Monday, June 6, 2011

Bill Maher Ridicules Jerome Corsi’s Birth Certificate Book on New Rules Segment

Maher’s brilliant investigative research leads him to believe that Corsi is a kook just because Obama released his birth certificate [although it’s fake] before Corsi released his book

by Larry Simons
June 6, 2011

On Friday’s episode of Real Time with Bill Maher, Maher did not waste time or the opportunity to ridicule Jerome Corsi’s new book, “Where’s the Birth Certificate?”, Corsi himself and those who have purchased the book. Here is the dialogue of the segment:

“New rule: the publisher of the timely new best seller, “Where’s the Birth Certificate?”, must change its title to “I’m with Stupid”. And the people who buy this book…hey, if the President releases his birth certificate and you still buy a book called, “Where’s the Birth Certificate?”, it’s time for your children to call the hospice and have the nurse cut up your credit cards.”

watch the clip

It appears that Maher would be correct in assuming that if this issue simply boiled down to the fact that Corsi released a book asking for a birth certificate a full month after Obama released the birth certificate, it would be an open and shut case and Corsi would look like a babbling fool. Unfortunately for Maher, his birther research skills match those of his 9/11 research skills. Just as Maher insults and ridicules 9/11 truthers on his show, while failing to investigate it or invite anyone on his show to discuss it, he uses the same approach for birtherism.

Maher cannot be blamed solely for not inviting Corsi on to discuss why the book was released after Obama released his birth certificate in late April, because no one will have Corsi on their shows, even FOX news [and Corsi is a frequent guest there]. It is obvious why Obama gatekeepers refuse to have Corsi on their programs to discuss the book, but even news organizations like FOX news refuse to invite him on. No doubt because [and even Corsi has concurred] the White House will refuse access to the President if anyone gives Corsi’s book the light of day.

Maher [and his ilk] is too immersed in political bias to stoop so low as to investigate an issue that gets in the way of his allegiance to his party. If Maher had done any research whatsoever into why Corsi still released his book after the release of Obama’s birth certificate, he would have found out the following:

1. For 2 ½ years Obama failed to release a long-form birth certificate and as of January 2011, even the Governor of Hawaii, Neil Abercrombie, did not know where it was. A reporter friend of Abercrombie’s, named Mike Evans, said that when he called Abercrombie’s office, they told him that the Governor had used his power to search records from all the hospitals where babies were delivered around the time of Obama’s birth and that “There is no Barack Obama birth certificate in Hawaii – absolutely no proof at all that he was born in Hawaii”.

2. In January 2011, former Hawaii elections clerk Tim Adams signed an affidavit swearing he was told by supervisors in Hawaii that no long-form, hospital-generated birth certificate existed for Barack Obama, Jr. in Hawaii and that neither the Queens Medical Center or the Kapi’olani Medical Center in Honolulu had any record of Obama having been born in their hospitals.

3. Corsi knew months in advance that Obama was planning to release a long-form birth certificate that as late as April 2011, did not exist. Corsi had informants inside the Hawaiian State government that warned him that Obama operatives were planning to plant and publicly release a forged birth certificate possibly in October of 2012 for an October surprise. The publication of Corsi’s book forced the White House to speed up the release of the birth certificate.

Listen to this interview from May 24 of Corsi talking to Alex Jones. Click here for the interview. You can hear Corsi’s segment at 2 hours, 8 minutes into it.

Bill Maher is not a journalist and not someone who is really interested in getting to the truth. He’s an entertainer and he knows [now] not to cross the line into deep controversy, being that he has already been fired once for his controversial statements.

If Maher has a sincere desire to get to the facts, why not invite Corsi on his show to discuss this? Maher has authors on his show every single week. Why is he ditching Corsi [like everyone else is]?

Gee, I wonder why.


Anonymous said...

yes, maher has made him look like a jackass again. he just proved that he like many are shills.

the_last_name_left said...

no one will have Corsi on their shows, even FOX news [and Corsi is a frequent guest there].


Gotta hand it to FOX, they know quality when they see it.

Larry said...

Yeah, and you conveniently OMIT the part of my story where I stated WHY they won't have him on.

It has always amazed me why people claim someone is nuts, then REFUSE to have them on their shows. To me, that's all the MORE reason to have them expose their "nuttiness", but the REAL reason why people like Corsi aren't invited, is because the corporations know these "nutty" people will crush them with facts, and they are scared of that.

It's the same reason why you IGNORE 95% of my questions and when you quote me, you OMIT the most important part of my point---the part that you have NO ANSWER for.

By the way, "anonymous" was on my blog last night and IGNORED my last comment under the other thread. Hmmmmm, I wonder why. Because he CAN'T refute that every single president had American citizen parents...except Obama.

Larry said...

By the way, Last Dick Left, why do you have several IP addresses? Can't pay your bill so you use other people's computers?

Just wondering.

Anonymous said...

you caught him on that larry, he has sock puppet blogs. like socrates.

Anonymous said...

faux news. fair and balanced, yeah right.

Intellectually Honest said...

You are right on Larry, but in all fairness to Corsi haters, he DID give a bald-face lie to America when he did that whole Swift Boat thingy, you know. It is possible that Corsi is right THIS time, but I would not go to him for a number one source.