Thursday, February 3, 2011

FRAUD ALERT!: My Posts Are Deleted Under a Thread to A Story About That Bloggers’ Posts Being Deleted!

I have been “Ostroyed” again. I have the proof

by Larry Simons
February 3, 2011

Normally, I would not give unimportant, insignificant shitbags any attention on my blog [so as to not link to them and give them hits], but I just couldn’t ignore this. A hypocritical coward that goes under The Last Blog Left [I say ‘coward’ because he is too chickenshit to give his actual name or photograph on his blog] has been attempting to refute my blog for a year or two now [and has failed miserably]. We debate just about anything, from 9-11 to Jared Loughner, and I continually school him, over and over again.

I have only mentioned him one other time on my blog. Not because I am trying to hide my battles with him, but because he is a nameless, faceless troll who deserves no mention whatsoever on my blog, most of all because he doesn’t matter.

I could not ignore this. It was just too good. Yesterday on his stupid blog he posted a story in which he bitched about his posts being deleted from a site he posted at called Rys2Sense [anti-neocons]. I literally laughed out loud because over the past year or two he has done nothing but bitch about his comments being deleted [while at the same time deleting my comments from time to time].

Just in the past few weeks he has deleted many of my comments where I continually school him with facts about the Jared Loughner shootings in Tucson on January 8. Every once in awhile I will spout off a cuss word in my posts, but since my posts are chock full of irrefutable facts that he cannot answer, he deletes them and claims the reason they are deleted is because of the profanity.

I went through this same bullshit with liberal blogger Andy Ostroy last year when he would delete my comments and claim they were packed with hate-filled vitriol [also claiming that I violated’s rules for blogging] and that he would report me to if I continued. Naturally, Ostroy would delete the comments so that would be prevented from seeing the evidence of my “vitriol” he claimed I spewed.

I called this being “Ostroyed”.

Ostroyed: Having your comment deleted from a blog when the blogs owner claims you were “off topic”, “nasty” or you violated rules, when in reality, it was because the comment contained something the owner could not debunk or wanted to confront.

Yesterday on TLBL’s blog, I posted these two messages right after I laughed at his blatant hypocrisy of bitching about being deleted when he does it to me [and to others]. In my posts, I predicted that the posts would be deleted [even under a story in which he bitches about being deleted himself]. Here are the screen shots.

As you can see, the comments were posted under the story titled, “Deleted by Rys2Sense” and I left the comments at 7:23 PM and 7:24 PM on Feb 2. At 4:37 AM on February 3, my prediction came true. [Keep in mind, TLBL is from England so he is 5 hours ahead of USA time]. The bottom screen shot shows my earlier two posts deleted, so I added a new comment [notice it is the same story titled, “Deleted by Rys2Sense”].

TLBL loves to hide behind the notion that profanity offends him [and this is why he deletes posts] but as the below screen shot shows, three of TLBL’s labels on the right side of his blog contain profanity: “fuck you”, “Bastards”, and “Tory Fucking Bastards”, so it is obvious that profanity is not an issue with TLBL………FACTS are.

My above comment posted at 4:37 AM was deleted. So I posted another. Too damned funny!

UPDATE: TLBL continues deleting my posts [AND posts from OTHERS, who are NOT violating the rules he claims I was...which I wasn't].

Here's the proof [click to enlarge]

One comment he deleted was from "anonymous". Anonymous said:

"So, Last-Name, You accuse others of deleting your posts and then actually justify exactly why you delete posts!!"

It was deleted. It broke no rules, was not hateful vitriol and contained no profanity. It didn't matter. TLBL was not, under any circumstances, going to confront a comment that he had no way of addressing. So, delete-a-roo it was!

I responded to anonymous' comment by saying:

"EXCELLENT point Anonymous!! EXCELLENT! I'm sure Rys2Sense has his reasons too! So, the REAL issue here is, is that TLNL is saying HIS reasons are BETTER than Rys2Sense's reasons!!!! God, I'm pissing my pants!"


