Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Andrew Gold: 1951 - 2011

by Larry Simons
June 7, 2011

Another of my favorite singers growing up in the 1970’s has passed away. Singer-songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist, Andrew Gold, has died at age 59 apparently from cancer. The singer died June 3 in his sleep, two months shy of his 6oth birthday.

Gold first gained notoriety in the early 70’s as a member of Linda Ronstadt’s band and played a key role in two of her biggest hits, “You’re No Good” and “When Will I Be Loved”. In 1977, Gold shot to stardom with the #7 hit “Lonely Boy” from his second solo album, “What’s Wrong with This Picture?”.

A year later, Gold enjoyed a top 25 hit “Thank You For Being A Friend”, which later gained additional success when a cover version was used as the theme for the hit show The Golden Girls.

Lesser known facts about Gold include he had a major hit in the UK titled, “Never Let Her Slip Away” in 1978 and that he, along with ex-10cc member Graham Gouldman, formed the group Wax in 1986 and released two singles, “Right Between the Eyes” [1986] and “Bridge to Your Heart” [1987].

Gold also sang the theme song to the hit sitcom Mad About You, titled “Final Frontier”.

I emailed Andrew Gold in 1999 and asked him if I could have his autograph if I mailed my address. He graciously responded with a “yes”. I received the autograph a few weeks later. It is shown in the photo above. It was the only autograph I ever received by request through email.

Here are some of Gold’s best songs

“Lonely Boy” [1977]

“Thank You For Being A Friend” [1978]

“Right Between the Eyes” [Wax, 1986]


rob said...

did you hear coast to coast sat? about religion and the church?

VBDi said...

I did the same thing in the 90s. This was before I got into the Internet. Here I was, in my late 30s writing a fan letter to one of my favorite singers. I told him I didn't know if this was how a person got an autograph anymore, but could he send one to me? Within a month, he sent, free of charge, this exact 8x10 promo pic, personalized just like yours. And the handwriting on the addressed envelope also matched his signature. What a swell guy!