Saturday, November 5, 2011

Real Truth Online Turns 6!

by Larry Simons
November 5, 2011

Six years ago today I began my then weekly, later bi-weekly newsletter The Real Truth. A year later I stopped doing the newsletter and I converted exclusively to this blog.

We have come a long way in six years. From having articles published on Prison Planet to later having this site banned by them for exposing the truth of their hypocrisy over certain issues. Some would consider being banned a negative incident. Here at RTO, we consider it a testament of integrity and having a rock-solid commitment to the truth.

We have also been the sole cause of forcing some blogs into completely rebooting their format [Laura Wolf blog], ending their blogs [Dave Willis], deleting our stories in order to not allowing access to this blog [so others can see the hypocrisy of their own blog] [Prison Planet] and to continually enable comment moderation [Ostroy, Last Name Left].

I realize I have not posted a lot of articles lately. I have been pretty busy. I promise it is no indication that the blog is dying a slow death. It will remain and get better than ever. Stay faithful.

Here is a look at some of our past headers for the site


rob said...

happy b-day rto.

Anonymous said...

Ah, so that's why RealTruth always sounds like a six-year old.

Happy Birthday! Don't overdo the fizzy pop and crisps, eh, sonny?

Larry said...

Hey Rob, the above post was sent from England. TLNL claims he won't come here anymore, but what he really means is he won't come here anymore under the name TLNL. I knew he couldn't [and wouldn't] stay away.

Ahhh, sitemeter is a wonderful thing.

rob said...

its ok larry. hell keep his pecker up. he lost. he will eat some fish and chips. ie french fries... crisps are potato chips. and fizzy pop is like coke or pepsi.. wont come back eh tllnl...lmmfao. your a joke. larry has proved you a liar and a fraud again..