Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Ostroy ADMITS Obama is Weak and A Failure, and Claims He Never Drank the Obama “Kool-Aid”

But the evidence proves that not only did Ostroy drink the Kool-Aid, he was crashing through walls screaming “Oh yeahhhh”

by Larry Simons
August 16, 2011

It’s been awhile since we had fun with our favorite liberal hypocrite, Andy Ostroy. I will admit I’m a tad behind things, but I’m trying to catch up. This article is in response to Ostroy’s August 9 article titled, “Change I Never Believed In”, in which he starts off by heavily implying that Obama’s failures on many issues are not his fault [but the result of him lacking the ruthlessness of the Republican party], then proceeds to just openly admit that he is weak and not a leader.

One might think this is admirable of Ostroy, to admit his Lord and Savior has weaknesses and can’t lead, so I will give credit where credit is due and say, “Hats off to you Andy, you admit Obama’s failures. Good job”.

Now the fun part: Sorting out the lies and hypocritical remarks of our favorite liberal wingnut [which is the real purpose of my article].

My first issue comes right off the bat: his title: “Change I Never Believed In”. Ostroy proceeds to write six paragraphs in which he basically admits there has been no change under Obama. Well, of course. No change is never the translation of anyone’s definition of “change”, so his title actually fits. He just omits those very words, that “Obama has brought no change”.

Ostroy admits in his first paragraph that “unlike millions of other Democrats, I am neither disappointed or surprised by his [Obama's] political failings”. So, Ostroy is neither disappointed or surprised, but he still keeps his loyalties to Obama and the Democratic party? Why? This is rock-solid evidence of just how brainwashed Americans are into showing blind allegiance to their political party: When they even admit they are not disappointed or surprised by the failure of the party and candidate they voted for, they remain obedient to party over country.

Ostroy continues:

“It's easy to understand Obama's appeal in 2008. He was indeed exceptionally bright, a master campaigner and fundraiser, and able to move tens of thousands of his progressive disciples, moderates and independents through rousing, messianic oratory. But I never drank the Kool-Aid, and had heated battles with many friends who couldn't understand how I didn't "get" Obama's second-coming status.”


The following pre-election articles by Ostroy shows that not only did he drink the Kool-Aid, but he could have beaten out J.J. Evans as their spokesman:

Holy Shit, What An Amazing Week for Barack Obama” [5/16/08]

Why Obama Must Become President” [6/30/08]

Oh-bama!” [8/28/08]

In the article “Oh-bama!”, Ostroy said this:

Call me Michelle Obama, but I feel damned proud of my country right now. Damned proud of my party. As someone who's pushing 50 soon, I've witnessed over the years the depths of ignorance and intense racial bigotry that America's been steeped in for so long. Though he still has a major hurdle to climb in actually winning the presidency, our nation has truly entered a new era. It was nothing short of biblical to see Obama, that shining embodiment of the American dream, stand before 75,000 loyalists in Invesco Field a brilliant, passionate black man receiving his party's nomination. Our country will never be the same again. As Obama said, "all across America something is stirring." I literally was moved to tears.

Obama not only gave us the soaring rhetoric he's become famous for, he also presented compelling specifics into his policies for health care, the economy, jobs, taxes, the auto industry, education, energy, Iraq, terrorism, diplomacy and national security. He even tackled abortion, guns, gay marriage and immigration. He was, to be sure, inspirational, charismatic and transcendent. But more importantly, especially at this critical point in his dogfight with the Republicans' presumptive nominee Sen. John McCain, he was extremely forceful, tough and the fighter he needs to be.”

Nope. No evidence of Kool-Aid consumption there. None at all.

Back to the recent article. Here’s the excerpt that nearly made my chin hit the floor:

“And while I was thrilled that a black man could come so close to the Oval Office and ultimately win the election for the first time in history, I didn't get caught up in the whole liberal guilt trip. What I personally hoped for for America was that the best candidate win, not the darkest.”

Really? So, Obama’s race was never really something you put emphasis on, Andy?

From “Oh-bama!” [8/28/08]

“It was nothing short of biblical to see Obama, that shining embodiment of the American dream, stand before 75,000 loyalists in Invesco Field a brilliant, passionate black man receiving his party's nomination.”

From “Why Obama Must Become President” [6/30/08]

“He's a 46-year young black man from a broken, racially-mixed family.”

“It's the perfect opportunity for Americans to shatter racial divides and elect a black president, someone who, after eight miserable years of George W. Bush, speaks to their bread-and-butter issues.”

From “I Want to Be Black” [1/21/09]

[Doesn’t the title alone make my point?]

“And now, with our newly sworn-in President Barack Obama, blacks own the White House too and have become the welcome new face of politics.”

“Jump to 2009 and we have a 46-year-old black man named Barack Hussein Obama elected president while iconic symbols of black culture past and present--Beyonce, Usher, Stevie Wonder and Aretha Franklin to name a few--perform for our new leader on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial.”

From “President Barack Hussein Obama. America’s Shining Moment” [11/5/08]

“Together, they were the embodiment of the American dream. The quintessential thriving, successful, happy American family. A First-Family that truly inspires. And they're black.”

“I often wondered during my teens, 20's, 30's and even into my 40's whether we'd ever get to that day in America when we could put our prejudice aside and look beyond color to elect a black president. To have a black First Family. To have little black children running mischievously through the Oval Office in that same way we saw little John F. Kennedy Jr. peering out from under his dad's desk.”

From “You Want Real Change America: Choose the Black Democrat” [9/12/08]

The title alone is sufficient.

Nahhhh, Andy wasn’t focused on Obama’s color at all. I never counted, but I think he actually uses the word “black” more than “president”.

This was rib-tickling as well. Ostroy continues:

“Obama's also caved on the economy, on gay marriage, on the Bush tax cuts, on Guantanamo, on Afghanistan and on debt ceiling/deficit reduction bill. And we still have 14-million people out of work with a 9.1% unemployment rate. What happened to jobs, jobs, jobs? Where's the jobs bill?”

Here is Ostroy praising Obama for all of this in 2009.

Here he is a year later [2010], saying this:

“Obama desperately tried to convince the studio [at his Daily Show appearance in October, 2010] and home audience that his administration, given the Bushevik shitstorm it inherited, has done a pretty good job, especially with the economy, jobs and health care. I don't disagree. It/he has brought the nation back from the precipice of disaster.”

And to top it off, Ostroy not only admits Bush, Cheney and Rove were better leaders than Obama [I could show you countless articles of Ostroy’s where he practically equates Obama’s leadership to Jesus Christ’s] but he admits that even leading people in a bad direction is still leadership.

“Obama simply seems neutered, unlike his predecessor. Like him or not, look what Bush was able to do to further his conservative agenda. He didn't care what anyone thought..not voters, the media, Democrats or members of his own party. He, Cheney and Rove saw their vision through, whether it was right or wrong or good for the country. The point is, they acted. They led. Where's Obama's leadership?”

So, leading the country to ruin still makes you a leader in Ostroy’s eyes? Why is he against Republicans then? Good Lord.

I cannot read Ostroy’s articles anymore without getting some colossal migraine headache. He’s like an out-of-control elevator. Constantly up, down, up, down. Even he has no clue what he is saying. If you remove the lies, contradictions and hypocritical remarks, all that is left to his articles is his name and the date.

If one does not closely monitor his writings like I do, it would be understandable to think Ostroy actually holds his party’s feet to the fire and criticizes them when it is merited. But, one just cannot get past the river of hypocrisy and flat-out lying that flows from his hypocritical, lying lips.


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