Earlier I had posted this: [TLBL's comments in purple]

"Your comments are deleted because

1) they either said nothing"

Translation: Larry makes EXCELLENT points and I just can't refute them, so I will say there is absolutely no substance to his posts whatsoever or bitch about him cussing [when I cuss myself quite frequently]-----too funny.

"2) you make unsubstantiated accusations which are clearly libelous and possibly subject to litigation. I want nothing to do with it."

Please list the "unsubstantiated accusations"----AND if that's the case, why would that merit DELETION? If they are "unsubstantiated", couldn't you EASILY make me look like a fool and debunk them???

"Clearly libelous"??? Then why would you PROTECT me and DELETE them? That's what Ostroy does, claims I violate's rules and then ERASES the evidence so that they couldn't see my "supposed" libelous comments! I'm laughing my head off!

Please list these "libelous" comments-----I'm all ears.

"Nothing you have said has any direct relevance here. This is my blog, not Socrates'."

Please see TRANSLATION above.

"Your beef is with Socrates, not me. I don't know anything about the accusations you make - in my own experience I have seen nothing of Socrates which fits with the character of your claims. None whatsoever. If Socrates uses a lot of user names, so what? I don't know anything about it, nor do I much care."

So why did you ERASE the comment made by the guy who made the claims and whose site the comment linked to that listed the smorgasbord of evidence that Socrates is a loon??

Why was his comment DELETED? So no one could click on to that guys site and read the evidence for themselves? You "not having seen nothing about Socrates' character of [not MY claims, the other guys] claims", means you are LAZY, since the link was on your screen to easily just click and find out, like I did.

So, you "dont care" if Socrates uses alot of user names? So, you dont care that he's a big fraud and loon? It's very interesting that you mentioned his many user names, because when I made my comment about it the other day I didnt mention anything about him having many user names, I just said "I clicked that link and read alot about Socrates and he's a loon"----I didnt mention the user names------but YOU just did! LOL. So, that means you must have clicked that link and saw what I saw!!! You just inadvertently let the cat out of the bag that you KNOW Socrates is a fraud---after just claiming "I don't know anything about the accusations you make - in my own experience I have seen nothing of Socrates which fits with the character of your claims. None whatsoever."!!!!!

Jesus, you are the biggest FRAUD on planet Earth buddy!!!!"


Here's the best part. TLBL claims I was "spamming" the thread, so I wrote this:

"How is it considered spamming when the comment is deleted? I thought spamming is when you flood the thread with the same comment over and over and it's NOT deleted?"

TLBL abandoned his rule of me not being allowed to post [for 5 seconds] because he was able to confront it without looking he thought. He responded:

"I guess it's just plain ole malice then, Larry."

I responded: [NOTE: When I attempted to post this, I was not logged into my blog and TLBL's blog did not allow my comment to appear. I figured out that he had changed his settings so only those who are logged into their google accounts can post this the world's biggest fraud or what?]

"Thought I wasn't allowed to post? If I'm not allowed, then don't respond to the posts. If I AM allowed, address the posts you've been DELETING. Why is it OK for YOU to delete but not Rys2Sense? Maybe he thinks it's malice too? Hmmm? Can we agree on that?

You changed the commenting option so now one has to be on their google account to post now! LOL. I own your blog."

Here is the screen shot of the above post

Naturally, because my above comment incriminated TLBL and couldn't be addressed without extreme embarrassment and fear that he would be exposed as the big fraud he is on his own blog, it was deleted. Here's the proof:

How much more proof does anyone need that TLBL is the biggest fraud that ever lived?

NOTE: He calls my comments "libelous" despite the fact that a libelous comment hinges upon a statement being FALSE. I proved everything I claimed he did and said in this post. Plus, can comments really be libelous if the one claiming libel against them has not disclosed his actual name and/or photo? TLBL is a nameless, faceless blog who writes under an alias. How can that be libelous even IF my comments were false [which they are not, as I have proven]


Anonymous said...

all those names you get called last cock in mouth queenie fraud name left are all ok, because its all true. get over it you fraud.

the_last_name_left said...

