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Billo and the War on Christmas 2010: Now Billo Has A Problem with Atheists Not Celebrating Christmas

How dare atheists [who don’t believe in God, let alone Jesus Christ] say the Christmas story is a myth! Shame on them!

Billo also says the funniest thing he’s ever said: He’s a “Christian”

by Larry Simons
December 8, 2010

Ahhhh yes, it wouldn’t be Christmas without Billo’s annual rundown of the half a dozen people in America who don’t celebrate Christmas and his inflating of that number to 200 million. A few days ago on FOX News’ #2 comedy The O’ Reilly Factor [Beck is #1], Billo resumed his annual role as the Grinch police by informing his zombie viewers of a new sign that can be seen in North Bergen, N.J. outside the Lincoln tunnel [that connects N.J. to New York City].

The sign [see below] was put up by the organization American Atheists and it depicts the three wise men on camels approaching the baby Jesus’ birth. The sign reads, “You KNOW it's a myth. This season, celebrate REASON!”

Billo, never missing a chance to look across his desk at two blonde FOX News bimbos, decided this would be a perfect time to have on Fox and Friends co-host Gretchen Carlson and Margaret Hoover [great-granddaughter of former President Herbert Hoover, one of America’s worst President’s ever] who, apparently are experts in religious discourse.

watch the clip

Billo says, “Now I don’t object to being an atheist”. No, Billo, you don’t object at all. I guess the primary reason that Billo is even doing this segment at all is because he fully believes in freedom of religion, freedom of expression and independent thought.

Billo adds, “But why would you want to run down….people’s sincere beliefs by this kind of an exposition, do they think that this is going to create more atheists?” Well, why is Billo attacking the atheists’ sincere belief of calling the birth of Christ a myth? Didn’t Billo just say 10 seconds earlier that he doesn’t object to being an atheist? Well, Billo, this is what atheists believe in…that Christmas is a myth. Why is he putting that down?

As far as it being “this kind of an exposition” as Billo dubbed it, well, what kind of exposition does Billo expect from an atheist? How does Billo think it makes atheists feel when they see nativity scenes and hear religious Christmas songs? I guess he believes they should just accept it because the “majority” of Americans do. A majority’s acceptance and beliefs makes it right?? Well, I guess the Earth really is flat since at one time that’s what the majority believed!

Billo then says, “But it makes people angrier against atheists, that’s what it does.” Only if you are NOT an atheist or you are an advocate of free and independent thought Billo [which you are not]!

Carlson says, “They [atheists] never put up these billboards in July, do they? They always have to try and hijack the Christmas season”. What a ridiculous comment. Do Christians put up nativity scenes in July? There isn’t a more perfect time for an atheist to put up an anti-Christmas billboard than at Christmas! FOX News idiocy at its peak.

Billo then asks why people [atheists] want to put these signs up when they know it will offend people who believe in Jesus. Brilliant Margaret Hoover chimes in and has the answer. “I know why. I will tell you why. I went to the website…and it says... here’s why they do it at Christmas: They do it at Christmas Bill, because atheists feel alone during Christmas, ‘cause everybody else is religious and together.”

Brilliant. You heard it from FOX first….that atheists attack Christianity because they are jealous of them because they are a part of a religion and they are the only ones who have families and are together at Christmas! That may very well be the most ridiculous statement I have heard anyone say in my adult life.

Hoover then reveals what the second reason is [that atheists attack Christianity at Christmas]. Because “they feel closeted, because they feel like they can’t come out to the people they ought to…”. Hoover is simply lying and spinning [on the “No Spin” Zone…and of course, O’ Reilly puts no stop to it]. If atheists are not allowed to "come out", then why are Christians allowed to? Do not Christians go around "witnessing" to spread their faith to others? Can that be interpreted as "not wanting to be alone" in their faith as well?

Here are the facts from the American Atheists website as to the purpose of the billboard.

The purpose of the billboard is threefold:

1) To address those atheists who “go along to get along”, and to encourage them to come out of their closets

To “feel closeted” is much different than being encouraged to “come out of their closets”. One does not have to “feel” a certain way to be encouraged to do something. I could simply want to be with other people because I don’t want to be alone. It doesn’t mean I “feel” alone.

2) To attack the myth that Christianity owns the solstice season

This is a good point since December 25 has absolutely nothing to do with the birth of Jesus. Why doesn't any of these goons talk about the fact that there is absolutely no evidence that Jesus was born on December 25 or that Christmas is celebrated on the 25th because of the pagan festival Saturnalia?

3) To raise the awareness of the organization and the movement

Notice none of these three reasons mentions anything about “feeling alone” at Christmas. This was simply made up, along with the entire “war on Christmas” issue in the first place.

I personally find atheism to be equally as nutty as believing because both views show a conclusive certainty about something in which there is no possibility of attaining certainty.

Then, Billo says the funniest thing I have ever heard him say. Billo says, “I don’t feel alone and I’m a Christian”. Really Billo?

Let’s look at Billo’s exemplary Christian behavior

Remember the outstanding Christian behavior he showed to intern Andrea Mackris 6 years ago?

Jon Stewart has the breakdown on the War on Christmas here

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