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Prison Planet Admits Using Charlie Sheen and the Entertainment Industry to Generate Publicity [and Revenue] for Alex Jones’ Websites

Oh, sure...they do not actually say the word “revenue” but that is exactly what more publicity means….more cash and more fame

by Larry Simons
February 28, 2011

My analysis of Prison Planet/Infowars latest Sheen story “Inside the Mind of Charlie Sheen

The following is the verbatim article written by Paul Watson and Alex Jones as it appears on Prison Planet and Infowars and my response/analysis in [purple]:


“Following the controversy caused by Charlie Sheen’s wild and rampaging appearance on The Alex Jones Show, it’s necessary to understand why the actor is so angry, if only to set the record straight on a number of issues that have been misconstrued by the establishment media, as well as explaining why Infowars and Alex Jones are involving themselves with the machinations of the entertainment industry.”

[Why is it necessary to understand why Sheen is angry? Why even mention Sheen on Jones’ websites? Why even be connected and associated with a drug-addicted degenerate? Why does Alex Jones feel the need to give Sheen a platform to “set the record straight”? Jones, although profoundly obsessed with celebrities, is not a reporter for Entertainment Tonight or Extra. We already know why Jones is involved in the machinations of the entertainment industry…because he is obsessed with celebrities and is far more interested in promoting his websites, DVD’s and all his other merchandise than he is in informing the world about what is really going on]

“Firstly, Charlie Sheen is clean. Alex Jones spent considerable time with the actor recently and personally witnessed the fact Sheen is off the alcohol, is regularly exercising and is more focused than ever before.”

[Jones “personally witnessed it” Sheen is clean, huh? Wow, I’m convinced! Alex, please explain to your fans why Charlie Sheen sounded completely jacked up with cocaine during the interview? Wait, I take that back…please don’t explain, because I don’t care if he is clean or 1 minute from death. You shouldn’t care either Alex Jones]

“The impact of coming off a 6 month burnout and the endorphin rush that this causes undoubtedly contributed to Sheen’s over the top behavior during the interview, but this behavior came as a result of Sheen’s anger reaching boiling point.”

[So Sheen is excused for his behavior then, right? The message that Watson and Jones is sending with this statement is this: If you come off a 6-month burnout and have an endorphin rush, anything you do as a result is justified and you should not be held accountable. If you rob a bank, shoot someone or scream profanities at children or senior citizens, it’s A-OK, because it’s an endorphin rush and it’s not your fault]

“Sheen even went to the extent of providing Radar Online with a urine sample to prove he was clean – the sample came back negative and Sheen passed the drug test. Sheen also passed a blood test conducted by doctors on behalf of Entertainment Tonight.”

[Did anyone witness Sheen piss in the cup? Even if he did pass…so fucking what? Who cares if he’s clean now? Him “being clean now” excuses him from his psychotic behavior over the last 20 years? It excuses him from “accidentally” shooting Kelly Preston in the arm? It excuses the $53,000 he spent on Heidi Fleiss’ prostitutes? It excuses him from beating the shit out of Brittany Ashland and choking Capri Anderson? It excuses him for the domestic violence incident involving his third wife Brooke Mueller? The list goes on and on. It must require basketball-sized nuts for Alex Jones and Paul Watson to defend this prick!]

“Why is Sheen so angry? While Sheen was recuperating from his personal troubles, he had to keep his mouth shut as people who he thought were his friends ceaselessly attacked him with complete disregard for Sheen’s well-being.”

[The question should not be “Why is Sheen so angry?”, it should be, “Sheen has friends?”. It should be, “Who gives a 2-cent shit about Sheen’s well-being?”. It should be, “Why is Sheen still free to walk in society?”]

“Sheen was told by his studio not to complain about the cancellation of four Two and Half Men episodes, and the actor kept his word as he prepared to go back to work and film the final four episodes of the season. However, during this time he was subjected to several vicious personal attacks, not least of which by writer Chuck Lorre, who while Sheen was recovering, taunted him with vanity cards displayed at the end of Two and a Half Men episodes about how he should “outlive” Charlie Sheen, along with other vanity cards run on separate TV shows that insulted Sheen for being “dead inside”. Lorre proudly displays these insults on his own website."

[Sheen doesn’t deserve personal attacks? He is a menace to society and should not even be free to walk among normal, sane, productive citizens. I do blame Chuck Lorre and CBS for one thing: For caring more about ratings and money than having the integrity to fire crazy Charlie long, long ago!]

“The media has completely missed the fact that Lorre cast the first stone. While Sheen kept his mouth shut and was trying to get himself together, instead of getting support he was getting constantly attacked.”

