Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Man In White House Released Video Is Not Osama. The Ears Don’t Lie

In the recently released White House video, not only is the mysterious gray-bearded man's ear a different shape than old pictures of Bin Laden, but they are in a different location on the side of his head

by Larry Simons
May 11, 2011

If anyone had any doubts whether or not the gray-bearded man watching TV in the recently released White House video is really Osama bin Laden, those doubts can be converted to certainty that it is NOT Bin Laden.

There have been discussions by people online claiming that Osama’s left ear in the video is a different shape than that of older, widely known pictures of him. The picture below shows the comparison between the two.

Obviously, as one can see, the ear of the man in the video still slopes downward and is more rounded while the ear in older photos of Bin Laden is more pointed. I found this to be interesting but it is not as strong of a smoking gun [that the man in the video is not Bin Laden] as something I recently discovered.

As one can plainly see, the top of the left ear of the man in the video is clearly, without a doubt, lower than his entire eyeball. It is not even debatable. As you can see in the video still [below] the man is holding his head near straight with only a slight upward angle. He appears to be holding his head slightly upward because he is looking at a TV. The top of his left ear is clearly underneath his entire eye socket.

In the pictures below, which are all well known and widely circulated pictures [none of which are doctored], one can clearly see that the tips of Bin Laden’s ears are located anywhere from [at least] the middle of his eye socket to rising above hie eye. See for yourself.

In the picture below, notice the red line I inserted indicating the tip of the man’s ear. It completely clears the left eye socket. [click all pics to enlarge]

In the pictures below, does it really look like if you inserted a red line across the tip of Bin Laden’s ear, it would clear the bottom of his eye sockets?

Here is another video still of the man the White House claims to be Osama bin Laden. Again, the left ear is just under his eye socket. The pictures above indicate differently.

Does the location of one’s ears change location as they get older? I have never known this to be true. I have seen pictures of my father and other family members over longer periods of time, and the locations of their ears never changed. Stands to reason, if the tip of Osama’s left ear is above his eyeball in 1998 [or any other year], then the tip of his left ear should still be above his eye in 2011.

It is absolutely irrefutable that the gray-bearded man in the video is NOT Osama bin Laden. Since this is obviously undeniable, it must be assumed that Obama and other high-level officials in Washington are involved in a conspiracy to dupe the American people into thinking the man who was gunned down on May 1 is in fact Osama bin Laden when it clearly is not him.

Since this is the case, one has to ask: What is the REAL agenda of those who would have us believe that Bin Laden was just killed 10 days ago?


the_last_name_left said...

Hear ye?

Check the website of "Ear-examiners for 911 Truth"? They're launching a lawsuit based entirely on your evidence about the ears. This could be the biggie - the one that breaks the whole thing wide-open. You've got em scared with this stuff about Osama's ears, have no doubt.

the_last_name_left said...

I just thought - there's no pictures of Osama's ears on the FBI website, is there?

I think you are on to something big.

Ear-efutable evidence.

Real Truth Online said...

It's real easy to sit at your keyboard and rattle off the ad hominem attacks, while at the exact same time, you don't refute one thing I have said [oh god, am I so sick and tired of that].

On the surface, the ears issue is one of those issues that can be sarcastically used as a punchline to make something appear absurd, but the REAL absurd thing here is that you YET AGAIN have REFUSED to refute what I actually said about his ears. Sure, you can laugh about it all you want and dish out the ad hominem attacks [which by the way, is the red flag that you have ZERO information to refute me...hence the ad homine attacks], but have you said ONE word about the actual issue of his ears??? NOPE, of course not.

Let me ask you this pencil dick.........

Does a person's ears CHANGE LOCATION in the course of their lives??? ESPECIALLY from ages 30-54??? I KNOW you will IGNORE this question.

the_last_name_left said...

Larry: YET AGAIN have REFUSED to refute what I actually said about his ears.

Well, you have me there, Larry. I happily give way to your sup-ear-ior knowledge.

And now you mention it, there is something kinda ear-y about it.

I wonder whether his car-ear had anything to with it?

Or maybe it was life on the Pakistan/Afghan Front-ear?

Whichever, the premi-ear terrorist end-ear-ed himself to the Khyb-ear locals, no doubt.

No, you're right - we shouldn't mock - it's obviously very important evidence.

Maybe you can learn some skill that can be applied elsewhere?

Maybe somebody's ears are a giveaway in the Zapruder film? I did notice someone's ear looking a bit odd in that - near the fence.

Real Truth Online said...

Your continual sarcasm and ad hominem attacks are your own self-condemnation.

I knew you'd ignore my question--this one:

Does a person's ears CHANGE LOCATION in the course of their lives??? ESPECIALLY from ages 30-54???

And you ignored it, like clockwork.

the_last_name_left said...

L: Does a person's ears CHANGE LOCATION in the course of their lives??? ESPECIALLY from ages 30-54???

Yes. For example, my ears moved from southern england to the west coast in 2005.

Real Truth Online said...

"Yes. For example, my ears moved from southern england to the west coast in 2005."

Thank you for your REAL answer of "no"----as evidenced by the sarcasm that prevents you from debunking me. DICKHEAD.

rob said...

lol...lmfao. larry. youve beat last cock in mouth queenie fraud name left again.

the_last_name_left said...

Ear'd anymore about this, Larry?

Anonymous said...

you never eared this to anyone larry, but last cock in mouth has used his sock puppet socrates to holler back and forth. does he hear that his a dickhead.