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Real Truth Online’s 2010 Fraud of the Year: Andy Ostroy

Back-to-back Fraudies for the liberal Bill O’ Reilly!

by Larry Simons
December 22, 2010

Four months ago, I would not have imagined that Obama-worshipping liberal blogger Andy Ostroy would be taking home his second Fraudie award in as many years, for several reasons: 1. I have not written much about him this year [mostly because a majority of his stories were strictly partisan political rhetoric centered on non-issues]. 2. I thought Glenn Beck was going to snatch his first Fraudie [and he would have if not for the reason Ostroy won the tie-breaker. I will get to that soon]. 3. I wanted some new blood to win their first award.

Nevertheless, Ostroy has won it again. Here’s why:

Ostroy began 2010 by writing an article titled, “The Problem with Democrats” [Jan. 27, 2010], in which he criticized a Facebook user who voted for Republican Scott Brown [who also had voted for Obama in the 2008 election] because the voter wanted change. Ostroy responded by suggesting that Obama had not been given enough time to change anything, when in fact Obama had more than enough time to continue a plethora of Bush policies [which Ostroy failed to mention…naturally].

In the same article, Ostroy claimed, “I’m no Obama groupie….” despite the fact that in the previous 19 months before his current article, he had written countless articles about Obama that were filled with so much adoration and praise, you would think that Obama died for our sins.

What makes Ostroy the colossal fraud he is is not necessarily that he condemned another voter for requiring quick change from Obama that never came, but that just 41 days before….yes, I said before Ostroy condemned another voter for saying Obama has not changed anything, Ostroy HIMSELF admitted Obama failed miserably to bring change.

In Ostroy’s December 17, 2009 article titled, “Why is My Party So Spineless?”, he said this:

“Have Democrats so thoroughly and so quickly blown their unprecedented seat at the controls? Has Obama failed so miserably to deliver on his promise of change? Have Republicans demonstrated once again that in the political equivalent of a street fight they know how to kick the crap out of liberals? Yes, yes, and yes.”

There you have it. Ostroy is allowed to admit that Obama has not changed shit, but when another voter [although voting for Obama for President, but voted Republican after realizing Obama lied and changed nothing] says Obama has not changed shit, Ostroy will have none of that, will he? And why? Simple. Because the voter voted for a Democrat because he was duped into believing that things would actually change. When they didn’t, he voted Republican, and that makes Ostroy’s blood boil.

You see, what should make Ostroy irate is the fact the he himself was duped into believing the guy he voted for would change things and he did not. Instead [because Ostroy’s total allegiance is in his party, not his country] he is angry at people who admit they were wrong and switch up on what party they vote for because they feel it is the individual candidate who will bring about change, not the party itself. This alone could have won Ostroy the Fraudie, but there’s more.

In March, I wrote about the fact that Ostroy had called an angry tea party protester’s actions [who he claimed “spit” on Congressman Emanuel Clever at a Health Care protest] “vile”, “despicable” and “unacceptable” even after Ostroy admitted that he was unsure that the protester intentionally spit on Clever.

In Ostroy’s article about this incident, titled, Spitgate: It Was All Just Projectile Drool, I Swear!" [March 30], Ostroy blatantly lies by saying [about the protester]:

“notice how the protester's hands are strategically cupped over his mouth, which would conveniently conceal the act of spitting. Keep in mind that both men at this point are perhaps two feet away from each other, which would mean the rabid protester's vein-popping shouting at Cleaver would easily be heard sans hand-cupping, and that such distance might also make the "spray it" theory a bit of a stretch”

What Ostroy conveniently leaves out is the fact that the protester was cupping his mouth with both hands long before Congressmen Clever walked by him and in my article I provide pictures as proof. Ostroy is not deterred by pictures and proof now is he? Oh heavens no!

