Saturday, January 15, 2011

Why Was Giffords' YouTube Account Subscribed to Jared Loughner’s YouTube Page?

by Larry Simons
January 15, 2011

I saw a story the other day that showed a man on a YouTube video who had filmed and posted footage of Giffords' Youtube page [her official congressional YouTube page]. On the bottom left of the page she had two subscriptions: Congressman Ike Skelton and, are you ready for this? Jared Loughner! As you know, a subscription on YouTube means that you are the one sending out the request to be your contact. A subscriber is someone who sends you the request to be their contact, and Loughner was listed as one of her two subscriptions.

Since then, Loughner's subscription has been removed. The man who made the video showing the congresswomans page posted his video on Jan 9. He filmed it after the shooting. How do we know this other than the fact that the man said in his video "yesterday's shooting"? Because how else would he know to even film the page showing Giffords' subscription to Loughner's page before we even knew Loughner's name and what he did?

Another way to know for sure that Loughner’s YouTube icon was on Giffords’ subscription section before the shooting is because after the shooting, Loughner was incarcerated, meaning he could not have accepted Giffords’ request to be her contact in a jail cell.

In no way am I trying to imply any deep connection between Giffords and Loughner. Giffords’ page is obviously ran by a Giffords staffer or friend, being that since the shooting her YouTube page has been accessed. So, please don’t post comments saying, “How insensitive of you to think Giffords would have anything to do with this and that she is connected to Loughner”. I am not implying this at all. I am simply asking why anyone at the Giffords camp made a request to Loughner’s YouTube page (Classitup10). I think it’s a valid thing to ask.

Video showing Loughner’s icon [of his YouTube page] on Giffords’ subscription list on her YouTube page

Commenters on a story at Talking Points Memo insist that Giffords/staffers were just looking at Loughner’s page, but to subscribe to a persons page the other party has to accept your request before the avatar appears on your page. You don’t have to subscribe to a page to view a page.

Giffords' YouTube page showing Loughner's icon on bottom left of page

Giffords' YouTube page after the removal of Loughner's icon

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