Thursday, August 5, 2010

Mancow Is Now A Conspiracy Theorist. Hmmmm, Not So Long Ago, Remember……?

Four years ago Mancow ripped apart Alex Jones’ producer Kevin Smith on “Planet Mancow” about 9/11. Now Mancow loves Alex Jones and Alex Jones loves Mancow. Hmmmm....

by Larry Simons
August 5, 2010

For some strange reason, Alex Jones has a love affair with popular radio talk show host Erich “Mancow” Muller that four years ago would have seemed downright disturbing. This is because four years ago, on the FOX News channel, Mancow took part in one of the worst hit pieces on 9/11 truth I have ever seen on his special “Planet Mancow”.

On that November 2006 special, Mancow tore into 9/11 truther Kevin Smith with ad hominem attack after ad hominem attack, as he likened believing in the 9/11 cover-up to believing in Bigfoot, the Lochness monster and space aliens. Oh yeah, Smith also just happens to be Alex Jones' producer at

Now, it appears that Alex Jones has become chumsy with Mancow. Not only because of the fact that Mancow was a guest yesterday on Jones’ radio show, but Jones has had Mancow on as a guest at least three other times in the past [in April, June and September of 2009].

It is also apparent now that “Mancow” Muller is a conspiracy theorist. Yesterday, on the Alex Jones Show, Mancow was invited on to discuss pharmaceuticals being added to water supplies. Well, isn’t that special. Four years ago, Mancow called Jones’ producer Kevin Smith a “conspiracy nut”, and today Mancow is Alex Jones’ BFF [best friend forever].

This is yet another example of Alex Jones’ love affair with schmoozing with celebrities [even if it is only Mancow]. I did a story in September of last year where I brought up the topic of Jones’ obsession with celebrity. In that story I wrote:

“Jones loves schmoozing with Jesse Ventura, Willie Nelson, Charlie Sheen, and whatever celebrity he can get on his program. It’s not about the real news anymore. It’s about fame, more listeners, more financial support and most importantly, Jones’ ego and self-promotion. It’s now a business to Jones. It’s a love of celebrity.”

I stand by that comment because nothing has changed with Jones.

The Mancow obsession is also another example of how Jones and his crew continue to associate with people/entities that have previously condemned, insulted and mocked Jones [or issues he believes in] or the other way around.

In that same September 2009 story mentioned above, I wrote about how Jones once thought writer David Icke was a nut and fraud, but now Icke and Jones are best buds and Icke is on Jones’ show frequently. In 1998, Jones said of Icke, “He’s either a smart, opportunist con-man, or he’s completely insane or he’s working for them directly. But, I tend to think he’s just a con-man..uh, who understands how things works, and is just a real opportunist.”

My oh my how things change. I think the only thing that changed is Jones, after realizing that it would generate more revenue to schmooze with Icke and get all of Icke’s fans to tune into Jones’ radio program, deciding that selling one’s soul for more cash is highly beneficial.

Also, I have previously written that Prison Planet writer and webmaster, Paul Joseph Watson, still links to sites such as Crooks and Liars, Daily Kos, Think Progress, The Raw Story and Media Matters even after the fact that these sites ran stories that connected Alex Jones to Richard Poplawski, the man who shot three Pittsburgh police officers in April 2009.

So, you see, this is not about integrity, having principles or doing the right thing; it’s about association for profit and ratings. It’s about selling out.

Why doesn’t Alex Jones interview and schmooze with Popular Mechanics, Al Gore, Dick Cheney or Bill Maher? All these people strongly oppose Jones’ signature talking points. How would these people be different from Mancow? They aren’t, but yet they don’t get invited on Jones’ show and Jones doesn’t schmooze with them. Why?

Give it time.

Jones’ latest interview with “Mancow” Muller [who, by the way, thinks Alex Jones is a “conspiracy nut”, but Alex loves him anyway]


Yet Another Troofer Moron said...

It’s about selling out.

Says Larry the capitalist.

How do you take part in capitalism without "selling out", Larry? Isn't capitalism all about "selling"?

Yet suddenly there's a (really important) part of human life that shouldn't be beholden to the logic and the imperatives of 'selling out'?

Your political ideals need to be looked after by someone whom fails to live up to your political ideals? ie of capitalism. really?

You want a socialist or some ascetic religious goon to look after your own precious doctrines on the free market, the profit impulse, individualism and integrity? Not someone who will live by the creed you espouse!

How odd?

Why, if Jones is an upholder of capitalism and anti-socialist self-interest, should you be upset when he acts according to those principles of capitalism which he extols and which you claim to support?

