Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Lifestyles of the Religious Nutball: Nutball Pastor Is Afraid of Red and Black Paint

The red and black paint forms a demon that just happens to be a high school mascot. Nutball Pastor [pictured above left] wants it removed. Add this to the 'God's kryptonite' list

by Larry Simons
July 28, 2010

We have seen crusades in the past from the nutty religious community to abolish a smorgasbord of elements that threaten the very existence of the all-powerful God they worship: homosexuality, shrines of other religions/religious leaders, “evil” heavy metal music, Halloween, Harry Potter movies/books or ouija boards.

Add to that list now, red and black paint. Well, it just so happens that the red and black paint forms a demon that is the mascot at Warner Robins High School in Georgia. To any normal, sane, rational, thinking human being, this demon is just a symbol. A picture. Red and black paint. A cool looking, intimidating representation of what the students and administrators at Warner Robins High want to project to other schools as a way of paying tribute to where the demon came from; the 7th fighter squadron at Robins Air Force base during World War II.

The school adopted the name in honor of the Screaming Demons fighter squadron. Principal Steve Monday says the demon is patriotic, not diabolical. Enter nutball Donald Crosby, Pastor of the Kingdom Builders Church of Jesus Christ in Georgia, who has gathered names in protest of the demon mascot.

Crosby says, “Hundreds of children gather into one place at one time chanting 'Go Demons.' It's the equivalent of us gathering into a church on Sunday morning and shouting 'Go Jesus' or 'Hallelujah Jesus”. Yes, and no one would protest you doing that, would they? And if they did, would you cease and desist? I am absolutely certain you would not.

Crosby has a son who will be starting the 9th grade and is furious that he will be a future “demon”. I wonder if Crosby’s son is furious that he has a father who is a present nutball.

Why are Christians so offended and threatened by these types of petty, Earthly, trivial issues? Is God not more powerful than these mundane issues that his nutball disciples waste their life protesting? Do they believe the painting of the demon will come to life, erupt in fury and take the form of a real, physical demon during a school basketball game like he's Michael J. Fox in Teen Wolf? Even if it did happen, God could handle it, right?

Crosby said, “a pitchfork-wielding mascot sends the wrong message to teens”. And what message is that, Pastor? That if one of the schools sports teams lose, they will come charging their opponents armed with pitchforks? Or will it just remind them that farmers use them too and they may get the urge to fling some hay?

One teen, senior Ellen Ziesenhene [pictured below], says, “We're all proud to be demons…You walk through the halls and see everyone wearing their Warner Robins High School shirts. It's really awesome.” Yes, look at her. Look how demonic she looks. Hell, she practically resembles Linda Blair’s demon-possessed body in The Exorcist, doesn’t she?

What is ironic here is that the pitchfork is actually used in satirical Christian demonology and was never meant to be a depiction of something serious. Maybe the message it will send to teens is that they will chuckle when they realize the pitchfork was only meant to be something funny.

They may be too busy laughing at nutty Pastor Don to have time thinking about the real connotation of the devil pitchfork.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Alex Jones Interviews Jesse Ventura: 7-23-10

Ventura talks about the government and filming for the second season of “Conspiracy Theory” for TruTv

by Larry Simons
July 26, 2010

Jesse Ventura appeared on The Alex Jones Show this past Friday and discussed topics such as increased government control, loss of freedoms and filming for his upcoming second season of “Conspiracy Theory” for TruTv.

Ventura speaks to Alex about the trouble he and his crew for “Conspiracy Theory” had when they tried to film at JFK’s eternal flame for a second season episode about the JFK assassination. Ventura was told by the U.S. Army that “due to the topic of [Ventura’s] episode which alleges that the U.S. government was directly involved in the assassination of President John F. Kennedy” he could not film at JFK’s eternal flame [despite the fact Oliver Stone was permitted to film Kevin Costner standing at JFK’s eternal flame in the 1991 film “JFK”].

