Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Just Seven Days After Angry Alex Jones Fans Flooded Comment Threads with Overwhelming Opposition to Fraud Lindsey Williams, Jones Has Him Back

Jones claims “listeners demanded” another Williams interview despite the fact that there is no story/post mentioning Williams on the program [preventing fans from posting comments in opposition] on any of Jones’ sites. Prison Planet doesn’t mention the “demanded” interview at all and Infowars only mentions it in a small box in the corner of the homepage

by Larry Simons
March 2, 2011

Last Tuesday and Wednesday, the comment threads to stories titled, “Lindsey Williams to Break Bombshell Info on Alex Jones Show” and “Oil Prices Skyrocket In Line with Williams’ Latest Revelations”, posted on both Alex Jones’ sites Prison Planet and Infowars amassed into a shitstorm of condemnatory comments from angry and fed up listeners. Many comments were directed at Jones for continually inviting Williams, who listeners now regard as a complete fraud and a pitchman for his own products, on his radio show.

Anger was also directed at Williams’ garrulous nature of his messages. Many listeners posted comments saying that Williams takes 30 minutes to reveal 4 minutes of relevant information. I covered this story last week highlighting the fact that not only were many fans outraged at Williams’ long-winded “revelations”, but also at his snake oil salesman-like plugs of his books and DVD’s. Some have even suggested that Jones allows Williams to use The Alex Jones Show as a platform for plugging Williams’ merchandise and that Jones may even receive a cut from the profits in exchange for airtime.

Not only does Jones not take heed to the overwhelming criticism he received from last week’s interview with Williams, but he brings Williams back yesterday [March 1] and says this:

“I wanted to have him [Williams] back up for a part three interview because listeners have demanded it”Jones says this at 7:31 into this video

For the love of god, can someone please tell me what listeners Jones is referring to? Sure, the comment threads last week had some positive comments about the interview, but easily at least 75% of the comment boards were extremely negative toward Jones and Williams. That translates to “listeners have demanded it” to Jones?

If what Jones claims is true and “listeners have demanded it”, I would love for Jones to explain why, on his own YouTube page TheAlexJonesChannel, he does not include the portion of video where he states, “I wanted to have him [Williams] back up for a part three interview because listeners have demanded it” on any of the two videos that show yesterday’s Williams interview? Jones made that statement roughly 3 minutes before the interview actually began [when Williams began speaking], but the video on Jones’ YouTube page begins roughly 52 seconds before the interview begins, omitting the aforementioned Jones statement. Why the omission Alex? Hmmm?

Is it because Jones knows that if that particular portion of the video was included, he would be bombarded with comments from even more infuriated listeners who would wonder [like I did] where these listeners are who “demanded” another Lindsey Williams interview? Luckily, I was able to find another YouTube video that showed the complete interview Jones conducted with Williams. You would think Jones himself would include his entire radio program [unedited] on his own YouTube page. No, you have to go elsewhere for it.

Also, if Jones’ claim that “listeners have demanded it” were true, why does Jones completely omit posting this very interview on either of his sites, Prison Planet or Infowars? As of this writing [1:18am EST on March 2] the latest Williams interview is nowhere to be found on both sites. There is not even a mention of the interview at all on Prison Planet [as if it didn’t even happen]. Infowars does mention that Williams was on The Alex Jones Show on Tuesday. Not in a story or post, but only on the upper right corner of the Infowars home page.

screenshot from Infowars showing the only mention of the Williams interview

So, there you have it. The BIG interview that “listeners have demanded” is not posted anywhere on both Prison Planet and Infowars. I have frequented both sites often and I will tell you, Jones always posts the YouTube videos to his interviews with Williams…except for now, seven days after the comment threads on postings of Lindsey Williams interviews lit up like a Las Vegas marquee, blasting Jones and Williams for their incessant fearmongering and fraudiness.

A “highly demanded” interview never sees the light of day on both Jones’ popular sites and Jones claims he is a champion of free speech and an “infowarrior”, yet he blocks his own major stories from being posted on his own sites? Why the cover-up Alex?

It is quite possible that the posting of the Williams interview [from March 1] will magically appear on both sites Wednesday. If it does, it will be the longest period of time Jones and Co. ever waited before posting an interview [they are usually posted within hours], especially one "demanded" by listeners.

It appears the interview with Lindsey Williams has surfaced on Prison Planet but still not as a link to a story in which comments can be posted. It appears as a tiny YouTube video that is practically hidden away at the bottom right hand corner of Prison Planet’s home page. Odd place for an interview listeners “demanded”.

Keep in mind this is the very same aforementioned video from Alex Jones’ YouTube page in which he omits the 3 minutes prior to beginning of the interview, therefore omitting Jones saying, “I wanted to have him [Williams] back up for a part three interview because listeners have demanded it”.

Screen shot from the bottom right hand corner of Prison Planet’s home page

Infowars now does not mention the interview at all.


Andrew said...

Incredibly curious. It's beginning to look like he will get a cut from DVD sales. It simply doesn't make sense otherwise - to have Williams on AGAIN, in the wake of the Sheen disaster. Is it starting to feel like Groundhog Day or what?

Real Truth Online said...

Or in the wake of fans infuriated at Jones for the interview with Williams just last week! There can be NO doubt this is why the actual interview was not posted on neither of Jones' sites. He was faced with a choice: Post the interview and close comment threads or not post the interview at all [where comments can be left].

We all see the choice he made.

the_last_name_left said...

If Williams had paid for 2 slots....and promotion etc...then GCN would be obliged to provide it.

That accounts for the narrative - unless Williams had something vital to say. Which he didn't, judging by the audience response.

So it looks like obligation to Williams rather than journalism. Which is what it is.....of course.

As i say, I have seen one of Jones' characters claim they have to pay to get on his show.

Is there nothing more out there on this? Can't someone find out if they charge, or even try to hoax them?