Friday, March 11, 2011

Alex Jones Has Lindsey Williams On Again. Jones' Sites Still Not Posting Interviews in Story/Post Form So Fans Can Comment

Why is PrisonPlanet no longer placing Lindsey Williams interviews under the Multimedia and Featured Stories sections like they always did prior to two weeks ago? Well, we know exactly why, don’t we?

by Larry Simons
March 11, 2011

PrisonPlanet webmaster Paul Watson and Alex Jones just may be well on their way to capturing 2011’s Fraudie award. They could win the coveted award for their continual refusal to post “highly demanded” interviews with “oil insider” fraud Lindsey Williams within the Multimedia and Featured Stories sections of PrisonPlanet and the Featured Stories section at Infowars as they had always done prior to two weeks ago.

Two weeks ago, as I previously reported, fans/listeners to the Alex Jones Show radio program were lighting up the comment boards in unprecedented condemnation of fraud Lindsey Williams for his snake-oil salesmen interviews he gives to Alex Jones. Angry fans were [and still are] fed up with Williams’ continual “shocking news” stories he claims to receive from his self-proclaimed connection to “oil insiders” [who mysteriously continue to feed to him their "elitist"/secretive plans when he blabs them to the world].

Just 9 days ago, I showcased not only why Jones continues to conduct interviews with a guest that the majority of his audience overwhelmingly despises, but that Jones continually lies and claims that most of his audience demands the interviews. Also, ever since the comment sections were being bombarded with negative comments directed at Jones and Williams, Jones and PrisonPlanet webmaster Paul Watson have ceased to place the Williams interviews within the two main sections they had always been placed prior to the fan fury: Featured Stories and Multimedia.

Now Watson and Jones hide the interviews off to the side of the page at the bottom on a tiny YouTube video, in which comments cannot be posted. It is true that if you go to the main video page at YouTube, you can still leave comments under the video [as many are still leaving negative comments there], but it is hardly the same thing. The bulk of visitors to PrisonPlanet are strictly Alex Jones followers, whereas the bulk of people who post comments under YouTube videos may or not be strictly Jones fans.

It is pure deception and fraud on Watson and Jones’ part to exclude the Williams interviews from the Featured Stories and Multimedia sections [where they had always been], and then hide them away in a practically hidden section of the page where visitors have to scroll down to find [and cannot comment on]. Odd thing to do, especially since Jones claims the interviews are “highly demanded”.

Just 2 days ago [March 9], Jones had Williams on again. Lo and behold, the interview is once again tucked away at the bottom of PrisonPlanet’s home page on a tiny YouTube video [see below], safe from public scourge. Alex Jones fans/listeners, once again, are stripped from their First Amendment right to administer dissent and condemnation onto the very people who claim to honor and protect free speech.

The latest Lindsey Williams interview. Practically hidden away at the right/bottom of PrisonPlanet's home page

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the_last_name_left said...

Good stuff. Interesting that he hides it away whilst claiming it is in such demand. Especially seeing as it isn't in demand.

Why do you think they persist with Williams? And why do they 'protect' him as they do?

Williams is essentially touting 'Drill baby, drill!' isn't he? He claims there's an oil company conspiracy to prevent drilling, is that right? Mad idea, I think. As you say, why would these big-wigs keep confiding in him? Laughable.