Friday, July 1, 2011

Asshole Blogger Ignores A Story I Did In March on the Fed That Debunks Crapola He Posted TODAY

Douchebag blogger The Last Blog Left ignores a story I wrote in March on anti-Fed-was-a-secret-conspiracy debunker Ed Flaherty, in which I destroyed Flaherty’s Fed fables with the words of G. Edward Griffin, then three months later [today] posts the already debunked words of Flaherty on his blog

by Larry Simons
July 1, 2011

On March 28, 2011, over 3 months ago, I wrote a story in response to liberal blogger Dave Neiwert’s article about how crazy Glenn Beck was for having G. Edward Griffin on his show and for believing that the Fed was created as a result of a secret conspiracy in 1911.

In 1994, Griffin wrote an excellent book on the Fed, The Creature from Jekyll Island, detailing that the Federal Reserve was created as a result of a secret meeting consisting of bankers and politicians and their brain child, the Federal Reserve Act, was passed 2 years after their 1911 meeting.

A douchebag blogger that cowardly goes by the moniker The Last Blog Left, who frequently pops up on my blog attempting to debunk me [but never has] completely ignored that March 2011 story I wrote. I suspect it was because TLBL is a liberal left-winger and the fact that many left-wing liberals actually condemned Neiwert’s article on Crooks and Liars because this time, Beck was correct. Read the plethora of negative comments directed at Neiwert.

These negative comments were not from Beck fans. They were from regulars at C & L who normally embrace Neiwert’s articles, but rejected this one.

Recently, within the past few days, TLBL and me began another fierce debate on The Fed. I was winning naturally, but what new trick did TLBL have up his sleeve? What was TLBL’s secret weapon this time? The already debunked words of ED FLAHERTY that I had posted three months ago in a story on my blog in which TLBL IGNORED.

Holy shitballs is this douchebag a colossal FRAUD!

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the last cock in mouth queenie fraud name is defeated yet again.