Thursday, July 7, 2011

Holy Shitballs! Bill O’ Reilly Is Right and Geraldo Is Nuts. Did I Just Say That?

Geraldo claims that Casey Anthony’s refusal to report daughter missing is not neglect

by Larry Simons
July 7, 2011

On Tuesday’s The O’ Reilly Factor, right after the disgusting verdict in the Casey Anthony trial, Billo has Geraldo on the show to discuss this travesty of justice. Geraldo begins by saying:

“There was not one bit of evidence that this mother in any way neglected or abused this child…”. Billo stops Geraldo and says, “Let me stop you there….how can you stand there and say that in front of millions of people all over the world, when a 2-year-old goes missing and the mother doesn’t even call 911. You’re telling me the mother never neglected the child, and she’s missing and doesn’t call 911? That’s neglect Geraldo”.

Geraldo responds by telling Billo that he [Billo] is confused between events leading up to Caylee Anthony’s disappearance and events after the disappearance. Billo chimes in again and states, “Wait, wait, wait. You said Casey Anthony, there was no evidence she ever neglected her child, and I’m telling you that’s bull. She neglected her child by failing to report the child’s disappearance.”

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Geraldo then says this:

“That’s from June 16 [2008] on. That’s post-mortem. That’s after the child is dead.”

Billo responds, “You don’t know that…”

Billo is correct. We have no idea when the child died. Official reports list her death date as the date of disappearance [June 16, 2008], but the real date of death is unknown, and really, it doesn’t matter. If Casey Anthony is not the killer, she had no idea when and where her daughter was murdered, so Billo is 100% correct when he asserts that Casey Anthony did engage in neglect when she failed to report her child missing. In fact, it just may very well be the highest form of neglect.

Not knowing where your child is, not caring where it is and not reporting it is missing does not get more inhumane, uncaring and neglectful than that. This is what Geraldo fails to grasp.

Then to make matters worse, Geraldo actually defends Casey Anthony’s behavior [of not reporting her child missing] by claiming that “her brain is distorted by years of abuse she can’t think straight” and she’s “mentally ill”. Ahhh, now Casey Anthony is the victim? Jesus Christ. I can’t believe this douchebag has kids of his own!

Was she thinking straight when she was partying at a nightclub and taking part in a hard body contest two fucking days after her daughter disappeared? Geraldo even calls Anthony a “good mother”. It might be the only time Billo has ever taken the exact words right out of my mouth when he says, “A good mother? How does a good mother go to a wet body contest when her baby is missing? How does that happen?”

A good mother would be in complete mental and emotional anguish that her baby is missing. A good mother would report the fucking disappearance to begin with and would not be satisfied by whatever the cops would do. She would be out frantically searching for her child herself. A good mother would print pictures and distribute them everywhere so that the chances of her being found would increase drastically. A good mother would not be able to sleep or function until her child was found. Anthony displayed NONE of these behaviors.

Does her actions translate to murder? Of course not. But actions like these should make her an accessory to the murder and therefore make her deserving of the same fate as if she was found guilty of the murder itself. Laws need to be passed that make people accessories to killing their children if they are not doing everything humanly possible to locate their child.

Anthony did absolutely nothing to find her child, lied to authorities countless times and showed no remorse whatsoever for her missing child in the days and months after her child’s disappearance. There may have not been enough evidence to prove beyond a reasonable doubt Anthony killed her daughter, but there’s more than enough evidence that she was an accessory to the murder by keeping silent, lying and obstructing justice. Laws need to be changed/adopted to make the actions of people like Anthony deemed accessories to murder.

Maybe one day Casey Anthony will get justice. We can only hope one day she gets sent to prison for doing something really bad…like stealing a hot dog cart from a New York City vendor.

Let’s keep our fingers crossed and hope that justice prevails.

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hey billo, use this on geraldo. tide goes in then tide goes out you dick.