In May, Ostroy lied again by saying that Rand Paul [now Senator Rand Paul], in a discussion with Rachel Maddow about civil rights, said the word “Yes” to Maddow right after she asked him the question, “Do you think that a private business has a right to say ‘we don’t serve black people?’”, insinuating that Paul is a racist.

Maddow did ask the question, “Do you think that a private business has a right to say ‘we don’t serve black people?’”, but during Maddow’s words, “….has a right to say ‘we don’t serve black people’”, Paul was cross-talking with Maddow saying, “I, I, I’m not in, I’m not in, I’m not in…” and then said the word “Yeah” as a way to say “Yeah, I hear you”.

Ostroy completely omits what Rand Paul’s complete statement to Maddow was after Maddow finished the question. His complete statement was:

I’m not in favor of any discrimination of any form. I would never belong to any club that excluded anybody for race. We still do have private clubs in America that can discriminate based on race, but I think what’s important about this debate is not getting into any specific ‘gotcha’ on this, but asking the question ‘What about freedom of speech?’. Should we limit speech from people we find abhorrent? Should we limit racists from speaking? I don’t want to be associated with those people, but I also don’t want to limit their speech in any way, in the sense that we tolerate boorish and uncivilized behavior because that’s one of things freedom requires, is that we allow people to be boorish and uncivilized, but that doesn’t mean we approve of it. I think the problem with this debate is by getting muddled down into it. The implication is somehow that I would approve of any racism or discrimination, and I don’t in any form or fashion.”

Why would Ostroy include Paul’s entire statement? Because Ostroy is not the least bit interested in facts and Paul’s complete statement makes Ostroy’s article null and void.

I wrote about Ostroy in September as well regarding his support for a stupid comment made by Lady Gaga, but that story was not about Ostroy being a fraud. He simply supported a ridiculous comment she made about Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.

I mentioned above that Andy Ostroy beat Glenn Beck in a tiebreaker for the Fraudie winner. Amazingly, the one thing that catapulted Ostroy to victory was an article that he wrote last month that I did not even write about at the time.

That article [from November 23, 2010] titled, “I Wanna Be Scanned and Groped”, which discusses the public outrage at the TSA and full body scanners at airports, could not be any more contradictory from past Ostroy articles if it was written by a completely different person. From “I Wanna Be Scanned and Groped”, Ostroy says:

“I can only speak for myself. After the horrific 9/11 attacks and the failed missions of both the shoe and underwear bombers, as well as the general daily threats we face from those who wish to blow us out of the sky, I say do whatever the hell you want to me if it means I get to go home alive at the end of the day. And if that means stripping me naked, so be it. Truth is, we're all half-naked at the X-rays now anyway. No jackets, no belts, no's just a short hop to no pants or shirt. If you need to put a hand down my pants to check for explosives, grope away. In fact, dim the lights and serve me a glass of Chardonnay and I just might even enjoy it. When you consider all the indignities we already suffer at airports, a little groping is actually a fitting reward, no?”

Odd, that with Obama now in the White House, Ostroy is in full support of being scanned and groped at airports. When Bush was President, a completely different Andy Ostroy was at his keyboard typing this:

From “It’s Time to Start Profiling and Stop F***ing Around” [August 11, 2006], Ostroy said this:

“…our main enemy today just happens to be Muslim extremists. I don't give a crap about being politically correct, and I wish the U.S. government wouldn't either. If we truly want to keep America as safe as possible--at airports, train and bus stations, major sporting events, concerts, public buildings and elsewhere--then it's time to start profiling our enemy and stop wasting our time and money on those who don't fit this profile.

The unfortunate truth is that it is Muslim extremists who strap on bombs and blow themselves and everyone else around them to smithereens. It is Muslim extremists who kill innocent men, women, and children. It is Muslim extremists who've terrorized students, travelers, beach-goers, diners, worshippers everywhere. It is Muslim extremists who attacked us in New York and Washington, DC. It is Muslim extremists who hate Westerners and America, hate capitalism, hate Democracy, hate freedom, and plot our destruction from the minute they awaken until the minute they lay their barbaric heads to sleep. It is these Muslim extremists who place no value whatsoever on human life, including their own, in their fantastical journey to Allah to receive their 72 virgin reward.

