Friday, April 29, 2011

I’m Convinced: Obama’s Long-form Birth Certificate Is A Photo-Shopped Fake

Something really strange is going on. This new-released birth certificate is a result of photo shop. If this is a fake [and it appears to be], the government is behind one of the biggest lies and scandals in U.S. history: the endorsement of a President who is not eligible to hold office. And if that is true, what’s the reason?

by Larry Simons
April 29, 2011

I have never been a “birther” [if “birther” refers to one that does not believe Obama was not born in America]. I have always held that Obama’s birthplace has nothing to do with why I believe he is not eligible. Obama’s father being a British subject under a British law that states that offspring of British subjects are also British citizens is the kicker for me. If Barack Obama has dual citizenship, that makes him ineligible to me. This issue has never been discussed or brought up in the media.

The video below is fascinating because it clearly shows that parts of Obama’s birth certificate appear to be unmatched to other parts.

A few anomalies of the birth certificate [click pictures to enlarge]

Notice how the first 4 digits of his birth number [1064] are dark black and very clear but the fifth number [1] is grayish and blurry. It appears to be photoshopped.

Notice how the edges of the birth certificate do not blend in with the green design in the background, as if it has been inserted onto another page with the green/white design

Notice the two dates on the birth certificate [Date accepted by Reg. General and Date accepted by Local Reg.] Some numbers and the abbreviation “AUG” appears to be photoshopped in with other numbers more dark and clearer. Notice the grayish-looking "AUG-8" and "6" in the picture below and grayish-looking "AUG-8 196" in the second picture below.

Alex Jones talks to one of his photoshop expert staff about the forgery

Also, where is the original State Registrar's stamped signature on Obama's birth certificate? The newly released one has the current State Registrar's stamped signature, shown here:

Where is the original registrar's name, as this Hawaiian birth certificate from 1981 has [below]?

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