesting as well that as I skimmed page after page of comments under his story, Ostroy seems to only respond to one-liners from certain people that while what they said in their post was relevant, it was usually less substantive than the majority of the posts that appeared.

Here are just a few of the posts with profound substance [which Ostroy ignored]. I bet it makes Ostroy’s blood boil that he does not control the comment thread on HuffPo. He enables comment moderation on his own site, making what I’m quite sure would be a carbon copy of what has taken place at HuffPo impossible.

Here are some of my favorite posts under Ostroy’s story at HuffPo. Enjoy.
[Like I said, these are only a few]

from mc1135

"Even if Ron Paul made these remarks, I'd take him over a president who's legalized indefinite detention of American citizens even if found innocent..­. A president who has assassinated American citizens with NO trial.

I mean, Ron Paul is being nailed to the wall for POSSIBLY writing some slightly off-color but mostly innocuous comments, yet we currently have a guy in office who's systematically dismantling the Constitution and Bill of Rights. A man who's reversed hundreds of years worth of Common law dating back to the Magna Carta up to and including Posse Comitatus.

In Barack Obama's America, we're ALL slaves, regardless of our skin color... So keep pretending these comments from a Ron Paul newsletter 22 years ago mean anything in comparison to the atrocities of the Dictator Obama."

from downtownny

"If Ron Paul did write these, and was not afraid to do so at the time, shouldn't there be at least one audio or video clip of him saying anything even remotely similar? If he had no problem writing that, he certainly wouldn't have a problem saying it. I think that the fact there is no evidence of Ron Paul ever saying anything like that is conclusive proof that these were not his writings and that it was an unfortunate case of him lending his name to other writers. Further, it is important to note that after Ron Paul discovered what was in these newsletters, he immediately changed the staff responsible for writing them. That right there shows that not only did he not write them, but he is adamantly against them (and his speeches and pro-black policies regarding civil liberties prove that as well)."

from treyday247

"I'm a black male and traditionally conservative democrat and I have heard ALL the things that these news letters say and guess what? I don't even care and am I still a ron paul supporter. Why? For one, I don't believe he wrote them or endorsed them like he says and it is inconsistent with his libertarian rhetoric but more importantly Ron Paul is the ONLY candidate that actually vows to do something GOOD for the black community. What I am saying is that I would take a racist that sticks to his guns on his vow to end the wars aboard and the wars at home (war on drugs) than a BLACK PRESIDENT who has done nothing for the black community and I am not the only black person who feels that way."

from chichora123

"Racism is collectivist idea. It is fundamentally opposite to the Idea of Libertarianism. The central tenet of Libertarianism is the protection of individual’s rights. Nobody is allowed to violate anybody else's fundamental rights. Racism violates this basic principle of Libertarianism.

Ron Paul, who is a staunch Libertarian, is not a racist. Period.

Ron Paul is the only candidate talking about ending the disastrous war on drugs which disproportionately effects African Americans. Too often, silly minor violations result in sending young kids to Jails and they come back in to society as more hardened people. Besides, war on drugs is just about as successful as the prohibition was.

Ron paul is the only candidate defending the due rights of everybody including muslims who are put under the state sponsored suspicion because of the patriot act. Ron Paul is absolutely NOT A RACIST. End of discussion."

from AlfredE69

"I hold Obama accountable for extending the Patriot Act. I hold Obama accountable for harassing medical marijuana patients. I hold Obama accountable for trying to get out of the troop withdrawal agreement with Iraq. I hold Obama accountable for hiring Wall St insiders. I hold Obama accountable for starting a war with Libya.

Andy, would you support Obama's policies if a republican did the same?"

from The State

"If the racist claims were true and had substance, why didn't anyone running against Paul - where he won 12 times - use it to attack him or smear his campaign?

In 2008 when Paul was running for the GOP nomination, why did *NO* candidate running against him use it to attack him or smear his campaign?

If this material had substance:
- Why has Cain not used this to attack him or smear his campaign?
- Why has Romney not used this to attack him or smear his campaign?
- Why has Gingrich not used this to attack him or smear his campaign?
- Why has Bachman not used this to attack him or smear his campaign? She certainly has incentive after his comment about her "not liking Muslims" on the Jay Leno show.
- Why has Santorum/Huntsman not used this to attack him or smear his campaign?

Politicians will use whatever dirty laundry they can dig up on the other to win an election. They will attack and smear any other with the hyperbole ever escalating against the other when polls show they are losing.

