Friday, September 9, 2011

Andy Ostroy Deletes My Comments on His YouTube Page

This is not shocking of course. It’s just additional evidence that I get deleted by Ostroy when he claims I use “hateful speech” and “vitriol”, which the evidence shows I do not

by Larry Simons
September 9, 2011

Our favorite liberal wingnut Andy Ostroy is up to his old tricks again; deleting comments that are not “vicious” or “hateful”. As if Ostroy needed more mediums to show that he is a colossal fraud, he now has a YouTube page in which he now displays his fraudiness in video form [oh boy!].

Unlike his own website, in which he screens comments with comment moderation enabled, his YouTube page allows comments [for now]. So, I thought, what a good way to finally let others see that Ostroy is one big fraud-a-mopolous.

It only took two days for me to post comments and for Ostroy to delete them from his page.

Here is a screen shot of a comment I posted where I include my website and invite people to come to my site and read all about the liberal Bill O’ Reilly [Ostroy]. Notice the comment directly below my comment by another YouTube user that says, “Hillary is the most extraordinary woman ever!” It was posted two hours before my comment.

[click to enlarge]

Two days later, Ostroy deleted my comment, along with 3 other comments I posted that I did not save the screen shots of. You can see here that my comment was deleted [My comment in the above screen shot is removed but the “Hillary is the most extraordinary woman ever!” post is still there. I added a new comment today, pointing out my comments were deleted].

It is plain to see, Ostroy is a colossal fraud and the fact that popular mainstream websites like the Huffington Post and mainstream news outlets like MSNBC and FOX have him on their TV programs and internet programs and pay him as a contributor shows that the corporate-controlled media has no interest in the truth.


the_last_name_left said...

You invariably use vitriol and hateful speech. There's no about that.

the_last_name_left said...

no doubt--

Do you deny it?

Larry said...

You mean, do I call you an "assface", "dickhead", "douchebag" and every other name I can think of that fits at that moment? YES, I do. Your point is? Unfortunately for you, none of this violates's rules---and besides I NEVER have called Ostroy names like this. I just call him liar and fraud---which he is---and I PROVE it. I posted the screen shot of my comment on his YouTube page. What constituted DELETION?

What I find most telling is the fact that, of all my recent stories in past weeks, you chose THIS one to comment on.

Are you saying YOU never EVER use profanity on YOUR blog? I don't think you want to deny it. You don't wanna go there pal.

Anonymous said...

andy has the lead on this years fraudie. larry you have pointed out yet another fraud. great job. you own him and his blog and you tube space. another blog you own like last cock in mouth queenie fraud names left.

rob said...

he he he he 9/11

Anonymous said...

the big andy ostroy afraid of little real truth, wow.