Why the United States Army thinks they have the authority to serve as secret police and to tell American citizens where they can and cannot film is, naturally, astonishing.

Ventura told Alex that the second season of “Conspiracy Theory” will air around October 2010.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Alex "Killer Of Free Speech" Jones, Again Pissed Off That Others Kill HIS Free Speech

Alex "I'm all about free speech, unless that free speech is exposing my hypocrisy" Jones is yet again boo-hooing about not being treated the way he refuses to treat others

by Larry Simons
July 20, 2010

Once again, Alex Jones and his crew at PrisonPlanet are playing the “I’m being censored…boo hoo…life isn’t fair” game over Google and Facebook deleting/censoring Alex Jones material over the course of this past weekend.

All weekend long on Jones’ two major sites, PrisonPlanet and Infowars, Jones and company have been attacking Google and Facebook for violating their free speech by deleting/censoring Jones’ film “The Obama Deception” in a plethora of articles [here, here, here, here, here and here] that are aimed at attempting to convince those who think Alex Jones is the poster child for free speech rights, that he has the right to claim he is a victim. In reality, Jones hates free speech as much [and at times, more] as he claims his opponents do.

I have highlighted in the past [here, here, here, here, here, here and here] that Jones continually cries that he is a victim of those who are hell-bent on violating the First Amendment when Jones and his crew [Aaron Dykes, Paul and Steve Watson] continually do the exact same thing to others who dare expose them!

I have made it no secret [to those who frequent my blog] that Jones and his minions have done their fair share of censoring Real Truth Online. Last year, I exposed Jones after he embarrassed himself for telling his readers that he would have a huge, Earth-shattering story on his blog the following day.

The next day his readers woke up and read a story about how actor Charlie Sheen had conducted a 20-minute interview with President Obama and discussed all the intricate details about the 9-11 cover-up. Only, the interview had not taken place. It was a mock interview that Sheen had written but had not actually presented to the President.

The majority of people who posted comments were pissed. Especially when they found out later that Jones had deleted 90% of the negative comments under the Sheen story and found out that Jones lied during his radio show when [Jones] claimed that the reason they deleted the comments on the main Sheen story [and had disabled comment posting on other Sheen stories during the next couple of days] was because of “lack of bandwidth”.

The fact that the majority of comments that remained were positive toward Sheen and they were all posted at different times of the day [when I personally witnessed the day the story was posted that over 90% of the comments that were negative against Jones as early as 9am were all deleted later] proved that it was a calculated effort by PrisonPlanet moderators to scrub all negative comments.

It also proved it was not a bandwidth issue at all, because had it been a bandwidth issue, the comments would have either all been deleted, or they would have been cut off early [around 9am when I witnessed the scores of negative comments]. In which case readers would have still been able to see many of the negative comments.

I exposed Jones on my blog [here, here, here, here and here] for the lying fraud he was on the Sheen incident and almost immediately I noticed that all 21 articles I had personally written [that PrisonPlanet posted] had been removed from their database.

My removed stories only meant one thing and one thing only: That Jones and company did not want readers to view any of my 21 stories, because in viewing my stories, they could have clicked over to my blog and read all about the lying frauds at PrisonPlanet.

Jones would have no part in his readers clicking my site and reading all about his hypocritical actions. The evidence had to be destroyed. He had no choice but to remove my articles from his site. The “King of free speech” had to kill my stories to prevent anyone from finding out that Jones is exactly like those in whom he condemns for doing the very same thing to him!

Jones says in a YouTube film he posted, “Look, whether I agree with a book or a film or not, I’m against burning it. I’m against destroying it.” I guess he forgot to add, “Unless it is a story by Real Truth Online that exposed the fact that I censor others too.”

I predicted last year, that “Prison Planet can never again, in good conscience, write another story exposing and condemning others of censoring them. But, I bet they will”. And they did, and they will in the future…and I will be right here, ready to further expose them.