Why aren't they using it? Have the competing campaigns agreed with each other not to, unless it looks like Paul will win? A last ditched attempt to discredit Paul? What are the odds this is true? Slim to none. Just like the odds of the allegations being true."

from 7garments

"Our president recently signed legislation that gives him the right to issue an order to kill any American citizen, within the USA or abroad. No due process, no trial, no publicity. Our president regularly sends drones to kill "terrorists," who not infrequently turn out to be children collecting firewood or other innocents. But, somehow, you feel a great and urgent need to sound the alarm about the moral integrity of a presidential candidate who was tangentially associated 30 yrs ago with some politically incorrect throwaway advertising circulators."

from davidngo4415

"You lack the rational depth to understand why Ron Paul takes those positions on those specific laws. But I will take the time to explain them to you. (You don't have to agree, but at least understand his perspective clearly, instead of creating strawmen to attack)

The Civil Rights Act is a Federal law which says no private business can discriminate. Paul's and any libertarian or freedom-concerned citizen's stance is that this is a violation of the constitutional right of what the Federal government can do. Can the government tell McDonald's to stop selling french fries to children? Can the government tell a small business owner that they can't open a cigar shop because it's discriminatory towards people who don't smoke? The government has NO right to tell a private business what they can do with their business or who they serve. The free market will decide who survives and who doesn't. If you hate a business owner because they are racist, just don't be their customer. Removing the Civil Right Act will no more make people more racist than legalizing drugs will make all people drug addicts. Laws cannot make people less racist. Individuals decide that on their own.

What business owner in their right mind would refuse to serve a large portion of potential customers? It's in their self-interest to make as much money as possible, otherwise, their competitors will put them out of business. And with Yelp, everyone can find out about such prejudices faster."

He also says:

"Wow. You're incredibly condescending in this article. You think all of us young Ron Paul supporters haven't seen the racist charges he's gotten throughout the years? All of it points back to these newsletters that he has repeatedly said he repudiates and did not write. You think we all didn't look into this? We did. And we're not dropping him. Why? Not because of his single act of denial or repudiation. No. Because he has spent all of his life and all of his time in office defending the rights of EVERY individual. He is a politician of incredible principle and consistency. And NOTHING. NOTHING in his actions, his words, or his political record point to him being racist. if ANYTHING, he has done more for the fight of the individual and the oppressed minority than anyone else. Because he sees how the Drug War has affected lower income communities and how many african-americans are wrongfully imprisoned and kept down by the laws of our government.

Ron Paul is NOT a racist. And we all see that very clearly. We certainly aren't swayed by a weak argument like yours. Wish I could say it was even a good attempt. But you've just repeated the same old smear campaign Ron Paul has been dealing with every single election he's gone through. And he's won 12 times. Because people are smarter than you. We see through such lies and understand the character of such a man. Unlike the strawman you attacked."

from hess1745

"This is what I don't understand, how can Ron Paul be considered a racist when he calls for an end to the war on drugs, which by large is racially disproportionate and motivated. Why also does Ron Paul oppose racial profiling by TSA? I believe these two policies alone discredit the whole racist thoery."

I even chimed in and said this:


"Its becoming very clear why Ostroy dislikes Ron Paul: he is the ONLY GOP candidate that has an actual chance of beating Obama. Until today, Ostroy has NEVER written ONE article on Ron Paul. Ostroy claims that RP has no chance and there should be no attention given to him, yet Ostroy just wrote a story attacking him [thus giving him attention] because the mainstream media is bringing up the newsletter­s--why? Because Ron Paul is surging in the polls! Thats why! Why wasn't this newsletter story important during Ron Paul's TWELVE election wins as Congressma­n? Why weren't they important when he won every single straw poll in 2008 and this time? Its because the story is BOGUS and no one [unless to attack for political purposes] believes this crap! If it was a REAL story and this REALLY was important to Ostroy, why hasn't he written about it BEFORE now???? This is a 20 year old story, and Ostroy is just NOW writing about it??? I guess Ostroy is soft on racism then!"

and I said:

"Andy, answer this: If I began a newsletter and called it "The Andy Ostroy Political Report" and your name was in HUGE letters and my stories talked about things that you abhor, would you ADMIT you wrote the things that I actually wrote? What if you didnt even know about the newsletter until 10 years later? Would you still fess up and admit you wrote the content? I would guess the answer would be a big "no" to both questions, right? You would go on TV and tell others you did not write the material and you would show your contempt for it right? Then tell me please, how would YOUR actions be any different than what Ron Paul has already done [MANY times now I might add]??"

Obviously many will say that the "Paul-ites" hijacked HuffPo and ambushed Ostroy. They, most likely, are the same imbeciles who call conspiracy theorists "kooks", yet they fully accept a conspiracy against Ostroy from the Ron Paul supporters.


rob said...

wow, huffington post has some honor. some one sticking up for ron paul., awesome. this proves you right again larry. andy looks a fool in front of other people, just like he looks like here. larry stands victorious again. you have won again larry, you have proven why andy has won fraud of the year.

Anonymous said...

this proves why andy won the fraudie.

Anonymous said...

i cant believe huffington post would allow this fraud, liar to even write for them.

Larry's Brother said...

Larry clearly has a bit of a man-crush on this Ostroy fella.

Larry said...

Kinda like YOU do with Mike Rivero?

By the way, your post failed to refute my article.

Try again, maybe?

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you got him on that one larry. he really is a queeenie. he probably wants a bromance with you. soon hell ask you for your number. homo...lmmfao..

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