We did not get attacked by, or live in fear of, Catholics, Protestants, Jews, Blacks, Hispanics, Asians, young White families, 3-year-olds, blue-haired old women with canes, homosexual couples, middle-aged salesmen with bad suits and pot-bellies, rappers or acned teenagers with their pants hanging off their asses. Yet if I see one more of these non-terrorists getting frisked at the airport and pulled aside for a near strip-search, I think I may blow a gasket.”

Hmmmm. So, let’s get this straight. Under Bush, Ostroy was vehemently against anyone except Muslim extremists getting frisked and being pulled aside for a strip search. Now, under Obama he is unequivocally, 100% in full support of it? Interesting.

Under Bush, Ostroy minimized any talk of “terror” and threats by anyone who is not a Muslim. Ostroy even questioned the term “war on terror” by putting the term in quotations. In his article, “Lies, Lies and More Lies. Bush Fires More Weapons of Mass Deception at American Legion Propaganda Speech” [August 31, 2006], Ostroy says this:

“More important is that voters will not likely accept the new round of incendiary rhetoric about Iraq, the war on terror, and calculated comparisons to World War II. The simple fact is, we've been fighting terrorists for decades. It's nothing new. Terrorists killed Israeli athletes at the Munich Olympics in 1972; bombed the U.S. Embassy in Beirut in 1983; tossed Leon Klinghoffer off of the Achille Lauro in 1985; and have been committing random acts of violence since. George Bush did not invent the battle against terrorists despite coining the grammatically-challenged phrase, "war on terror.”

Under Bush, the “war on terror” is made up and terrorism is no big deal since it’s been around for decades. But under Obama, Ostroy is willing to evoke 9-11 to Giuliani levels and have TSA agents stick their arms up his asshole even though he is not a Muslim extremist.

Here are other articles by Ostroy in which he downplayed terrorism during Bush’s tenure:

In his article, “Fear-Mongering Giuliani Losing Ground to Clinton” [June 13, 2007] he says this:

“Giuliani still invokes the 9/11 attacks at every possible turn, especially when justifying his delusional position on the war. Despite the facts on the ground that would indicate the war is out of control, that the Bush "surge" has been a lesson in futility, and that victory is but a fantasy, Giuliani's been pounding the hawkish table on this debacle. And it's all about fear, fear, fear. Big bad scary terrorists are swallowing up Iraq. "We gotta fight 'em over there so we don't have to fight 'em over here" is the popular refrain of the GOP fear-mongers. "If we pull out of Iraq they'll follow us home." Puh-leeze. Somebody get me a barf bag.”

Ostroy’s message is clear: Under Bush, terrorism was not a big issue and whenever any Republican mentioned terrorism or 9-11, they were doing so for political points. Under Obama, terrorism is a worldwide crisis that needs to be dealt with using any possible means, even if those means are TSA agents fondling his balls [an act in which he said, under Bush, he would “blow a gasket” if he saw again].

It just so happens, my exposé on Ostroy is not about whether I think he was wrong before and correct now, or vise versa. I agreed with his articles during the Bush years [because he was right]; I am simply pointing out blatant contradictions in his views for the mere fact that a Democrat is in office now. Ostroy hammered Republicans [and rightly so] for evoking 9-11 at every turn. He was right for doing that. Now that his Lord and savior Barack Obama is Prez, Ostroy has no problems with Giuliani-style references to 9-11 and saying Muslims are evil with every breath he takes.

As I have pointed out, the liberal fraudamopolous does not even require long periods of time to pass before he spews forth another major contradiction. In a few cases he only needed a month to flip flop like a fish out of water.

