Monday, May 2, 2011

Bin Laden Declared Dead. Simply Hilarious.

If You Thought Liberals Treated Obama Like He Was Jesus Christ
Before...Watch What They Will Do Now!

by Larry Simons
May 2, 2011

With Obama's approval ratings nearing their all time low of 41% [currently 43%], gas prices nearing all time record highs, three unconstitutional wars being fought and Obama's birth certificate being discovered as a photo-shopped fake, there was not a more convenient time to announce the death of Bin Laden to revive Obama's plummeting approval ratings just in time for the kickoff of Obama's re-election campaign.

No doubt the American press and the rest of brain dead America will think this is a story [even if true], because it will not change one fucking thing. Wars will still continue. Unemployment will still increase. Gas prices will keep climbing. American troops will continue to die.

No doubt, this will be on the news non-stop for the next two months, obscuring every real, legitimate issue that really matters to Americans. The media [and moronic Americans] will eat this up like a latest Lindsay Lohan story and pretend that Bin Laden's death [if legitimate] means anything.

Will we see a picture of Bin Laden's body? How will we know it is recent if we do? Why does it matter that Bin Laden is dead anyway? According to the FBI, he was not involved in the September 11 attacks by their own admittance. As of this writing, he is not declared dead on their website and the profile still says nothing about 9-11. Here is the screen shot I just captured.

Until I see a photo of Bin Laden's dead body laying next to someone who can be verified that they are currently active in the military, Hillary Clinton or Obama himself, this story will be filed under "Bullshit stories that are meant to stir up the emotions of Americans, but really don't mean shit".

It will be fun watching Americans and the media over the next few weeks accepting this story without question like it's the Bible or global warming. It will be equally as fun watching liberals acting as if Obama just died on the cross for our sins.


عشتار العراقية said...

The image of his death which is paraded on al Jazeera and other Satellites is fake. The real image with the doctored one is here. The blog is in Arabic but the doctoring is clear:

Of course Bin Laden has been dead since 2001

ladynblue332455 said...

OMG THANK THANK THANK for this. I just fear for this world and America the bullshit we believe! We are so naive like little puppets on a string and we need to waker the f up. There are no terrorists. The US government and many world leaders are so corrupt the people would die of shock and betrayal if they had any idea how deep the rabbit hole of bullshit went. WAKE UP AND GET OFF YOUR KNEES humanity!stop being robots

ladynblue332455 said...

to the above poster. The entire crap on t.v and media is fake. I don'
don't watch any of that crap anymore.

DirtBagger said...

Do you think the Navy Seals are involved in your conspiracy theory also?

Real Truth Online said...

DirtBagger, if the CIA can do false flag operations [see Operation Northwoods], then can easily provide people they claim to be Navy Seals. Nobody ever said the supposed Navy Seals had to be REAL, did they?

Real Truth Online said...

ladynblue, why do you block access to your profile?

the_last_name_left said...

Me: You have asserted that OBL was definitely killed earlier (than 2011).

Larry/RealTruthOnline: You're wrong AGAIN! I never said it was ME that asserted Osama died earlier---it was OTHER high level officials.


Does Larry believe it or not?

Does he believe what he wrote, or not?

Who knows?

Real Truth Online said...

"Does Larry believe it or not?"

It doesn't matter if i BELIEVE it---because my statement is true that it has been asserted earlier than 2011. YOU on the other hand stated on your stupid blog that you QUESTION OBL's death [whether it's true or not] but then post a story titled "He's Dead".

Do you believe they JUST killed him or not??