Monday, November 7, 2011

Billo Admits Lincoln Was Hated Even by the North, But Still Claims He Was the “Best President Ever”

Billo claims we “need Lincoln today”. Really? We need a bloody war in this country that will exterminate 6 million people [today’s equivalent to the casualty to population rate of the civil war] over an issue that could have been solved with no war and zero deaths?

by Larry Simons
November 7, 2011

In my busy-ness, I completely missed this one. Bill O’ Reilly appeared on The View on September 28 to plug his new book “Killing Lincoln”. I knew the book was out and honestly had no idea how Billo felt about Lincoln, but I had assumed that Billo was a huge part of the Lincoln cult and equated him with Jesus and Moses. I was right.

The most astonishing part of the interview came in Billo’s first words:

“I wrote the book for two reasons. Because number one, I’m really teed off that the public school system doesn’t teach history anymore and kids don’t know what they’re doing.”

I completely agreed with this, but for the exact opposite reason Billo said it. The fact is, the public schools are not teaching the real facts about Lincoln: that he was a brutal tyrant that completely destroyed the Constitution and states rights in order to “save the Union”.

Billo even admits, “Lincoln, the most hated man in America, the most hated man. The south hated him, a lot of people in the north hated him. Threats against him all day long. His wife was a loon, he’s got crazy stuff going on all around him, yet he persevered.”

watch in disgust

Naturally, Billo never mentions the reason why Lincoln was the most hated man. Ironically, the same reason he omits these reasons is the exact same reason the public schools fail to mention it: Because Lincoln was a ruthless dictator that resorted to 4 years of bloody war to “supposedly” end an issue [slavery] that he admitted he had no intention of interfering with in his first inaugural address and that he could have easily ended by compensated emancipation.

Does Billo mention these facts? Hell no. Either do the public schools. So, basically Billo is disgusted with the public schools for doing the exact same thing he fails to do: tell the truth about Lincoln.

Then, Billo made my ribs ache with uncontrollable laughter when he said:

“The second reason I wrote it is because we need Abraham Lincoln now in this country. We’re in trouble. This country’s in trouble. It’s on the decline. And we need a leader, a leader who’s going to put the country over himself, knock the ideology off and do what’s best for the country.”

So, let me get this straight. Billo admits the country is in trouble, so his answer to this is to want another Abraham Lincoln, a man who continually ignored the Constitution every single day of his 4 years as President, acted as dictator and suspended habeas corpus [something only Congress can do] for the entirety of his presidency, declined to solve a problem peacefully and allow states to secede from the Union [which is permitted in the Constitution], invaded other states by military force, murdering their citizens and pillaging their towns, issuing an arrest warrant for the Chief Justice of the United States, deporting a member of Congress because he had the nerve to disagree with Lincoln’s policies and dictatorial actions, shut down over 300 newspapers in the North and imprisoned many of their editors, cared nothing about the abolition of slavery because of his white supremacist views and who single-handedly obliterated states rights in 4 short years?

These are the very reasons, as Billo admitted, “the South hated him, a lot of northern people hated him”. But, just like the public school system [which Billo claims he is “teed off” at], Billo fails to mention the real, disturbing cold-hard facts about our 16th president.

Then Billo not only made my sides ache again, but contradicted himself when he said this:

“But if you read about Lincoln, and for what I have in here, you’ll know he was the best president ever. He is the gold standard for leadership.”

Really? How are we supposed to know he was the best president ever when Billo just admitted 90 seconds earlier that most people in his day didn’t know that? Did Billo not just say “the south hated him, a lot of people in the north hated him”?

Many uninformed people would not be taken back at the fact that the south hated Lincoln. After all, the uninformed believe the Civil War was about slavery and they believe since the south was not going to release their slaves and Lincoln wanted them free, that’s why the war began and hence the immense hatred for Lincoln. Naturally, this is all false, but you will not find the truth from Billo and you definitely will not find it in the public school system.

But, if Lincoln was the “best president ever”, why did many in the north hate Lincoln too, according to Billo? Isn’t it odd that Billo admits many in the north hated Lincoln, but he never says WHY?

Billo then admits, “the guy [Lincoln] was under fire every second, and yet he put his country first.”

If he was the “best president ever” why was he under fire, Billo? Maybe it was because he did not put his country first, but his own agenda [as I have outlined above]? Then after Whoopi Goldberg asks, “How do we find someone [president] that everybody likes?”, Billo admits again, “Well, everybody hated Lincoln”. Yet Billo never gives any reasons WHY. Because he knows if he actually told the truth and listed the reasons, everyone would wonder why Billo [or anyone else for that matter] would call Lincoln the “best president ever”.

Billo then says, “Lincoln kept this country together for the fear force of his personality [whatever that means] . No Billo, Lincoln obliterated states rights and “kept the country together” by military force by means of invading armies that plundered and pillaged entire cities and by murdering innocent civilians. Lincoln resided over the deaths of nearly three-fourths of a million people just to outlaw something our founding documents permit: secession.

So, to correct Billo, you could say that Lincoln kept this country together through fear and by force. In other words, he destroyed the country in order to save it. The only thing that Lincoln saved is the centralized federal system [wanted so badly by his idol Henry Clay] and the myth that the sovereign states are the servant to the federal government.

Billo should be delighted with the public school system. The public schools teach that Lincoln “saved the Union” and “freed the slaves” and that he was a “great president”. The public schools have created more Lincoln cultists [like Billo] than the hundreds upon hundreds of books that deify “saint Lincoln” have done. Why is Billo at odds with this?

It is because Billo, like most brainwashed stooges in the country, is a confused, mind-controlled Lincoln cultist who openly admits that Lincoln was hated by even the north, but at the same time calls him our greatest president….but never says why.

If Billo ever told the public the real facts about Lincoln, he knows he would be run out of his job on a rail. 10 million dollar yearly salaries make you do the damndest things. Being a sell-out over who Lincoln really was is just one in a long list.

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