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Andy Ostroy Calls It a “Travesty of Justice” That the Illinois Appellate Court Actually Upholds the Law!

Our favorite liberal friend whines over terrorist offspring Rahm Emanuel being omitted from Chicago mayoral ballot

by Larry Simons
January 27, 2010

Our favorite liberal wingnut, Andy Ostroy, never ceases to amaze. In his latest article titled, “Emanuel Ruling is a Travesty of Justice[January 25], Ostroy is bewildered over the fact that one of his liberal idols, Rahm Emanuel [former White House Chief of Staff and son of terrorist Benjamin Emanuel] has been ousted from the Chicago mayoral ballot. Illinois law states mayoral candidates must reside in Chicago for one full year prior to the election.

Ostroy cries:

“Rahm Emanuel was born in Chicago. He was raised in Chicago. He got married in Chicago. His home is on the North Side of Chicago. His synagogue is in Chicago. He votes in Chicago. He pays taxes in Chicago. He served six years as a U.S. Congressman representing Chicago's 5th District. When two U.S. presidents came calling, Emanuel left Chicago temporarily to serve his country, with Bill Clinton from 1993-1998 and Barack Obama 2009/10.”

Well, if Emanuel is “Mr. Chicago”, explain to me why he is clueless about their mayoral laws? It’s clear that it is probably not because Emanuel lacks knowledge of Illinois laws; but apparently Emanuel thought, since he served as Obama’s Chief of Staff, that his shit does not stink and that he would not have to abide by the exact same rules every other candidate is required to.

Emanuel’s home is on the North Side of Chicago”? “[He] pays taxes in Chicago”? Really? According to the website Right Soup in November of 2008:

“According to the Cook County Assessor’s website, the Chicago home of four-term Democrat Congressman and likely new White House Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanuel, doesn’t exist. While the address of 4228 North Hermitage is listed as Emanuel’s residence on the Illinois State Board of Elections’ website, there seems to be no public record of Emanuel ever paying property taxes on this home…

Why would 4228 North Hermitage property owners Rahm Emanuel and wife Amy Rule not pay property taxes?

One reason could be because Emanuel and Rule declared their 4228 North Hermitage home as the office location for their non-profit foundation appropriately called the “Rahm Emanuel and Amy Rule Charitable Foundation”. As a non-profit headquarters, they may consider their home as exempt from paying taxes.”

Ostroy even admits:

“Illinois state code requires that mayoral candidates reside for at least one full year prior to the election in the city they seek to lead. The court states that the law requires physical presence and claims that Emanuel's White House service requires no special attention.”

What’s the problem then? I say “Bravo!” to the Illinois Appellate Court! “Bravo!” It’s about time that Washington insiders are stopped cold in their tracks from gallivanting across the country thinking they can get whatever the hell they want just because of who their friends are. It is music to my ears when I hear stories of when the high and mighty in Washington attempt to walk on water, they fall right in and drown just like the rest of us mere mortals.

Fucktards like Andy Ostroy feel as if it is a “travesty of justice”. How in the fuck do you call UPHOLDING THE LAW a “travesty of justice”? It is not because the Illinois Appellate Court upheld the law that has Ostroy’s panties in a bunch. It is because they upheld the law against one of Ostroy’s liberal icons, and that makes Ostroy’s face turn six shades of Democrat blue!

Ostroy then says:

“Emanuel's camp is arguing that his "intent" was to always live again in Chicago after his Washington stint was over, and that serving Obama should qualify as national service and be exempted as an exclusion.”

So, it’s also national service when our military men and women come home from fighting illegal, bullshit wars that politicians like Emanuel endorse, but do we ever see our military heroes get special treatment? Fuck no. In fact, in most cases, it’s the complete opposite.

Ostroy continues:

“The court's ruling is not rooted in anything partisan. The judges who made the decision ran as Democrats. No, it's not about politics. It's about stupidity. Their decision is just plain wrong and un-American.”

Ahh, yes, it’s now “stupid” and “un-American” to uphold laws in this country. But if they broke the law and allowed Emanuel on the ballot, the court would be as American as baseball and apple pie, right Ostroy? Pathetic.

Ostroy goes on and on:

“This is a very serious issue not just for Chicagoans who, according to the latest polls, overwhelming support Emanuel's candidacy, but for the entire country. How is it possible that someone as patriotic as Emanuel, who selflessly heeded the call of duty, who faithfully and tirelessly served his country and two presidents, is punished for his service?”

Who gives a fuck if Emanuel has overwhelming support? Americans overwhelmingly support ending the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan too [which are illegal wars, unlike the LAWFUL upholding of the Illinois law regarding Emanuel]. Is anyone listening to the American people on that?

Emanuel is “patriotic”? Are you serious? If he was so patriotic, he would accept the decision by the Illinois Appellate Courts and decline an appeal, since a patriotic person would know enough about our country and founding documents to know the States are free, sovereign and supreme over the federal system.

“…who selflessly heeded the call of duty, who faithfully and tirelessly served his country”? Is Ostroy freaking kidding? Does Ostroy mention Emanuel’s alleged dual citizenship to the U.S. and Israel during the Gulf War in 1991 or that his father, Benjamin, was a member of the terrorist militant group Irgun in the 1940’s? Of course he doesn’t! Does Ostroy mention why, if Emanuel “faithfully and tirelessly served his country”, he only served as Chief of Staff for 20 months before quitting?

According to Ostroy, because he was called to serve his country [although we may never know where his true loyalties are….with the U.S. or Israel] then he is as American as Uncle Sam! Hell, even Emanuel’s middle name is “Israel!

The bottom line is, Emanuel will probably win his appeal to have his name put back on the ballot for the Chicago mayoral race, and he will probably win. This will only serve as yet another illustration of how incredibly stupid and uninformed American citizens [especially in Chicago] are about Rahm Emanuel, and how the elite in this country [that Ostroy claims are “patriotic”] trample on the law and get any goddamned thing they want.

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