Friday, July 16, 2010

De-classified Vietnam-era Transcripts Show Senators Knew Gulf Of Tonkin Was A Staged False Flag Event

Elected Reps. chose to hide details from American public for fear of reprisals from “the big forces” that run the media and the presidency

Steve Watson
July 15th, 2010

Over 1,100 pages of previously classified Vietnam-era transcripts released this week by the Senate Foreign Relations Committee highlight the fact that several Senators knew that the White House and the Pentagon had deceived the American people over the 1964 Gulf of Tonkin incident.

The latest releases, which document skepticism over the pretext for entry into the Vietnam war, date from 1968.

Four years into the war, senators were at loggerheads with Lyndon B. Johnson. At the time Foreign Relations Committee meetings were held behind closed doors.

It would take over thirty years for the truth to emerge that the Aug. 4, 1964 Gulf of Tonkin incident, where US warships were apparently attacked by North Vietnamese PT Boats – an incident that kicked off US involvement in the Vietnam war – was a staged event that never actually took place.

However, the records now show that at the time senators knew this was the case.

In a March 1968 closed session of the Foreign Relations Committee, Senator Albert Gore Sr. of Tennessee, the father of former vice president Al Gore, noted:

“If this country has been misled, if this committee, this Congress, has been misled by pretext into a war in which thousands of young men have died, and many more thousands have been crippled for life, and out of which their country has lost prestige, moral position in the world, the consequences are very great,”

Senator Frank Church, Democrat of Idaho, said in an executive session in February 1968:

“In a democracy you cannot expect the people, whose sons are being killed and who will be killed, to exercise their judgment if the truth is concealed from them,”

Other senators were keen to withhold the truth about Tonkin in order not to inflame public opinion on the war:

Senator Mike Mansfield, Democrat of Montana, stated, “You will give people who are not interested in facts a chance to exploit them and to magnify them out of all proportion.”

Mansfield was referring to the proposed release of a committee staff investigation that raised doubts over whether the Tonkin incident ever took place.

The committee decided in the end to effectively conceal the truth, with Senator Church noting that if the committee came up with proof that an attack never occurred, “we have a case that will discredit the military in the United States, and discredit and quite possibly destroy the president.”

He also noted that if the senators were to follow up on their skepticism over Tonkin, “The big forces in this country that have most of the influence and run most of the newspapers and are oriented toward the presidency will lose no opportunity to thoroughly discredit this committee.”

The LBJ Presidential tapes, declassified and released in 2001, prove that LBJ knew the Tonkin incident never happened. After dressing down his Defence Secretary Robert McNamara for misleading him, Johnson then discussed how to politically spin the non-event and escalate it as justification for air strikes.

“You just came in a few weeks ago and said they’re launching an attack on us – they’re firing at us,” Johnson tells McNamara in one conversation, “and we got through with the firing and concluded maybe they hadn’t fired at all.”

The NSA also deliberately faked intelligence data to make it appear as if two US ships had been lost in the “attack”.

Johnson used the 1964 false flag event to expand dramatically the scale of the Vietnam War by ushering in the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution, as well as to rope in much needed domestic support with the Congress and public.

Perhaps if the Foreign Relations Committee hadn’t been so afraid of “the big forces” controlling America, a large percentage of the almost 60,000 American soldiers and 2 million Vietnamese people wouldn’t have lost their lives.

Sadly, modern day elected representatives have failed the American people in exactly the same way over the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Liberal Website Crooks and Liars Acknowledges Bush/Cheney Crimes, Blows Off Obama’s Continuation Of Them

Crooks and Liars rightfully acknowledges war crimes of the Bush administration, but almost completely ignores that Obama has continued them

by Larry Simons
July 13, 2010

Yesterday on the liberal website Crooks and Liars, writer “Heather” penned a story titled, “Andrew Napolitano: Bush and Cheney Should Have Been Indicted for Torturing, for Spying and Arresting Without Warrants” in which she covers an interview conducted by Ralph Nader with FOX News’ Judge Andrew Napolitano on CSPAN2’s “After Words” program.