Those comments about libel weren't addressed to you. Obviously.

Larry said...

"Obviously" huh??? You were ONLY talking to ME, douchebag.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Larry, I think you're being more than a little disingenuous with your claims of "Every once in awhile I will spout off a cuss word in my posts". Even a cursory examination of your posts at TLBL illustrates your need for constant ad hominem abuse.
Profanity per se isn't the issue: 'fuck' is not the same as 'fuck you', especially when it comes to public debate.

Here's just one example of your approach:

"your pea brain refuses to follow this:If Im making a documentary and youre in one segment and PRIOR to the filming, I ask you not to use profanity and when I film you DO cuss, and then I edit it out later, that is NOT censoring, because you failed to obey my rules. Got it now, faggot??
01 August 2009 01:57"

Homophobic slurs are necessary to make your point?

It's interesting to note that all the examples you offer contain no abuse, presumably because you intended to post them on your blog as evidence. I think that's being disingenuous.

As for all your final points, if you read TLBL's comment he addresses them to "rrorim", not you. Hence his 'obviously' rebuttal.


Your comments are deleted because

1) they either said nothing

2) you make unsubstantiated accusations which are clearly libelous and possibly subject to litigation. I want nothing to do with it."

I'm just trying to be objective. If you stop insulting people needlessly then your opinion will be more coherent. Readers can decide for themselves.

Larry said...

Anonymous, why do you go under "anon" and act like a 3rd party whe you are really TLBL?? I know you are. I have sitemeter, remember???

Anonymous said...

I'm not TLBL, Larry, but yes I'm in the UK. I read both your Blogs, so I just thought I'd offer my humble opinion. Plenty of interesting things to discuss without it becoming a flame-war. You have a B.S. degree in counseling, surely talking is the answer?

Larry said...

"both" my blogs? whats my other one?

Real Truth Online said...

"I'm not TLBL, Larry, but yes I'm in the UK."

One of TLBL's queer friends, no doubt.

the_last_name_left said...

presumably you don't have any "queer" friends, Larry?

I'm sure they'd dig your ease.

Anonymous said...

hey larry, of course hes queer. thats why everyone calls him last cock in mouth queenie fraud name left. thats also why he wont use his real name, just like his but buddy plat eerrr socrates. lol.

the_last_name_left said...

hey, great point about my cowardly anonymity, mr anonymous.

I'm far less anonymous than you.

Did that escape your super-brain?

Anonymous said...

Sorry if I wasn't clear: by "both" blogs I meant, I read 'Real Truth Online' and 'The Last Blog Left'.

"One of TLBL's queer friends, no doubt." - No, I'm neither. I don't think I need to be gay to point out homophobic slurs, any more than I need to be an ethnic minority to accuse someone of being racist. Does naming yourself after Larry's blog mean your one of his "queer" friends? Ad hominem abuse, just undermines people's point of view. Your post, and that of the other Anonymous illustrate this very well. Why not address the issues here instead?

I could use my real name, or a pseudonym, but I choose not to. I don't think it's important in this instance. I have no blog of my own, and I have no affiliation to either RTO or TLBL. Nor do I have any agenda other than discussing the points Larry's post raises.

Larry's Queenie Fraud Blog Left said...

Oh Larrrrrryyyyyy!

Where are you my dear?

Are you spamming someone else?

I'm jealous.

Anonymous said...

of course hes a fraud larry, he cant even use his real name. thats why we call him last cock in mouth queenie fraud name left. hey tlbl your pathetic ok twinkles.

the_last_name_left said...

yes, anonymous, I'm pathetic because I can't live up to your standards.

have you ever thought about running for public office?

Intellectually Honest said...

Larry wins . . . again.

Anonymous said...

What do you call it when someone doesnt respond to im's? Because Larry you do that, dont make me say what the im's are about.