Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Jon Stewart Destroys the Media and Establishment for Ignoring Ron Paul

Stewart hands the media's asses to them on a plate for ignoring Ron Paul [who came in 2nd place at Iowa straw poll] but acknowledging John Huntsman and Rick Santorum, who both had less votes than Tim Pawlenty [who dropped out of the race]

by Larry Simons
August 16, 2011

The Ron Paul segment of the clip begins at 4:36

Stewart showed a still [below]of the Iowa straw poll results showing that Bachmann only beat Ron Paul by 152 votes.

Santorum did not even get half of the votes Congressman Paul received. John Huntsman received a mind-blowing 69 votes to earn him dead last in the poll. This did not stop media outlets from mentioning Huntsman as a contender.

This blew Stewart away, and prompted him to say this:

"John Huntsman? Huntsman got 69 votes! If all of John Huntsman's supporters met at the same Ames, Iowa Quiznos, the fire marshall would say, "Yeah, that's fine, no problem. There's still some tables open in the back." Huntsman was the only Mormon running in the straw poll [because Romney did not participate in it] and he came in second amongst Mormons."

Stewart then says, "How did libertarian Ron Paul become the 13th floor in a hotel? He is tea party patient zero. All that small government grass roots business, he planted that grass. These other folks, they're just moral majorities in a tri-cornered hat. Ron Paul's the real deal."


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