[“Get himself together?” What is Jones’ and Watsons’ definition of this…”beating the fuck out of one or two women instead of five or six?” ‘Taking drugs four days a week instead of every day of the week?”]

“Before Sheen appeared on The Alex Jones Show, Alex talked to the actor in order to get an idea of what Sheen wanted to discuss on the program. As we highlighted in our promo article for Sheen’s appearance, we expected Sheen to address some of the “myriad of exaggerations, misinformation and outright falsehoods about his life that have been whipped up by the establishment media in recent weeks.””

[And, like I said, nobody knows why it’s Alex Jones’ job to do this. Jones’ disturbing obsession with celebrities will not let him realize that getting Sheen to “address some of the “myriad of exaggerations, misinformation and outright falsehoods about his life” is not his job. I also love how the link Jones and Watson provided for their promo was the Infowars link, for which they allowed 11 comments, but the Prison Planet link to the same story, they allowed ZERO comments, because they closed the comment thread on PP]

“Alex Jones was not prepared for what was to follow, as Sheen vented his anger in a number of different ways – some strange, some offensive, and some hilarious. This kicked off a global media firestorm that continues to rage as Sheen now prepares to appear on ABC’s “20/20″.

[None of it was hilarious. It was ALL disturbing and ridiculous. Jones loves every minute of the fact that it “kicked off a global media firestorm”, because maybe that equals cash, cash, cash!]

“Obviously, Sheen doesn’t really think Thomas Jefferson is a “pussy” and that he and Alex Jones are ninja warlocks or vatican assassins. The interview was partly serious, partly dark satire and partly dark poetry. Indeed, the interview has attracted so much attention that Sheen’s use of the word “winning,” as a jab against his detractors is fast catching on as some of kind of new viral “Chuck Norris facts” style cultural motif.”

[“Obviously” huh? And what statement during the interview or since the interview makes that “obvious”?? It is astonishing that Watson and Jones would say it’s “obvious” and then refuse to explain why it’s obvious. It’s crystal clear why Watson and Jones did not include the “obvious” reason; because it does not exist and because Sheen meant to say Jefferson was a “pussy”, and Watson and Jones have ZERO evidence that Sheen did not mean it]

“As is to be expected, the establishment media seized upon Sheen’s comments and instantly began smearing the actor. Sheen was ludicrously dubbed “anti-semitic” for using Lorre’s birth name. As Sheen points out in the ABC interview, “So you’re telling me, anytime someone calls me Carlos Estevez, I can claim they are anti-Latino?””

[Once again, Watson and Jones deny an accusation and fail to provide the evidence that Sheen was not being anti-Semitic. Why mention Chuck Lorre’s real name? Watson and Jones’ only defense is to make a stupid analogy of the Sheen question, “So you’re telling me, anytime someone calls me Carlos Estevez, I can claim they are anti-Latino?” My answer: YES, if they are saying it in the exact same context Sheen was saying Lorre’s real name in! YES!]

“While Sheen tries to get his life back on course he will continue to be attacked by the corporate media and his own colleagues for two primary reasons. Firstly, to have someone as outspoken as Sheen enjoying the platform of the biggest grossing television show in America is dangerous for the establishment.”

[Huh? Sheen is a part of that establishment! He admitted during his mock/fake interview with Barack Obama that he voted for Obama, but Jones and Watson will have us believe that Sheen is anti-establishment? Are they kidding? “Dangerous” for the establishment? I’m pissing my pants! The only thing dangerous is Charlie Sheen walking among sane American citizens]

“We saw this when Sheen came out for 9/11 truth.”

[And that just might be the single worst thing that has ever happened to the truth movement. Alex Jones befriending and defending a nutcase like Sheen gives the former reason a run for its money]

“Secondly, it appears likely that CBS and Warner Bros. Television are trying to force Sheen to quit so they don’t have to fire him and buy out his contract.”

[Again, money trumps everything in Hollywood. CBS should be an accessory to Sheen’s criminality, because it’s the 1.8 million an episode CBS pays him to live his life of insanity]

“For the sake of everyone who works on the show, we hope everybody can get together and work everything out. There has been enough vitriol from both sides and it’s time to sit down and come to an understanding.”

[Watson…Jones…why do you even care?]

“As to why we are talking about a Hollywood actor’s career troubles when massive revolts are spreading the globe as the planet verges on the precipice of chaos, the answer is simple. For a start, we never expected Charlie’s interview to turn into such a gargantuan spectacle to the point where it became the number one news story in America.”

[Watson and Jones state “the answer is simple”, then fail to give the reason they are involved!]

"However, neo-liberal Soros outlets like Media Matters and many others have attacked Infowars and Alex Jones for inserting himself into the Sheen controversy in order to generate attention and publicity for Jones’ websites. Far from being an underhanded tactic, we are proud of this fact and have openly stated that this was our goal after the Sheen story went supernova….winning!"