You support capitalism and all that, but you don't want your own mouthpiece behaving according to such principles.

Why? And isn't that a little bit.....errr....confused?

Troofer Moron said...

and what about Rivero and Alex Jones? Any thoughts?

What about Rivero's anti-semitism?

Larry said...

TLNL---what in THEE HELL are you talking about? NO ONE KNOWS. What part of my story was about capitalism? Youve never heard of the phrase "selling out" in reference to compromising one's beliefs to make a buck? Im ALL FOR capitalism, but not at the expense of being a fraud. MORON.

By the way, why post under different names TLNL? I KNOW it's you-----I have sitemeter, remember?

Anonymous said...

why is it ok to be against islam, catholicism, protestanism, hinduism etc. but not judaism?

the_last_name_left said...

what do you mean by "against"?

it is ok. it easily becomes obsessive, which isn't ok. it's also an avenue for hate - saying one is merely "against" something - when one hates it and seeks its destruction - merely legitimises irrational hate and violence etc.

tell us exactly what you mean by being "against" judaism, and "against the rest, and then we can judge it. "Against" is euphemism for final solution? You prove otherwise? Or don't.

the_last_name_left said...

Larry, why don't you dump all these dishonest morons and really start thinking for yourself - and thinking positively too?

Your desire for justice and your repugnance of injustice is impressive and obviously genuine - but you're tied to a wagon-load of shit. Come on? You know what Jones is like, and he is supposed to be some leader of your movement! The whole thing is a load of else could such a twat as Jones ever be a leader of it?

But as much as you protest, you still swallow what America Inc tells you and has always told you - that socialism is the enemy.

You've swallowed so much of it that you think Hitler was socialist and even that Obama is Hitlerite and therefore socialist.

Well, that's what you've been taught to think - what americans have always been taught to think. You haven't escaped your conditioning at all.

Your conditioning is so strong you have never even properly looked into socialism. You have never read anything by Engels, for example. Well done - you've done exactly what you were told to do.

Even as Obama carries on much as before, with the minimum lean leftwards, you call him "socialist" and "a national socialist". America Inc are very pleased with your work, Larry - well done.

Anonymous said...

you said 'it is ok'
then said 'tell us exactly what you mean by being "against" judaism, and "against the rest", and then we can judge it.'
after already saying it was ok. and it only took you three lines of text to achieve doing that. very impressive.
and then you go on to lecture larry about 'escaping conditioning'. gosh. seek help.

the_last_name_left said...

it is ok - to "be against" Israel.


But what does one mean by "being against" Israel?

Nazis and anti-semites are "against" Israel because it is a jewish state, and because they hate jews.

The question had been put - why is it not ok to be "against" judaism?

Well, clearly it is obviously not "ok" if by being "against" judaism one means being a Nazi.

Nazis were "against" Judaism. Was that OK then? Obviously not - so there's "ok" and there's not "ok" with regard to being "against" judaism.

Only someone malevolently intent on confusing the issue could make any such mistake.

Anonymous said...

traditionally one decides on the meaning of words first and then whether those words constitute something good or bad.
not the other way around. this is elementary.
again you state 'it is ok - to "be against" israel.'
but then ask what it actually means, and then conclude that it might not be ok.

according to '', judaism tells jews they may lie to non-jews.
they provide the following quote from the talmud -
'Baba Kamma 113a. Jews may use lies ("subterfuges") to circumvent a Gentile.'
so, in the same way that one can be against lying, isn't it ok for one to be against judaism?

the_last_name_left said...

What do *you* think?

Anonymous said...

larry why does this queenie keep coming here to look like a asshole.

Anonymous said...

i'm the person who wrote the first 3 anonymous comments. i don't call people queenies :)
it seems logical to me that being against judaism should be ok.

the_last_name_left said...

nazis were "against judaism"

So you're "against judaism" in the same way Nazis were and continue to be.......and that's "ok" by you.

Anonymous said...

in the sense i already gave above.

the_last_name_left said...

seems you have a problem explaining anon. you are the one claiming it is simple, yet you can't give a proper answer.

you haven't given any explanation for what you mean by "being against judaism"

you have been unable or unwilling to explain what you mean and so we have no way to distinguish your being "against judaism" from the sort praciticed by nazis.

the most you say is this: "in the same way that one can be against lying, isn't it ok for one to be against judaism?"

So the whole of judaism is like lying, somehow?

you think that clarifies anything? Clearly you actually think it's perfectly justified to stereotype all of judaism like that.

Anonymous said...

you do make an awful lot of errors :)

Anonymous said...

get your facts right you fucking queenie, tell socrates and plato to stop being pedaphiles.