Ostroy also questioned the “war on terror” [using quotations] in his article, “Dems End Troop Withdrawal Debate, Setting the Stage for the Next Great Big Bushevik Lie Come September” [July 19, 2007] when he said:

“Forget the fact that the National Intelligence Estimate released this week stated that al Qaeda is a major threat still, indicating that six years after 911 we seem to have made no material progress in the ridiculously coined “war on terror.””

Ostroy continually minimized terrorism and scoffed at the mention of 9-11 when Republicans ran the White House. With a Democrat in power now, terrorism and 9-11 are of the utmost importance to Ostroy. In fact, they are so important it has made him sound like the very Republicans he bashed in his Bush-era articles. Here is another excerpt from his recent article, “I Wanna Be Scanned and Groped” which could easily be mistaken for the words of Cheney, Bush or Giuliani prior to November 4, 2008:

“To be honest, I don't get all the outrage. I think it's quite foolish, actually. Have these Americans forgotten about the carnage of 9/11? Have the images of planes crashing into buildings, of bloodied dust-covered New Yorkers running for their lives, been erased from their collective brains? Are they so arrogant and in denial that they're gonna now stage boycotts and other planned disruptions at airports to protest the new measures? Like there's not enough frustrating inconveniences and delays as it is? What are they protesting against anyway, safety?”

No, Andy, they are protesting the EXACT SAME THING you protested in your 2006 article, “It’s Time to Start Profiling and Stop F***ing Around” when you said:

“What the hell has happened to America's resolve? Have we gotten so politically correct that we're too afraid to do the right thing anymore? For every old woman, toddler or gawky White teenager that's searched at the airport, we're wasting a ton of time, effort and money that could be spent on who we've identified as our primary enemy. For crap's sake, this is war, and we need to start fighting like it is one on every possible front instead of squandering resources and assets in the interest of political correctness. We were attacked and killed by Muslim extremists, we live in fear of Muslim extremists, and it is Muslim extremists who we need to find at airports and elsewhere. I want every cop, every guard, every screener, every ID checker and everyone else involved in the security process to have their eyes trained on the enemy; the profiled enemy. Until the profile should change and we therefore need to change and/or expand our focus. But until then, it's Muslim extremists we must be on the lookout for almost exclusively.”

Well, Andy, the profile has NOT changed. The whole body scanner fiasco began after Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab [who is a Muslim from Nigeria] attempted to blow up Northwest Airlines Flight 253 last Christmas by putting explosives in his underwear. So, you see, Ostroy’s view should not have changed. He should still be supporting the notion that Muslims be the profiled target. But no, he now fully supports EVERY American citizen to be scanned and groped.

Another glaring contradiction on Ostroy's part is his continual use of the term "Muslim" when referring to who attacked us and who we should profile, yet in his artcile titled "Muslims Killed Us On 9/11?" [from October 15, 2010] he attacks Bill O' Reilly for using the very same term. In that article, Ostroy says:

"So Muslims killed us on 9/11? Was it Jews who killed innocent New Yorkers in the Son of Sam murders in the 70's? Was it blacks who killed 29 Atlanta children in the early 80's? Was it Christians who blew up the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in downtown Oklahoma City in 1995?

O'Reilly and his fear-mongering cohorts know very well what they're doing as they regurgitate their incendiary rhetoric to the masses. There's nothing like a little good old fashioned racist propaganda to scare the bajeesus out of the blissfully unaware and bolster one's position. And for those despicable ignoramuses who oppose the building of the Islamic Community Center, that includes demonizing an entire religion."

Yet Ostroy is permitted to demonize an entire religion when he defends body scanners to fight the "war on terror". It is people like Andy Ostroy, as well as Neocons on both sides [Republican and Democrat] who make me sick to my stomach with their partisan hackery and undying devotion to party over country. How many contradictions do I have to expose from one person to make my point clear that they are a colossal fraud?

