Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Alex Jones Interviews Jesse Ventura: 7-23-10

Ventura talks about the government and filming for the second season of “Conspiracy Theory” for TruTv

by Larry Simons
July 26, 2010

Jesse Ventura appeared on The Alex Jones Show this past Friday and discussed topics such as increased government control, loss of freedoms and filming for his upcoming second season of “Conspiracy Theory” for TruTv.

Ventura speaks to Alex about the trouble he and his crew for “Conspiracy Theory” had when they tried to film at JFK’s eternal flame for a second season episode about the JFK assassination. Ventura was told by the U.S. Army that “due to the topic of [Ventura’s] episode which alleges that the U.S. government was directly involved in the assassination of President John F. Kennedy” he could not film at JFK’s eternal flame [despite the fact Oliver Stone was permitted to film Kevin Costner standing at JFK’s eternal flame in the 1991 film “JFK”].

Why the United States Army thinks they have the authority to serve as secret police and to tell American citizens where they can and cannot film is, naturally, astonishing.

Ventura told Alex that the second season of “Conspiracy Theory” will air around October 2010.

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