Thursday, November 17, 2011

Andy Ostroy: Ron Paul Deserves to Be Ignored

Finally, the truth comes out from the Obama-loving, liberal two-time Fraudie winner

by Larry Simons
November 17, 2011

Over the course of the 2011-2012 GOP debates, I have watched our favorite liberal friend and blogger Andy Ostroy write article after article about the GOP candidates, hardly ever mentioning Ron Paul unless it was to make some snide comment about him or imply he is ‘nutty’.

Instead, as Ostroy has done in recent years past, he endorses those who actually have no real chance of becoming President. In 2008, he endorsed Bill Richardson and Al Gore. Yes, Al Gore, who didn’t even run in 2008! Now, he endorses Jon “I Have No Chance in Hell of Polling in the Top 5, Let Alone Becoming President” Huntsman. Andy is a lost little pup, isn’t he?

Oh my, Andy is a confused-one indeed. On October 12, 2011, he said this about his favorite GOP candidate Jon Huntsman:

“He's exactly the sort of candidate conservatives should be nominating but likely won't because his party has been hijacked by it's radical fringe element which advocates everything from eliminating taxes and entitlement programs to eviscerating the EPA and Department of Education all the while seeking to turn America into an evangelical empire.”

Amazingly, he said the above comment in the very next paragraph following one in which he listed his reasons for supporting Huntsman, in which he said this:

“So why am I supporting Huntsman? The state of politics today is the ugliest it's been in decades, if ever. The partisan divide has never been greater and is plagued by rabid, vitriolic hatred. We're no longer a society of Americans but instead one of two angry armies of blue and red. Our political system is broken, brought to a virtual legislative standstill by one party whose leaders are more obsessed with defeating Obama than they are with actually doing something to fix the economy, put people back to work and have government run as the Founding Fathers envisioned.”

So, Ostroy is for a government that is run as the Founders envisioned, when he goes on to say in the next paragraph he is against eliminating taxes [the Federal income tax is unconstitutional], against eliminating entitlement programs [which the Founders would have never supported because they were not socialists and wanted the government out of people’s lives], and against getting rid of the EPA and Dept. of Education [which the Founders, again, would be strongly for]?

Ostroy implies that Huntsman is the only candidate that is not interested in turning America into “an evangelical empire”, while completely ignoring the fact that Ron Paul is the only candidate among the GOP hopefuls that truly understands Thomas Jefferson’s separation of church and state concept. Also, Ron Paul has never, ever uttered one word in support of making America an evangelical empire.

Ostroy writes an article three days ago about why he thinks Huntsman will be the GOP nominee in which he eliminates the chances of all corporate-controlled media’s “top tier” candidates: Romney, Perry, Cain, Bachmann and Gingrich from being the GOP nominee. Naturally, he completely omits mention of Ron Paul, who has consistently placed in the top tier in just about every straw poll and after-debate poll that has been conducted [Huntsman has always placed in the bottom 3 in nearly every poll].

So, under the name “Bob” [because Ostroy would never post my comment if he knew I was Real Truth Online], I posted this comment on his blog:

“You just LOVE omitting Ron Paul from your articles dont you? Despite the fact that he has been consistently ranked in the top 3 of almost every poll and straw poll. The new Iowa poll has him at 2nd place, just 1% behind Cain. But you never mention this Andy---why is that?? Huntsman---lol, you're kidding right?”Ostroy responded:

“Bob....I ignore Ron Paul because..well...he deserves to be. He's as serious a contender as you...”

[click to enlarge]

I responded with this comment [pending approval......don't hold your breath]:

“Ahhh, yes, but what are your reasons? Why would ANY anti-Bush person [like you] be against Ron Paul? He is against just about everything Bush was for and did. He voted NO to all the wars, voted NO on the Patriot Act, the list goes on ad on. I wonder if it might be because of the FACT that Obama, since taking office, has just about continued everything Bush has, wars, Patriot Act, military commissions, torture....etc. and since Ron Paul is against all of this, then by default you have to be too.

Ron Paul is the #1 leading Constitutional rep there is in Washington, and I suspect that if you were a supporter of the Constitution, that means, by default, you'd have to be against Obama, since Obama violates the Constitution as much as [maybe even more] than Bush did.

This is precisely the reason you don't do entire articles on why Ron Paul "deserves to be" ignored. I would very much like to know the REASONS you say he deserves to be ignored. Can I request you do a whole article on it rather than you just say in a post RP should be ignored? He's the only SANE one among the GOP candidates.

He's the ONLY one telling the truth about the financial crisis, the only one speaking out against the Federal Reserve, the only one who tells the truth about our history with Iraq and Iran.

If he isn't a serious contender, why does he always rank in the top tier in straw polls and debate polls? Yet he is ignored by the mass media---why? Because RP is anti-establishment and the corporate-controlled media is in bed with the establishment, so it doesn't serve their purpose to give attention to Ron Paul.

RP is also the only candidate who doesn't get mass financial support from giant corporations. Obama was heavily financed by Wall Street, the very people Obama poses to be against. Tim Geithner is his Treasury secretary, who ran the NY Federal Reserve, and anyone who has brains knows the Fed is responsible for this financial meltdown.

You oppose Ron Paul because he is against everything you support, and if you truly cared about our Constitution and this nation's sovereignty Andy [which you clearly do not], you'd be supporting every single thing that Ron Paul supports, because he is truly the ONLY one in Washington that fights for our liberties. Do you know anything about liberty Andy?

I request you do an article on Ron Paul and why you say he deserves to be ignored...if you have the guts to.”

I will go out on a limb and predict that this comment will not be “approved by the moderator” and make it on to Ostroy’s blog.

Ostroy’s hypocrisy, outright lying and complete lack of understanding of what our Founding Fathers believed in and stood for just blows the mind. This guy is supposed to be intelligent. He is a marketing executive in New York City and frequently appears on TV and writes for The Huffington Post.

How can someone who is supposed to be so full of wisdom be so full of shit?


Anonymous said...

what a fn fraud. i smell fraudie.

Anonymous said...

well huntsman doesnt have a chance either.

rob said...

i only have one thing to say to andy. .......ballzz..nn.