Monday, November 22, 2010

47 Years Later, America’s Darkest Moment Still Covered Up by Government and Media

Jesse Ventura takes on the JFK assassination on “Conspiracy Theory

by Larry Simons
November 22, 2010

The death of John F. Kennedy was indeed America’s darkest day. It was a horrific message that was sent to all future presidents that they will not challenge the establishment, be a threat to the banking elite, the warmongers and the fascists and truly be for the American people.

He was our last truly great president and we will never see another like him, simply because all politicians, as well as all Americans, know that the ones who really call the shots in this country will not hesitate [even in broad daylight] to obliterate anyone who is a threat to their agenda.

47 years later, the major media and government still serve as shit shovelers and gatekeepers for the bullshit official story: that one man [Lee Harvey Oswald] acted alone in killing JFK. Of course, anyone with at least one brain cell knows this is utter crapola from beginning to end.

In the latest episode of “Conspiracy Theory” [in which this case is conspiracy FACT], Jesse Ventura reveals on national television [for the first time?] that former CIA agent and White House “plumber” E. Howard Hunt [who was also involved in the Watergate break-in] gave a deathbed confession that he and several others [including CIA agents Cord Meyer and Bill Harvey, David Sanchez Morales as well as Lyndon Johnson himself] were involved in the plot to kill Kennedy. Hunt called the assassination “the big event”. Hunt revealed this to his son, Saint John Hunt.

Here is Jesse Ventura talking to Alex Jones about JFK and more.

Here are portions of the confession of E. Howard Hunt from "Coast to Coast with George Noory". Noory's guest is Saint John Hunt.


Anonymous said...

coast to coast did storys on this two straight days. sunday and monday.

Anonymous said...

i believe the governments story and that oswald acted alone in killing kennedy, jus as i believe that fred flinstone can fly a plane into the wtc. and fire can melt steel to bring the towers down,