Saturday, February 26, 2011

Crackhead Charlie Sheen Calls Greatest President Ever, Thomas Jefferson, a “Pussy”; Alex Jones Laughs About It

Above picture is Alex Jones laughing when Charlie Sheen called one of our countries’ greatest leaders a “pussy”. No wonder Jones has no respect for his own fans [who he censors on a daily basis]; he disrespects our own founding fathers in order to gain approval of a womanizing, narcissistic, sex-addicted crack-head

by Larry Simons
February 26, 2011

During Thursday’s interview on The Alex Jones Show, free-speech hater Jones gave airtime to woman-beating crack-head Charlie Sheen, a move that had already been condemned by scores of Jones fans even before the interview took place. In between cocaine-induced rants, profanity-ridden tirades, calling Chuck Lorre [producer of his TV show] a “turd” and insisting that he was “clean” [from cocaine], Sheen went a step further and insulted one of the greatest Americans this country has ever seen: Thomas Jefferson.

During one of his narcissistic, drug-induced babblings, Sheen condemned Alcoholics Anonymous by saying this:

“This bootleg cult arrogantly referred to as AA, is…Alex, sports like a 5% success rate. My success rate is 100%. Do the math. Take for instance its founder, a desperate and, I don’t know, broken down plagiarist stayed high on acid until the day he died. I can’t seem to find that chapter in his silly book of lies. And then Alex, try to get your mind around this, as a fellow warrior deep in the trenches. Their entire manifesto is built upon complete and total surrender or the concept of complete and total surrender. They urge you to put down your sword and come join the winners. In 22 years, the only winners I could locate in their toothless war were either driving a convertible van or living like trolls under some abandoned bridge. Another one of their stupid mottoes Alex is uh, “don’t be special, be one of us”. Newsflash, I am special and I will never be one of you! There it is.”

In response, Jones said, “You sound like Thomas Jefferson”, in which Sheen said, “Well I’m not Thomas Jefferson. He was a pussy.”

Listen to the clip, it is said right around the 3:30 mark

First of all, I have no idea what Jones was even referring to when he stated that Sheen “sounded like Thomas Jefferson”. How?? Is Jones saying that Jefferson was constantly jacked up on so many drugs that he would talk continually without stopping for at least a half of a second to catch his breath? Or was Jones saying that Jefferson thought he was god’s gift to women and better than everyone else? Who knows?

Second of all, Sheen never volunteers to explain what made Jefferson a “pussy”. Jones never even asks him, nor does Jones rebuke Sheen. Instead, Jones follows that deplorable comment with the common reaction that all true patriots would have…he laughs about it.

For Jones to sit in his studio day in and day out and claim that he loves this country and admires our founding fathers, and then turn right around and let the biggest asshole in show business insult one of the greatest men that has ever lived while Jones just laughs it off is nothing short of despicable.

Sure, Sheen has every right to say what he feels. This is still America, where our founders granted Sheen the right to say those words. But, for Alex Jones to claim he is a patriot and then laugh off one of our greatest founders being insulted, makes Jones a certified and bona fide asshole.

I have been losing my respect for Alex Jones at a rapid pace now for the past year, and I finally decided this is the last straw. From this point on, I will be removing the links to Jones’ sites from the right side of my blog. I will no longer support a man [Jones] who befriends and schmoozes with some of the biggest dipshits and frauds [Kevin Trudeau, Pastor Steve Anderson, Mancow, David Icke, Lindsey Williams and Sheen] in America today.

As far as me posting anymore Prison Planet stories on my blog, all I can say is I cannot promise I will not post more, but I guarantee one thing: If I post more, they will surely be stories that are written mostly from a “reporting” nature and not laced with so much opinion. I was already at the point of disgust at Paul Watson and Jones that they sensationalize so many stories and riddle them with neocon-style fearmongering without offering any solutions. Readers of my blog have probably noticed, I was already posting less and less Prison Planet articles even before two days ago.

Fuck you Alex Jones. You’re a disgrace to this country for even talking to one of the most despicable human beings in the world [Sheen] let alone being his friend. Jones is losing his fan base at a rapid rate. All one has to do is read the comment boards on a daily basis to discover that [well, on the stories that Jones allows comments].

It is refreshing to know that I am not the only one who feels this way.


the_last_name_left said...

haha, funny. well said, Larry. Good for you.

Sheen says -

"My success rate is 100%. Do the math."


Yes, Mr Sheen, your highness - you healed yourself. hehe

And look at Jones' face in that picture? Hmmm. Funny.

Larrys says:

"....[Jones] befriends and schmoozes with some of the biggest dipshits and frauds [Kevin Trudeau, Pastor Steve Anderson, Mancow, David Icke, Lindsey Williams and Sheen] in America today."

Hey, why leave off Willis Carto, David Duke and Reverend Pike? They're his crowd too, and as well as being dipshits and frauds they're racists too. And we know they're secretly polishing their swaztikas, just waiting for the day when they can openly parade them.

They have to be on that list of Jones' dispshit friends? ;)

Along with David Koresh......

"I was already at the point of disgust at Paul Watson and Jones that they sensationalize so many stories and riddle them with neocon-style fearmongering without offering any solutions."

Yeah, they undermine their own position by needing to exaggerate and distort. Extremely unethical but stupid too - do they think they won't be found out? See how stupid they think their own audience is?

It's more evidence of how deep their disdain runs for their own audience - "adverts disguised as news", censorship, etc.

Lord knows how AJ meant Sheen was 'like Jefferson'.

The insult sort of escapes me, but surely Jones' claim that Eustace Mullins was "a modern-day founding-father" is far more offensive? Mullins had 50 years history mixed up intimately with American Nazism - hardly Founding-Father material, I'd have thought. Is it the Nazism of the founding fathers that makes people revere them? I think not, so what on earth was Jones suggesting? That Nazi Mullins was a modern-day Washington, Jefferson or Madison? Crazy.

Funny article. Made me laugh.

Andrew said...

Great post! There's no excuse for laughing at Sheen's horrible behavior.

And yet the continued spinning of this Sheen story by AJ and his supporters just blows my mind. And this is coming from a guy who has supported JonesCorp for years. Sheen's performance in recent interviews - rants about being a warlock or showing off new tattoos, and general insanity - are unacceptable. First it was Lindsey Williams and next Sheen and today - we shall see, I