Friday, January 7, 2011

Billo’s Evidence There’s A God? The Fact That There Are Tides!

Apparently Billo has never heard of the MOON!
by Larry Simons
January 7, 2011

On Tuesday’s The O’ Reilly Factor, Billo wanted to get to the bottom of the massive billboard conspiracy to eliminate religion that [in his mind] is sweeping America. Billo invited the main conspirator, David Silverman, to sit and have a chat about why Billo believes religion is real and Silverman believes it is a scam. Billo asks Silverman why he is insulting religious people with his atheism billboards.

Silverman, who is the president of the organization American Atheists and who is also responsible for several atheist billboards to be seen [in New Jersey and Alabama] explained to Billo that the main reason for the billboards is to lure atheists from churches [Silverman believes that most religious people deep down know religion is a scam and are really atheists].

I personally do not believe religious people sitting in pews every week are closet atheists. That’s why they are so nutty, because they really believe what they are being told! If Silverman really believes they are closet atheists, then they are really not “gullible” as he claims to Billo they are. They would be smart people who are wasting their time in church every Sunday. My take is, if they are really atheists, yet go to church every week, that actually would make them stupid!

watch the clip

Silverman explains to Billo that he believes it is not the fault of the [religious] people who have been misled by religion, but rather the blame lies with the religious leaders. Silverman then tells Billo that even Billo is an atheist.

SILVERMAN: Everybody knows religion is a scam. The only news here is that people are saying it.
BILLO: Everybody knows? I don’t know, Mr. Silverman.
SILVERMAN: Yes you do.
BILLO: No, I don’t. I gotta tell you that.
SILVERMAN: You sit here and you’re skeptical every day and then you go to church and you get on your knees…..
BILLO: Correct.
SILVERMAN: ….and you pray to an invisible man in the sky, and you don’t think that’s a scam?
BILLO: No, I don’t and I’ll tell you why. I’ll tell you why it’s not a scam in my opinion. Alright?
BILLO: Tide goes in. Tide goes out. Never a miscommunication. You can’t explain that. You can’t explain why the tide goes in….
SILVERMAN: Tide goes in, tide goes out? [Looking profoundly confused, as he should]
BILLO: See, the water, the tide comes in and it goes out Mr. Silverman. It always comes in….
SILVERMAN: Ahh, maybe it’s Thor on top of Mt. Olympus who’s making the tides go in and out.
BILLO: No, no, but you can’t explain that. You can’t explain it.

I can explain it Billo. Look real close now, Billo. Are you ready? You looking? Paying attention? OK Billo, here’s the answer……

See Billo…easily explained. You can even read about how tides are caused here. My confusion is why Silverman failed to mention the moon and sun. Now, if you want to make the case that God created the moon and sun, fine, feel free Billo, but saying “tide goes in, tide goes out” as if that alone proves the existence of God makes you look like the buffoon you have always been. My personal belief is that Billo and Silverman both are nutballs for establishing a conclusive belief on something no one can possibly know.

Nevertheless, Billo’s stupidity was enough to win him the gold in Worst Person on Countdown.


Anonymous said...

hey billo, sun goes up then goes down. answer that one? lufha boy is a complete tool.

Anonymous said...

see billo, its like this, dick goes in then out. see simple.

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