Andy continues [from his 2006 article]:

“Additionally, I want more and better technology at airports, train and bus stations. Our current security and screening equipment and mechanisms are so antiquated and inconsistent from airport to airport (and non-existent at train/bus stations and ports) it's pathetic. I want universal ID cards for U.S. citizens who, after going through an initial extensive security check, can avoid long lines, unnecessary searches and frustrating delays. I want profiling. What I don't want is to be told that everyone's safer because I can't bring my coveted Snapple on board for a 6-hour flight to California even though I'm about as far from fitting the Muslim extremist profile as Richard Simmons.”

It’s crystal clear: Under Bush, Ostroy was against every American citizen being scanned and searched. Under Obama, safety and terrorism is Ostroy’s top concern and now he wants every citizen searched, despite the fact that nothing changed whatsoever that would have caused his profiling policy to change.

In his current article, Ostroy speaks as if he could have been Bush or Giuliani's speechwriter:

“This is about safety and security. Mine, yours, and that of everyone who travels. It's about the safety and security of those working in office buildings, who don't want planes crashing into them. It's about winning. Winning the war against those who wish to destroy us wherever and whenever they can. And that includes the skies. I'm getting sick of hearing about how the new scanners and pat-downs "have gone too far." Funny how no one said that on September 12, 2001. How quickly some forget.”

“Winning?” “Winning the war against those who wish to destroy us wherever and whenever they can?” Sounds like excerpts from George W. Bush’s State of the Union addresses!

Under the comment section of Ostroy’s 2006 article, “It’s Time to Start Profiling and Stop F***ing Around”, Ostroy said this to a reader who was offended at Ostroy’s idea of profiling:

“Frank, you, like all of my readers, are very important to me so i'll take a few minutes to try to explain my position a bit more for you. I do believe I'm saying what a lot of people feel but are afraid to say. The simple fact is, after 9/11, I, like everyone around me at airports and train stations, were looking over their shoulders at people of Arab descent. If they sat near us on planes, we were nervous. If they sat next to us in the terminal carrying a knapsack, we were nervous. And under the ciurcumstances, this was a normal reaction. C'mon, we all know who "fits the profile" of the terrorists we're supposedly fighting in this Global War on Terror. I'll make it easy: they look like bin Laden, Zarqawi, Zawarhiri, Atta, etc. They look like the guys who attacked us on 911. You mention Jose Padilla? Sure, he's hispanic, but he looks like he fits this profile, so yeah, he's be detained and screened. Tomithy McVeigh? He was a random kook not attached to any international terror cell whom we're fighting in the Global War on Terror. He's the exception, not the rule. He's not who we're fearing right now. My main point, Frank, is that...let's say Joe Blow security agent at the airport, in his 8 hour shift, can only check 100 people. If right now he checks 50 people who fit the profile, and 50 who do not (gays, old people, young white families, black businessmen, etc), then we here in the U.S. are wasting precious time and resources. With that, I think you could agree.”

TSA agents would have been “wasting precious time” in 2006, but now Ostroy wants everyone scanned and groped [which would take more time]. I could understand Ostroy changing his view if since 2006 there was at least ONE incident of someone trying to explode a plane that did not fit the profile Ostroy mentions above. That has not happened. The only thing that has changed in 4 years is the party that runs the White House [oh, and Andy Ostroy’s stances on major political issues!].

Ostroy should want Bush back in the White House, because it seems as if Bush wasn’t the only thing that disappeared on January 20, did Andy Ostroy’s integrity. Congrats Andy. You deserve this award hands down. Can you say “Three-peat?”


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he won again, amazing. he licks the nut.

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You're awarding Fraudies to people because of their opinions when so many others are lying about actual, physical, verifiable facts?

That's like claiming Mussolini was the worst dictator in European history.

Larry said...

Everything I said about Ostroy is an actual, physical, verifiable fact.

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point larry.

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hes a real nut licker, he licks obamas nuts. hes a dick rider.

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Everything I said about Ostroy is an actual, physical, verifiable fact.


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"no, it's just something you said."

ahhh, despite the fact that I provide links and Ostroy's OWN words to PROVE my case?