Saturday, October 16, 2010

Billo-logic: If You’re A Foreign Terrorist, You Are Defined by Your Religion; If You’re A Domestic Terrorist, You’re Just A Terrorist

In Billo’s eyes, if you’re a brown person [Middle Eastern], your religion is evil. If you’re an American and you blow people to bits, you’re a lone nutball whose religion is still true, holy and just

by Larry Simons
October 16, 2010

Incase my readers thought I had joined the Bill O’ Reilly fan club since I have not written a story about him in quite awhile, relax. Loofah boy is back in the national spotlight because of his appearance on Thursday’s telecast of The View.

As Billo was plugging his stupid book, Pinheads and Patriots [that no doubt include great Americans among his “pinheads” and his “patriots” are firemen who rescue cats from trees and cops who rescue people trapped in their cars……pssst….they are just doing their jobs Billo!], he decided to bring up the controversial ground zero/mosque issue.

As Billo was battling his biggest adversaries on The View [Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar], he stated “70 percent of Americans don’t want that mosque down there”, to which Goldberg replied, “But why is that?” Billo replied, “Because it’s inappropriate”. Goldberg replied, “Why is it inappropriate….”, to which Billo hammered back, “Muslims killed us on 9/11”. After Goldberg shouted, “Nooo, oh my god, that is such bullshit!” Billo then says, “Muslims didn’t kill us on 9/11?”

After Goldberg tried making an excellent point of what religion Tim McVeigh was [and he was a mass murderer as well] Billo had nothing to say to that point, yet kept repeating, “Muslims killed us on 9/11”. Joy Behar and Goldberg both stood up and angrily walked off the set.

Naturally, after Behar and Goldberg are gone from the stage, Billo changes his tune and begins labeling the 9/11 hijackers “Muslim extremists”, a term he should have used from the get-go. After he gives his phony apology, Behar and Goldberg return to the set. I don’t agree with Behar and Goldberg walking off. Walking away from an argument makes the one you are debating with think they have won. It was a bad move on their part because walking away implies weakness. Billo cuts mikes on his show; these ladies walked off. Same difference.

It appears to Billo that it is a perfectly acceptable action to brand an entire religion evil for the actions of 19 if you already despise that particular religion. But, if you embrace a certain religion and someone from that religion commits a similar atrocity, then the religion is not the target or the influence of that individual, it’s just the person.

A better example that Goldberg could have used [other than McVeigh] is Scott Roeder, the [Christian] nut who walked into a church in May of 2009 and assassinated abortion doctor George Tiller. Ironically, Tiller just happened to be the subject of no less than nearly 30 segments of O’ Reilly’s show The O’ Reilly Factor in which Billo vilified Tiller for 4 years and said everything short of “I want to kill Tiller myself”. Billo didn’t have to. Roeder did it…and he most likely killed Tiller for [and no doubt, because of] O’ Reilly.

Is Billo saying, “a Christian killed George Tiller”??? No, of course he isn’t. Because not only is Roeder’s religion far from being an issue to O’ Reilly, but I would bet my life savings that Billo does not even consider Roeder’s actions a crime, let alone an act of terror.

Naturally, liberals are all over this story, but one liberal still couldn’t manage to avoid putting his foot in his mouth even though I agree with his condemnation of Billo. Dave Neiwert said this about Billo:

“O'Reilly simply can't escape a simple fact: His position on the "Ground Zero mosque" controversy is innately bigoted, because it is founded on conflating all Muslims with a tiny fringe of violent radicals.”

I agree with Neiwert here, but his statement could not be any more contradictory, since he writes stories on a daily basis [here’s one for example] that conflate all patriot groups and militia members with a tiny fringe of nutballs.

But Neiwert is correct about Billo being a colossal bigot. If you’re a terrorist and your skin is brown, your religious affiliation is of the utmost importance to Billo. If you blow up a building or kill an abortion doctor and you’re a Christian, Catholic or whatever, then of course that means nothing at all.

I am a equal opportunity religion-basher. Either every religion makes all of its disciples a tad nuttier than the rest of us who don’t believe in talking snakes, or religion has nothing to do with it at all [although I tend to go with the former]. Billo wants it both ways: He wants to bash every religion outside of Christianity [despite the fact that more bloodshed, wars and crimes have been committed in the name of Christianity than any other religion] and label every non-Christian who commits violent acts a terrorist.

I guess Billo will stick with his religion [whatever that is] despite the fact that it allows him to act like a raving lunatic. What is Billo in this clip but a terrorist without a bomb?

Watch Billo on The View

Here is the same clip from Crooks and Liars since YouTube will probably delete the video in the next 3 hours

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