[Here Watson and Jones claim they are being “attacked” by Media Matters as if they are innocent. Then, in the very next sentence they ADMIT Media Matters is correct in accusing them of wanting the publicity! This explains why Jones and the staff at Prison Planet are attracted to nutballs like Sheen: They are equally as crazy as Sheen! They admit they are involved in the Sheen story to generate publicity, which equals more hits, which equals more subscriptions, which equals more cash.

Here’s the best part: Watson and Jones state, “we are proud of this fact and have openly stated that this was our goal [generating publicity] after the Sheen story went supernova” after they had previously stated, “While Sheen was recuperating from his personal troubles, he had to keep his mouth shut as people who he thought were his friends ceaselessly attacked him with complete disregard for Sheen’s well-being.”

Is it not showing a complete disregard for Sheen’s well-being to exploit this story and to use Sheen to gain publicity (which leads to revenue) for Alex Jones’ websites? Watson and Jones are complete fucking hypocrites!]

“By making such a sortie into the matrix, we are able to reach out to dumbed-down TV heads who would never have had their interest peaked otherwise. Indeed, we are already receiving numerous emails from Two and a Half Men viewers who are experiencing sudden revelations in political awakening, having been asleep for years."

[They would have to remain dumbed-down and “asleep” to not see past the blatant exploitation of Charlie Sheen by the likes of the two biggest hypocritical frauds on the planet, Alex Jones and Paul Watson. So, since it would be obvious that Watson and Jones would practically require their new “fans” to remain in their dumbed-down stupor (in order to be blind to Jones’ hypocrisy), that only means one thing: Jones and Watson want their new “awakened” fans for their own personal financial profit]

“We are harnessing the power of the global entertainment industry, which is so detrimental to our society and culture, and using the establishment’s tactics as a weapon against the establishment itself."

[My response to this is summed up perfectly by commenter “the sage” on this thread, when he says:

“And yet, in contradiction to this, Alex and PP have been constantly praising Sheen and his lifetime of Hollywood success as an achievement to honor Sheen and give him a platform on prison planet. I agree with the quote, but Sheen is part of that industry. It is total propaganda for prison planet to try to have it…both ways…concerning Sheen."]

“In saying that, Jones has been a close personal friend of Sheen for no less than six years and his primary concern was for Sheen’s well-being, which is why he spent considerable time with Sheen long before the controversy erupted."

[LOL. And these two fucktards just said they are using this story to generate publicity! How can they claim they are concerned for his well-being and then say they are exploiting the story for financial gain, and then go right back and say in the very next sentence that they care for his well-being again?]

“But don’t think for a minute that we’re going to waste such an opportunity to bring millions of new potential Infowarriors into the fold by disguising the antidote of truth inside a package of shiny, media friendly, celebrity gossip – we’d be fools not to.”

[And now they are back to saying the exploitation of Sheen is their clear intention after they just said that Jones’ “primary concern was for Sheen’s well-being”! Jesus! How are they any different from the ones they condemn for attacking Sheen?]

“This is an information war. We need to stop preaching to the choir and extend an olive branch to the millions of Americans who are locked inside the matrix with no knowledge of how to escape. By using the global juggernaut of the entertainment industry and people’s obsession with celebrities, itself a contrivance of the establishment, we can awake millions more would-be zombies from their slumber.”

[Again, my response is summed up better by “the sage”. He says:

“So you admittedly artificially and falsely propped up the image of Sheen to all the prison planet listeners in contradiction to what he really represents (just another element of the corrupt Hollywood influence) in order to wake up the zombies for which Sheen is partially responsible for entertaining and/or creating? So now Sheen deserves respect for prison planet being able to use his downward spiral for the benefit of humanity? This article is more disturbing than anything Sheen has ever ranted”]

I concur.

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the_last_name_left said...

YES, if they are saying it in the exact same context Sheen was saying Lorre’s real name in! YES!


Indeed. And look how easily they just shrug it off?

And Jones is fully aware that his audience is susceptible to anti-semitism - ideas about Jewish 'control' of the media and industry are known to prevail amongst much of his audience.

That's what Sheen was providing a specific example of - in a context of anti-semitism? And Jones must know it.

What purpose does it serve Jones or Sheen? All it does is identify the guy as "a jew" - and what for, exactly? Other than revealing anti-semitism what does it matter that they pursue it? They shrug off accusations of anti-semitism without ever explaining what the relevance or purpose actually IS of their identifying the guy as "a jew".

If it doesn't matter what he's called, why do they insist on calling him by his Jewish name?

They think people are stupid.