Heather writes, “Well, this is something you don't see every day. Ralph Nader hosted this interview segment with Fox News' Judge Andrew Napolitano and discussed his book, Lies the Government Told You. I'm surprised the judge is going to be allowed on Fox after making the statements he did about Bush and Cheney during the interview.”

I agree with Heather that Napolitano said some very damning and truthful things about FOX News’ beloved fellow Republicans Bush and Cheney, but Napolitano has always been very candid and honest with anyone he has exchanged dialogue with on FOX News concerning the Bush administration and the Constitution.

Andrew Napolitano is the best thing about FOX News and I honestly believe the only reason they [at FOX] still keep him around is the fact that he provides the fair-and-balanced concept that they all too often claim they provide but very seldom deliver.

Heather then proceeds to post chunks of dialogue between Nader and Napolitano in which Napolitano makes no secret about the fact that Bush and Cheney committed war crimes by torturing, spying and suspending habeas corpus, which is absolutely correct.

Napolitano even mentions the fact that habeas corpus cannot be suspended by the President…ever, but only by Congress---also correct. The first President to do it?: Abraham Lincoln. This would be another big no-no to utter if he was on FOX, because most, if not all commentators on FOX News are members of the "Lincoln saved the Union" and "Lincoln freed the slaves" cult.

FOX News clearly holds the position that Lincoln was probably our greatest President ever, despite the fact that Lincoln was nothing short of a dictator for suspending habeas corpus [for the entire duration of his presidency]; invading the South without the consent of Congress; imprisoning tens of thousands of political opponents in the North; shutting down over 300 newspapers who were in opposition to his war policies; censoring all telegraph communication; imprisoning a large percentage of the duly elected legislature of Maryland as well as the Mayor of Baltimore; illegally orchestrating the secession of West Virginia; systematically disarming the border states in violation of the Second Amendment and deporting the most outspoken member of the Democratic opposition, Congressman Clement L. Vallandigham of Ohio.

Now, the suspension of habeas corpus continues under Obama without a word in condemnation uttered by the likes of liberal writers like Heather. In fact, Heather briefly mentions Obama in the last paragraph of her story but completely ignores the fact that the very same crimes are continuing in the Obama administration. She writes:

“They go on to discuss how these crimes have gone on unpunished and how the practices have continued under Obama and that as long as our citizens are willing to accept government deception and as long as the Justice Department and the lawyers in this country are not going to pursue these cases in court it's never going to stop. It's a topic that our media is happy to help brush under the rug as well.”

Funny how Heather specifically said the words, “It's a topic that our media is happy to help brush under the rug as well”, since that is exactly what she did by blowing off the fact that Nader and Napolitano went on to mention that Obama is continuing Bush and Cheney's war crimes.

In fact, the interview continues for another SEVEN minutes AFTER the portions of dialogue that Heather provides in her story. She completely omits any specific, explicit, damning information concerning Obama’s continuation of Bush’s war crimes. Her only mention of Obama was in the portion posted above, in which she casually mentions that Nader and Napolitano continued to discuss Obama.

Here’s what Heather omits from her story:

Nader: Is Obama still supervising torture?

Napolitano: As far as I know, yes. As far as I know, people are still undergoing rendition, we still have some of these, uh, black prisons, they call them. I don’t know why that phrase is, but the intelligence community refers to it because they like to deny that it exists, like a black hole. And we still have people in Guantanamo Bay who are being kept without charge, without trial, and the President still claims the power to lock people up and throw away the key.

Recently, this President claimed the power [through his then Director of National Intelligence, Admiral Blair, who has since resigned, although I’m not sure he’s left office yet] to kill Americans on foreign soil if the President thinks that they’re engaged in acts of terrorism. That would be murder.

I wonder why Heather “left this out”? Hmmmmm. Gee, I wonder. Could it be that she simply had no answers or refutations of Napolitano basically spelling out in full detail how Obama is EXACTLY like Bush?

Watch the interview [the same interview that Heather apparently did not watch in its entirety]