Saturday, December 10, 2011

Andy Ostroy Gives Ron Paul Credit for Skipping Trump’s Debate, But Still Ends Up Calling Him Crazy

Equates Ron Paul with buffoons Rick Perry and Michele Bachmann

by Larry Simons
December 10, 2011

As the announcement of this years’ Fraudie award inches ever so closer, our favorite liberal wingnut Andy Ostroy is putting forth his last minute efforts to snatch his third straight statue. In his latest article, “Donald Trump’s Irrelevance Must Be Killing Him” [Dec.9], Ostroy writes a four paragraph bashfest about Donald Trump and the Newsmax debate he is scheduled to moderate on December 27. Everyone, except Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum, has decided to skip the debate.

Ostroy gives credit to Ron Paul, as well as Jon Huntsman, Rick Perry, Mitt Romney and Michele Bachmann, for turning down participating in the debate. Ostroy ends the article by saying:

“One thing's for sure: you know you've become a pathetic joke when Ron Paul, Michele Bachmann and Rick Perry won't have anything to do with you.”

This is not the first time Ostroy has either implied or flat out stated that Ron Paul is “crazy”. When I posted a comment on his comment-moderated blog on his November 14 article asking why he omits Ron Paul from his articles, he stated, “I ignore Ron Paul because..well...he deserves to be. He's as serious a contender as you...” Yet, while Ostroy claims Ron Paul deserves to be ignored and calls him “crazy”, he never explains why he writes so many other articles about the real nitwits in the race like Perry, Bachmann and Santorum, but never writes any on Congressman Paul.

Ostroy should love Ron Paul. Ostroy has repeatedly condemned the wars we are in [well, that is before Obama continued them], while Paul has been consistently opposed to the wars as well. Ostroy has repeatedly condemned neocons like Bush and Cheney, which Paul also condemns and has been engaged in fiery arguments with other GOP candidates in the last 2 elections [McCain, Giuliani, Perry and Santorum].

So, why is Ostroy [and others like him] so opposed to strong supporters of the Constitution like Ron Paul? Simple: because if Ostroy and his ilk support Ron Paul they would be, 1. Forced to admit they strongly favor a GOP candidate [which they could never bring themselves to do], 2. Faced with showcasing their colossal hypocrisy in once condemning wars and the foreign policy under Bush, then tolerating the same wars [and additional ones] and foreign policy under Obama, then turning around and supporting Ron Paul who is condemning Obama’s administration, which is a continuation of the Bush presidency, and 3. Forced to admit that, if Ron Paul won the GOP nomination, Obama would lose in 2012.

So, these three things is what requires people like Ostroy to label Ron Paul crazy and lump him in with the other actual crazy people, while never writing articles explaining in detail why he is “crazy”. They know Ron Paul is the only real threat to an Obama loss in 2012.

I posted this under Ostroy’s story. He will never approve the comment and allow it to be posted, so I am sharing it with you here:

“There you go again Andy, bashing Ron Paul again, equating him with Bachman and Perry, when Ron Paul has not done or said one fucking crazy thing to merit being lumped in with these two retarded turds—unless you call wanting to end all wars and bring all troops home, ending the Federal Reserve and returning to the Constitution “crazy”.

I find it quite funny that you have done article after article about Perry and Bachmann, detailing how batshit crazy and stupid they are [and rightfully so], whilst you continue to call Ron Paul crazy but you have not written ONE article about his “crazy” views….not fucking one!

This is exactly the only reason you use comment moderation. It is not because you get “mean and nasty” posts filled with vitriol, because the evidence shows that when your readers have said mean and nasty shit in the past about people you despise [Palin, Cheney, Bush...] you left the comments posted and were fine with it. It’s because of comments like this very one I’m typing…posts that expose how big of a fucking hypocritical fraud you are….posts that are impossible to refute and expose the fact that you can post lie after lie about Ron Paul and get away with it [because you're too chicken shit to confront facts like the one contained in this writing] that you enable moderation…and it’s the only reason.

Until you do an article exposing why you “think” Ron Paul is crazy, stop lumping him in with actual crazy people in which the evidence they are crazy could fill a fucking stadium. You despise people like Perry, Bachman, Gingrich and Santorum for all the right reasons, because they are babbling idiots that couldn’t even name the state they represent, let alone other states. But you despise Ron Paul for a completely different reason….because he is everything you wish Obama was! And that is the fucking truth.

This will be yet another post you won’t approve of and not post because you’re a chicken shit fraud that would piss your pants if you ever had to confront any post that is the least bit challenging.

Doesn’t it bother you even in the least bit that you keep bashing someone that you never ever ever ever write and article about? That doesn’t bother you, even as an amateur writer? Do you have a journalistic conscience at all Andy? Or is your conscience non-existent [like your articles on Ron Paul]??"

Worthy of a Fraudie 3-peat? Wait and see.


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